New Delphi Murders Update! July 22, 2021: Police Actively Considering That There May Have Been Two Killers in the Case

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Mr. X’s Stepson Bears a Shocking Resemblance to the Young BG Sketch

An interesting new theory has come up. It turns out that Mr. X has a stepson that looks remarkably like the Young BG sketch. The stepson is a 21 year old man who just graduated from high school and lives with Mr. X and his wife, Mrs. X. He has the same first name and last name as Mr. X. However, his middle name is different.

Stepson X is Mrs. X’s child by a previous marriage and may have been adopted by Mr. X. We say this because he has the same first and last name as Mr. X. We don’t know what his original first name was, but his original last name was not the same as Mr. X’s. Therefore, after Mrs. X married Mr. X, they must have gone to court and had his name legally changed to Mr. X’s last name. This happens a lot in remarriages.

Now onto the match. We recently obtained a photo of Stepson X. We age  regressed his photo to age 17, which he would have been at the time of the crime, and it’s a perfect match. It’s long been suggested that BG used his “son”‘s photo, and talk of a “father-son kill team” was actually the first rumor about the killer(s), dating to 7 PM the day they were found. And it’s never gone away.

At the moment,  there is no evidence whatsoever that this young man assisted Mr. X in his crime. It’s simply a possibility, a theory. However, a much better theory is that Mr. X used his stepson’s photo as Young BG, the 19 year old Catfish Boy used to lure Libby to the trails that day.

We agree with Leaker that Young BG’s drawing is based on the photo of the 19 year old Catfish Boy that was used to lure Libby from Snapchat. We also agree with Leaker that the girls were lured to the site that day. In addition, we talked to two other people who both told us they had “inside sources.” They told us that their inside sources (plural) had all told them that “there was some sort of luring of the girls to the site on the day of the crime.” So while this does not back up the catfish theory per se, it does seem that a lot of evidence is converging on the notion that the girls were lured to the bridge that day, including about five separate sources, albeit most of them being vague.

The stepson, even today, is a dead ringer for Young BG. We are concerned that Mr. X may have used his stepson’s photo, possibly without his permission, as the Catfish Boy used in the luring of the girls. At 17, he was the right age for a 19 year old Catfish Boy. In this case, Stepson X would be completely innocent and would instead have been simply used as a pawn by Mr. X in committing his crime. If Mr. X did that, we think that was a pretty lousy thing to do to his stepson.

On the other hand, there is a report from the south end of the bridge by a woman who said she saw Young BG there and scared him off her property. She said his eyes were “dark and evil.” It is unclear at the moment whether the Young BG sketch is from this witness or is the Catfish Boy used on Snapchat to lure in the girls, or if the drawing represents both the young man seen at the crime scene and the Catfish Boy lure.

However, the Young BG sketch was the first sketch drawn in the case and was drawn off of eyewitness accounts. It turns out that all of the other witness accounts of seeing BG – the 16 year old girl, the arguing man of the couple under the bridge (Daniel Pearson), and possibly Dan McCain – saw BG with the white scarf obscuring his face as can be seen in the BG video.

But this also why the Old BG sketch is no good. First of all, it bears no good resemblance to Mr. X, the main suspect in the crime. So why does the composite differ so much from the suspect? It turns out that the composite was fake in a sense. The witnesses could only see the top half of BG’s face. The bottom half was covered by the white scarf. So the composite artist simply filled in what he thought the suspect’s face may have looked like based on the description of the top half of the face. It looks like he got it all wrong. That’s probably why LE was saying at the presser that Old BG was no longer a suspect in the crime.

They said that because it’s a composite that was junk from the very start, and further, it looks nothing like the main suspect. There is no good composite of the main suspect because no one saw BG with his face fully revealed. Hence LE is refocusing onto the Young BG sketch, who looks like both the young man seen a the bridge that day and the catfish boy used to lure the girls. Whether those are the same person is not yet known, but it is possible. At the moment, we have no idea that the boy in the catfish photo is the same young man who was seen at the bridge that day. Perhaps he was, and that would be an interesting theory. But there’s no hard evidence that it is true.

Allow me to explain. We also have zero evidence that BG used his stepson’s photo to catfish Libby. Nor do we have any evidence that the stepson was at the crime scene that day or participated in the crime in any way. Clearly someone who looked like him was both the Catfish Boy and was seen as a suspect at the crime scene, but perhaps it was not this young man. Perhaps Catfish Boy and Young BG are two different people. This is all very confused. Also, we have not yet confirmed that there was more than one killer involved in this crime, but see below for more on that.

Stepson X being involved in either of these two ways is simply a theory based on the resemblance to the sketch, we are not accusing this young man of anything, and we request that everyone absolutely leave him alone. We simply think that he ought to be investigated for possible involvement in the crime, unwitting or not. So he would be a suspect, but half of the men in Delphi have probably been suspects at one point.

Possibility of More than One Killer in the Case

There is news via our LE source close to the investigation. He said the notion of two killers “is still in the arena.” He also said, “This has been an active theory since the first day of the crime.”

He added that they didn’t publicize it because the town was freaked out enough by one murder, and they thought the idea of two killers would make people panic.

Also, LE seem to have an actual suspect in mind as a possible accomplice, as he said the possible accomplice is considerably younger than Mr. X and has “a much greater ability to run.” They don’t want him taking off. We have no idea who they may have in mind as the possible accomplice, however, the statement that the suspect is considerably younger than Mr. X adds weight to the notion that the Young BG sketch is based on a person who LE feels may have been accomplice to the crime that day.

It sounds like they don’t have enough to think this possible accomplice was actually involved, similar to the case against Mr. X. Instead, it has been an area of active investigation for four years. He’s a suspect, as Mr. X is, as so many people have been. They don’t even know if there were two killers. But Mr. X’s position as a suspect is really up to the level of POI (a higher standard), as they believe he committed the crime. Possible Accomplice is at the lower level of suspect, and it’s not even known if he was ever at the crime scene that day.

I have been sitting on this information for 5 1/2 weeks because I was afraid that releasing this information might make the younger suspect run, but I have decided now is the right time to release it.

Two Female Search Party Members’ Reports on the Crime Scene Line up Very Well

The rumor that dolls were scattered around the crime scene seems patently ridiculous. Nevertheless, more and more evidence continues to pile up that this rumor is actually true.

Two female members of the search party contacted team members separately with revelations about the crime. One is a middle-aged woman in her 40’s with kids who is otherwise completely normal, and the new one who has come forward is a different woman in her 30’s. Neither woman has ever met the other, so this is independent confirmation from two separate sources.

Both said that dolls were scattered around the crime. One said that in addition to dolls all over the ground, there were dolls hanging from trees. I’m not sure if the second validated the “dolls in trees.” The first woman contacted two separate team members in addition to the first person, so she’s told at least three separate people so far.

When I first heard these rumors from the podcaster, we were both laughing over the phone because it was so ridiculous and insane. Sure, it’s a horrible crime but this crime scene was so insane and unbelievable that it made you want to laugh out loud that someone who ever go to such deranged lengths to stage a crime scene.

Later I found that this same search party member had contacted two team members, and in addition, the second woman contacted one of the same team members. The second woman largely corroborated much if not all of the first woman’s report. I will have to go back and look through my IM’s to see to what extent she corroborated the other woman. But they were both definitely on board via the sexual posing of the girls, the dolls on the ground, and the sheet with the smiley face on it at the very least.

The other elements were are not sure they agreed on are: a giant plush toy animal, possibly a bear; a crucifix hung upside down; dolls hanging in trees; and a knife plunged into a log with one of the girl’s hands wrapped around it to make it appear she had stabbed the tree.

Was the Crime Scene Staged as a Murder-Suicide as a Sick Joke?

I suppose  the staging of the crime scene was also meant to stage a murder-suicide based on the suggestion that one girl hand stabbed the other in the jugular vein and the heart, which would have been plausible at least, and then stabbed herself all over her body, after which she would have cut her own throat, which is impossible.

She would also have had to stage herself as well as the other girl, lay out the smiley-face sheet, hang dolls in the trees and scatter them on the ground, and somehow place a giant plush toy at the scene,. all the while not leaving any DNA behind. And at some point in the process, she would have sexually violated the other girl with sticks and twigs, while later, she would have to violate herself in much the same way, and then she would have had to have jammed twigs and sticks into the many stab wounds in her body, after which she would have cut her own throat. Obviously none of this happened, but BG may have wanted to stage it to look like a murder-suicide as of a sick joke.

Hatchet May Have Been Used as a Murder Weapon in One Homicide

As we noted above, one girl suffered a grievous wound to the throat. We now feel that the cut to this girl’s throat was with a hatchet, although we do not have confirmation of this other than what looks like a hatchet in BG’s right jeans area and reports that investigators went clear out of the state to check out two other hatchet criminals. Why fly all over the country looking at hatchet criminals unless the crime involved a hatchet?

Also, if he did cut her throat with one huge swing of a hatchet, it would have soaked BG in blood according to a search warrant from the FBI obtained. You need a huge knife to saw someone’s head off – almost a sword – you can watch any of the beheading videos out there to be sure. Also, a slow cut even with a big knife would not have drenched BG in blood. But a hatchet blow sure would have. The report of the girl’s head being only attached by an inch of skin implies a single huge blow with a hatchet because this is the sort of wound a hatchet, not a knife, would have caused.

At Least Four Separate Sources Now Confirm the Dolls Rumor, Two of Them from the Police

In addition to the two search party members’ reports, we also have a statement from an LE source close to the investigation that dolls were scattered all over the crime scene, and both girls were posed and sexually violated. He said there were so many dolls that it looked like he had gone to the Goodwill and bought up a bunch of dolls.

So now we have testimony from three excellent sources – two independent search party members and an LE source close to the investigation.

However, I just heard via DDcups, a man from Australia, and an excellent poster on the Reddit Delphi subs, that he contacted someone who knew a Delphi police officer, and this person told him his police friend had stated that dolls were scattered around the crime scene. So we have more evidence, albeit the third-hand source we have never talked to.

So we have four sources for the dolls story, two from LE and two from search party members. And as you will see below, we actually have five confirmations of the dolls story, three from LE and two from searchers.

We’ve Hardly Had Any LE Sources All This Time

Critics claim we have all these LE sources but we don’t. In four years, we only had two LE sources, and each of them told us one statement. We got these LE sources from local sleuth JM. This is what they told us:

  1. A sheriff’s deputy in a nearby town who stated: “One of the girls was in the early stages of pregnancy.” This would have been found on autopsy, and a statement like that usually means 6-8 weeks pregnant. Remember the social media photo Abby and Libby posted the night before the murders? It said, “We have a secret” and the photo shows both of them holding up their hands in secret signs. Was the secret that one of them had found out she was pregnant? If so, how did she find out? Girls age 13-14 are notorious for missing periods some months and may even miss them for months at a time. This is why it’s so hard to get girls this age pregnant. Girls stay in the “hard to knock up” stage from ages 13-15. From age 16 on, they’re fertile as rabbits. It almost seems you could knock them up just by brushing up agains them. This is probably evolutionary as pregnancies in 13-15 year old girls are notorious for having complications for both the mother and the child. It is not until ages 18-19 with the completion of the widening of the hips (Yes, girls’ bodies keep developing after 17) that a female is completely suited for pregnancy. From 16-17, females are very fertile but their hips are not wide enough to give easy birth to a child, hence the high rate of complications.
  2. The second statement was from an Indiana detective in another area, in this case Narcotics, who had seen crime scene photos and noted that both girls had been sexually violated with twigs, sticks, and small branches. So this rumor originally came from the police! Further, this rumor was first made after the wife of a detective working on the case posted online. The detective had had a hard time sleeping at night because the case upset him so much. He finally broke down and told his wife about the girls being violated sexually by natural wooden objects from the forest. She added that in addition, one girl has stab wounds all over her body which in which these wooden objects were also jammed into. So here the first two reports we heard about this came from the police. Also this rumor has been somewhat backed up by a third LE sources close to the investigation, who said “both girls had been violated with foreign objects.” Now we have three references to this statement, all from the police themselves!

First Leak Directly from the Investigation Confirms Dolls Rumor Once Again

But now we have a shocking new revelation. We just got our first leak from inside the investigation itself!

Yes, this is third hand We are very excited to report this news. The leak is from a very high-ranking person on that team. Turns out the brother of a team member is best friends with this high-ranking person. They were chatting at a party recently, and the friend asked the investigator about the dolls rumor, specifically asking if there was one doll or more than one doll at the crime scene. The man thought about his words for a bit before wording them very carefully. Then he said, “There was at least one doll at the crime scene.”

We now have three separate LE source both reporting dolls at the crime scene. And we have two independent reports from search party members who agree that there were dolls at the crime scene.

Retired Homicide Detective Joins Our Team

In what is the finest coup for our group of ~230 paid members, a retired homicide detective from Washington DC joined our group as a paid member! I spoke to him on the phone, and he’s a very nice fellow. Further, he knows the subject inside out. I can’t believe how any of these detectives do what they do. To me they are like magicians pulling rabbits out of hats. In the day since he’s joined, I’m already stunned at how much he’s done. Are these guys even humans?

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37 thoughts on “New Delphi Murders Update! July 22, 2021: Police Actively Considering That There May Have Been Two Killers in the Case”

  1. The group in Pennsylvania only does “cold” cases and delphi “isn’t cold” according to delphi LE

    1. Hi there! I saw your page on a social media thread and clicked on it and read all of the info you have about the Delphi Murders and I was just like woah. There are people out there that agree with what you write! On Reddit someone said Gray Hughes got a huge tip in about a poi and he said that it had to be him and someone in the Reddit comments said that it’s only a few days until the person he thinks did it is arrested. Do you feel that way as well? That Mr. X will be arrested so soon? I sure hope so

      1. I thought Hughes said the person he heard about had never been mentioned as a POI? I could be wrong….

          1. Let me put it this way, and I do respect your work Robert even if we have different POI. If that dick I mean Gray Hughes got any tip, it was from the information I sent to the family, that possibly like the snake he is might have retrieved this information.

            KD.. Stands for Kegan Dunker my poi. I know we are on 2 different paths. But the goal is the same, from our hearts we want Justice for Abby & Libby.

            Sickens me to watch people make it about lining their pockets, but you know Karna always has a way of rearing it head 🙏❤️

  2. The detective had never heard of you? They reference you on Reddit all the time. I constantly see your name pop up there. You are the best btw!

    1. Thank you, dear. Yeah, they talk about me all the time, but they all hate me lol. Aren’t you a member of the private group?

      1. Mr, Robert Lindsay, I am really starting to believe that you and your research team might hold the key to solving this heinous crime. I forgot to mention that you said that you may have a motive? I’m really interested in your thoughts about the motivation. I have a few, but they probably don’t hold a candle to what you came up with. I have a notebook with a lot of information I thought was important. Hopefully I will be able to talk to you someone with a brain, someone who is passionate about this case.

    1. Aren’t you the married woman from Montana who I was friends with a while back? Please say yes.

    1. Thanks, SMK! Yes, the detective is great! He and I don’t necessarily agree on anything, but he doesn’t seem to care about that. He’s used to being part of teams with differing opinions.

  3. I think much of it might be true. Though most have no idea of who Mr X is, it looks like you just said it in the replies.

  4. Just a question. Is it possible that the doll or stuff toy came from the old welfare building or CPS building that was torn down? If so, then it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint a killer’s DNA or anything from those toys considering how many children may have touched them. Is this where you are thinking that the items came from?

    1. CPS building is Crop Protection Services, not Child Protection Services. Thanks Remah! Thanks for stopping by, dear!

      My sleuth now thinks that the dolls came from the graveyard. There are a number of children’s graves there, and there were dolls scattered around some of those graves.

          1. D. Prater is Caleb Bowlin, eh? It’s very nice to ban you here today at my site!

            HAVE A NICE DAY!

          2. It was Child Protective services. My mother was a social worker before retirement, and worked there for over 10 years. If you look at the 2019 press conf, Carter says “parked at the CPS/DCF [Dept of Children & Families] building.” On Indiana states social services website where they list addresses to Dept of Welfare locations and Child Services locations by county. Havent updated the list in a damn 10 years and addresss is on it still.

            We do have Crop Protection Services here in town (recently changed name to NutriAg Solutions, and funny enough they were going to move operations over to the cps building when it was vacant and got into a lease with the town but there were to many problems with the building and it didnt pass code, they never moved in and moved into a building over on Prince William rd instead. building torn down.

  5. This is what I was told by my own mother, so take it as you will. And by the way, you are banned, baby.


  6. Hello Mr Lindsay, I think that I finally found you lol, you invited me to join your group. I would like to talk to you about a couple of theories I have come up with. I have a theory that the crime scene was already set up before the girls were placed there. I read your other post and I’ve come to the conclusion that someone else set up the crime scene. I also believe that Abby and Libby were killed somewhere else.

    I would really like to get some input from you, since you have been doing one heckofa job. I’ve only known about this case since early last summer (2020). Hopefully we can talk about some of the things that I’ve come up with. We can agree to disagree 🙂. I have a couple more theories I would like to discuss with you. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you inviting me to the group. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I’ve come up with this far.

    1. Problem is if you are posting here, you’re not posting in the private group. Anyone can post out here, and that’s pretty much what happens, unfortunately.

  7. I never said there was a shower curtain.

    I never said any weapons were found.

    There may well have been a giant stuffed bear at the scene that day.

    There were definitely dolls at the site that day.

  8. I’m really interested in reading your Delphi stuff. Is this all true? I mean, if it is then it’s a hell of a job sleuthing wise.

    Your POI and my POI are the same person and I honestly didn’t know half of what you have listed here!

    I do believe that the new developments in this case are pertinent and involve the early search on bicycle road in some way. I honestly think that all these people are connected, there were photos/video taken that day that made their way back to KAK who then passed them on via Dropbox to others. (JBC and others unknown).

    I think it’s likely the video/photos were found during the search of JBC’s property and he led them to KAK. I think if I were Mr X I’d be shitting myself right about now and wondering what the hell to do

    1. We believe a lot of it is true. All of the material is referenced in terms of where it come from and how good of a source it is. We consider some stuff confirmed as in reports from police, official documents, and search party members.

      Good thinking on having the same POI!

      The search on Bicycle Road might not mean much. That was the Mitchell home and it was searched because it was reported that he had a gun of the same rather uncommon caliber and make as the gun used in the crime. Yes, a gun was used in the crime. There was also a 19 year old man who lived on the street who was said to be talking to Libby, so that might be the tie-in you are thinking of.

      The crime was absolutely videotaped and photographed. We assume that is true because there is a rumor to that effect and also the FBI search warrant we have says they are looking for photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, film, etc. The only reason they would be looking for that is if the crime was videotaped. And yes, that may be the tie-in with KAK.

      JBC is innocent of this crime. Just forget about him.

      No, no CP was found at JBC’s place. He’s not even a pedophile. He’s just a situational molester and they’re no more attracted to kids than anyone else. They just do it for the Hell of it.

      We don’t know how he’s acting in relation to all of this stuff.

  9. Hello. There is a POI whose mother volunteers at a church free clothing store. They have a toy drive every year for the kids.

  10. Hi Robert – have donated to become a member of the Delphi group! Enjoying your content very much. How do I log in? All the best, Sarah

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