Alt Left: Francis Miville on the Need for a Do-over of the American System

He is commenting on my post here. Full Democracy in the US Will Be a Boon for Democrats and a Catastrophe for Republicans.

What I meant is an Alt Left notion of “The system is too far gone for reform. Let’s tear it all down and start over again from scratch,” which is exactly how I feel about my country.

However, I meant just the basic political system and culture. However, that would indeed take a “Cultural Revolution” if you will. And many countries had them. We had a huge cultural revolution in the 1960’s. It’s not all about Red Guards.

The sickness is baked far too deeply into the system. The State Department, the Executive and Legislature Branches themselves, the legalization of mass bribery and corruption via money-based elections, the Pentagon, the CIA, and even the FBI – they all need a wipe it out and start over again cleansing.

Look at how hard it will be to dismantle even US imperialism. Imperialism is baked into US society from top to bottom. 500 military bases overseas? Sanctions? Embargoes? Economic warfare? US control of the world monetary system via the dollar as fiat currency? The sickness of the weapons for oil deal with the Gulf Arabs, the alliance with fascist Turkey, NATO its very self (which is controlled by the US), on and on.

For instance, few know this, but the CIA is baked into all of US society at the levels of the elite class and the corporations. The elite class (the rich), the corporations, the powerful lobbies, ethnic and commodity-based, the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, the Commerce Department are all baked in with the national security state and its vast intelligence arm consisting of 17 different out of control agencies with a $30 billion budgets for scullduggery, lying, cheating, thieving, murder, and overthrowing other countries via coups of all sorts, including the fake color revolutions.

These are the people who killed Kennedy.

These are the people who run this country. The oil barons in Texas, the Silicon Valley uber-rich, the capitalist bastards on Wall Street and at the Wall Street Journal, the sick and twisted FIRE sector, the last of which basically a parasitic and non-prodcutive form of wealth creation via speculation or as I call it “a giant casino in the sky.”

That’s the US economy now – a giant casino in the sky for rich people. All the rest of us? We can go pound sand. That or get rich, which is usually accomplished by mass lying, cheating, and thieving on an individual level. We are now virtually governed by corporations and billionaires. We have billionaires taking over NASA for their own sleazy ends. We’ve outsourced everything to the billionaires and the corporations.

When you study the Kennedy Assassination, you realize that there was a vast group of people either in on it or supportive of it, and many of them have talked. A friend had lunch with LBJ’s attorney, who said Kennedy was killed by “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” And that right there is the Deep State, and not only that, but the Deep State also encompasses all of the above via the support of the rich and the corporations for US foreign policy.

The Pentagon and the CIA work for Exxon and Elon Musk, not you and me. We overthrow foreign governments for the Richard Bransons and the Chevrons, not for you and me. How does it feel to join the US Army and become the personal army of and risk your life for Monsanto and Rex Tillerson? You died in a US war? Sucker! You died for Jeff Bezos and the Blackrock Group! You proud of yourself now, wherever you are, chump?

Because the rot and evil is so “baked in” to the system, it is going to be very hard to change. Look what happens in Latin America where they try to do similar cleansings of the oligarchies and diseased societies they created. You get coups, economic warfare, sanctions, embargoes, propaganda wars, assassination attempts, lockout strikes, color revolutions, stolen elections, lawfare, guarimbas, contra armies engaging on counterrevolution, on and on.

I am absolutely certain that at least some of those will happen if we try to do a do-over on America. The big guns are just not going to like it, and they will do everything in their power to stop it.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am especially irked when I hear so many ne’erdowells whining about their beloved Trump having been defrauded of his sure win election by the evil globalists and America’s now being in great danger to suffer a Mao-style Cultural Revolution at the hands of the “ultra-Left”.

Such a degree of abuse of words might terminate faster than we think, as English as an international communication tool fit for intelligent exchange of ideas. First of all, how come the Republican Party is “red” and any state refusing it “blue”: that seems to go together well with the US being the only country refusing to go metric.

Had America been endowed even with a tolerably good semblance of democratic system as used to be usual in Europe and still is here and there, Trump would have had no chance to be anything more than a backwater talk show animator and maybe the governor of Missouri or Louisiana turning that state into a laughingstock for the nation and triggering that state to go full radical Socialist Left the election after. Trump was imposed onto America thanks to its stochastic electoral system.

The system looks like that of the old Republic of Venice (which was more or less a kind of rigged from behind roulette-like game of chance, with the difference they claimed of chance and not of the people’s will) against a definite majority’s will by both the financial forces revolving around the Goldman Sachs bank and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is Trump’s alter ego in the Old World (Russia playing a subsidiary role in that enterprise). He was actually a kind of Israeli governor directly imposed at international level against America’s own Zionist, but still to intelligent oligarchy just as a reminder to the nation that they are no longer sovereign and are to be treated like any African dependency where no intelligent people need apply from now on.

Alt-Right fell for that trap, bar very few thinking people. In a certain sense, Trump has been America’s first real “black” president.

They fear for a Mao-style Cultural Revolution to happen by the American ultra-Leftist forces. For the time being I see nobody on the American horizon still trying and succeeding in part to impose the cult of his personality as a kind of savior or Emperor Cyrus rather than Orange-Hue-Tan.

He is in the real position (though not in mental capacity, and probably not in mental disposition neither, as he doesn’t give a damn for his adoring crowd) to head a Cultural Counterrevolution to be followed by a Great Leap Backwards leading to the transformation of the US into the Neo-Medieval Republic of Gilead as described by Margaret Atwood in Handmaid’s Tale.

Actually I have also come on my own to your own conclusion: The US is indeed in great need of some Mao-like Old Far Left Cultural Revolution that should do away with all “olderies” and force all conservatives to acknowledge at last, through violent behavioral psychiatric techniques if need be, that there is absolutely nothing worth conserving in the US and that all has to be rebuilt from zero, and preferably from Ground Zero.

There is no single historical non-fake monument worth preserving except North Harlem’s Cloisters: the few other ones of decent colonial style have been all demolished to make room for cheaper and cheaper built and dearer and dearer sold condos, except a few that were built by slavers still having descendants caring for their property, but that kind of historical monument is rather to be classified with Holocaust Museums in my opinion.

The general infrastructure is in such a state of disrepair that bombing it all first would probably come out cheaper than getting back a working one. Most cities of the Rust Belt are already kind of bombed, so why not finish the job? There is nothing worth fireworks in the background; instead, there is everything worth fireworks in the structure.

As it is a Cultural Revolution we are talking about here, my opinion is that at the present moment no university is worth preserving. That is an euphemism: There is rather an emergency case for burning them all down, while what needs to be taught could be taught for free on the internet, preferably from as far overseas as possible. The diplomas emitted by them should be all declared void as has been done with Trump University sheepskins. Showing one in order to get any job should be an offense.

Among the olderies to be done away with first are the American religions: they are 100

By what kind of economic miracle has America, which used to be the chief manufactured goods exporter of the world and won two world wars as such, turned into a chief exporter of only religion and mega-churches only (if we except the military sector from our equation, which is concentrated in the former Slaving South)? Has America so many saints, sages, and masterworks of timeless wisdom to be exported to the planet?

There should be only one single tax: Henry George ** 2. His equation was by the square of the value of real estate owned per owner or co-owner, which would make collectivization the only survivable solution while preserving personal liberty.

Activities not resulting in the production of physical goods, including religion, law, education, and medicine, should be declared out of reach of any lucrative enterprise and the attempt to make them lucrative classified together with prostitution. That is, either they are practiced for free as leisure, or they are charities (for real needy ones), or they are public services.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Francis Miville on the Need for a Do-over of the American System”

  1. How much do you know about Henry George, Robert?

    In Progress and Poverty, George stated that the consequences of dire economic policies were moral issues rather than purely economic issues. So he posed moral questions:

    “Why should a man benefit merely from the act of ownership, when he may render no services to the community in exchange?” and “What gives the wealthy the right to become rich — not for service rendered to the community, but from the good fortune to have advantageously situated land?”

    He believed that economic problems stemmed from the unavailability of land for those who needed access to it. The injustice of rent robbed the working man of his wages, and wild speculation in land led to poverty. He therefore suggested a single tax on land to absorb all rents, with no tax whatsoever on wages or interest. (See figure 3)

    A single tax would eventually lead to the ownership of land as common property rather than as individual property. He believed that the single tax would raise wages, increase earnings of capital, abolish poverty, give employment, and relieve the other economic ills, through a massive redistribution of wealth. He also proposed that businesses which were in their nature monopolies, such as transportation (the railroads) and communications (the telegraph), be government owned and regulated for the benefit of all.

    The USSR forbade private land ownership – and farming went to hell in a handbasket. Greed does motivate – and is therefore needed – but of course it needs to be regulated. Indeed a lack of value to destroying land is the reason the environment is so hard to protect.

  2. I thank you for having mentioned my point of view. I have to make a snappy correction about your own introduction, though : JFK is but one of the main false gods of the American fake heavens and bad dream. His own election had been by itself yet one more takeover of the kind the whole US history as we know it is composed of.

    If JFK had been howsoever such a real enemy of the evil the fabric of US society is composed of, be sure he would be remembered by nearly all thanks to all media, oppositional as well as aligned, and by all currents of thought in America and about America of any significance in the world, as a kind of Nero having met his rightful fate, not as a kind of Tiberius Gracchus.

    For a real Nero JFK was, or better said a One and Thousand Nights style Sultan killing his loves one after another after use.

    Had he survived his assassination and the collection of mortal diseases he was to die from before the 1964 campaign anyway through a miracle of the kind I cannot figure out, he would have been remembered as the Irish Catholics’ Obama by his political actions and cultural influence : the character was 100% dirty and fake : he was actually the first 100% media-defined (mostly CBS-NBC-ABC, and Hollywood)personality having no relationship at all with the character he really was.

    Namely he was presented as archetypically liberal, just too good and too idealistic for this world, whereas he was an embodiment of Celtic-dark-side avarice and meanness to whom had real personal contact with him.

    Beware especially of those in politics who sell themselves as embodiments of theological virtues such as Courage in JFK’s case or Hope in Obama’s : they come straighter from hell than everybody else, especially in a polity that once prided upon having been the first in the modern world to separate Church and State. Exactly like those who declare world wars against Deadly Sins or Biblical scourges such as Poverty, Terror, Addiction…

    When I say American is to be done over again, it is absolutely everything that composes its mental panorama : everything hallowed in that culture has been hallowed by the forces of hell since day one.

    When I say America is in need of a cultural Revolution it is because it can be compared to compared to Manchu China, which thanks to its Neo-Confucianist regime established by the Manchu invaders to both manage and stifle the whole country had already destroyed and cancelled anything of real mystical, creative or cultural value for the centuries that their regime had endured.

    Those who cry about the wholesale cultural destruction operated by Mao’s cultural revolution tend to ignore or forget that absolutely everything non-fake (especially everything related to Taoism) had been destroyed since long ago, in the name of Neo-Confucianism (China’s own version of neoconservatism, like the American one that conserves absolutely nothing except money and privilege) by an invader that despised the local people and called to Western invaders to rescue when they saw that their hold was about to be over.

    Those who cry about the famine caused by the Great Leap Forward tend to forget that it was the very last of the recurrent famines that had been part and parcel of the normal state of things in China for centuries (part and parcel of the Manchu way of keeping the polity manageable), and that Mao accepted that it had been a humiliating defeat of his own bad strategy : not bad for a tyrant of such a magnitude.

    Those who cry about the harsh life experiences by those sent to countryside labour during the cultural revolution neglect the fact that it was the first famine prevented and vanquished by all it took to win the battle. Yes there were many millions of dead but in percentage it was less than the American war of Secession, for a purpose that was not so unlike.

    Many observers have compared the NYC chattering classes’ behaviour, especially under the Clintons’ reign, to the mandarins of late Manchu China, at the time the Sassons had in fact taken over most economic levers since long.

    Let us get back to JFK and JFK’s America.

    First let us not dream : the American political system with fire-proof against the eventual coming to power of any newcomer with ideals of his own, you had to come from a family having signed an oath of allegiance to the same oligarchy since four generations at least and presenting absolutely no risk of deviation from the decided cruising course, actually the famous checks and balances are there not to ensure that no tyrant captures the system at the peoples’ expense, but that the popular will never results in any swerve from the decided course.

    JFK presented no danger of deviation at any point by his behaviour : first of all he was all to well overwhelmed not only by the supports he had had to count on just to have an idea of what to do within his family and acquaintances, among whom Canada’s Bronfman clan that had merged with his own Irish family since the latter’s fortune had reached serious levels, but also by his “best and brightest” (that meant actually “non-Jews need not apply”), among whom Henry Kissinger who already the WH as a permanent residence.

    LBJ, on his side had rightfully surmised that his own detestable personality prevented him from becoming the No 1 and that his only chance to get it was to be No 2, that the No 1 die in exercise as gloriously as possible and that he sell himself as his only self-evident successor. He thus had decided upon eventual assassination since 1960.

    That was not because JFK would be disobedient but because he would be all too obedient, of the kind that must go to heavens as quickly as possible as soon as the job they have been called for is done. He did not die because he had irked the oligarchy but because he was more useful on the American Dream’s Olympus than among mortals. And also because there was a risk that among mortals he one day repent as what he had accomplished for the oligarchy was beyond hubris.

    His first and main mission, as the Irish Catholic he had been hired for, was to make sure, by the use of all secret services given to him to do away with the cumbersome prelates if need be, that the Vatican II Ecumenical Council would really take place like John XXIII had promised and that it would proceed as the Bnai Brith willed it, that is to say that any theological proposition concluding to the culpability of Jews in general or of the authorities of Judaic religion would be 100% abrogated : that was done even before the Council started.

    One must not forget that the archetypal, eternal enemy of the US entity was not communism (McCarthy was a recent episode : up to him communism was good in the world wherever American interests gained better leverage thereby — and it had been good somewhat at the time it prevented Russia to be an alternate breadbasket of better choice for European powers — and bad only where they might lose some) but Catholicism together with whole civilisation owing its existence to it.

    Thanks to JFK’s very particular intervention, without which John XXIII wouldn’t have succeeded his thing for lack of strong political arms and teeth, that ideological enemy was neutered, like USSR would be much later on neutered under CIA’s Bush I. That ecumenical council was to make the Catholic church into a Protestant “light” church like any other, since most of the Orthodox interveners had already been made insignificant by the Russian state since Peter the Great and even more Stalin.

    From then on the Catholic Church was but a paler version of the American Protestant religions, that is to say under US perfect ideological control. Paler in particular than the Evangelicals and other Born-Again that would appear in the Dixieland right at that point. I am not a Catholic except by part of my involuntary religious education but if you happen to be a real one you have to be appalled to the highest heavens by what JFK did in the realm of faith as an act of utter treason.

    A clear sign that JFK could not have been in the mood of any honest or decent political decision by that time was the treatment he ordered to be given to his own slightly mentally challenged sister: lobotomy.

    She was crippled for life and her life was about to end soon. JFK remained nevertheless a promoter of Moniz’ prefrontal lobotomy as an important tool for the future of humanity for the cure of anxiety disorders, which he endorsed in American psychiatry as the very first executive order of his mandate. His own father had pushed hardest to have the Nobel Prize been granted to Moniz in 1949 (it is the only Nobel Prize ever won by a Portuguese in a scientific domain).

    JFK, though presented as ultra-liberal (in the old exception of word) by the media, was in reality tight-fisted to the utmost as regards his real economic views : he for one was already a neoliberal despite the word not being in great use by then. JFK had the intention to terminate practically all social measures introduced by FDR during the implementation of the New Deal, though he thought he had more urgent jobs to do in the shorter run.

    He interpreted Keynes in a very restrictive sense where Keynesian measures had to be deployed only in times of catastrophic deflation and even then under the form of a workfare state not of a welfare state : he was in particular against minimal welfare payments enforcing wages to stay somewhat above at a decent level. JFK was not in favour of wall to wall desegregation : his intention was rather to end with the melting pot doctrine first so as to replace it by that of the mosaic : the country he admired in that regard was India, both old and new, with its galaxies of communities.

    He clearly stated that the best remedy against class war as willed by the Marxists was a society ensuring people would defend their interests against each other by communities along vertical lines of front, not economic levels along horizontal ones. Once the white majority would be divided in communities, especially the Catholic ones which should never mix with the Protestants, the Blacks could be desegregated completely.

    In the mean time, JFK favoured all-out affirmative action as a compensation so as to diminish the prevalence of anglo-saxons at high levels of employment (at that specific time Irish communities had the reputation of being low IQ : one standard deviation beneath the anglo-protestant level).

    JFK is generally presented by dissidents as the last representative of old prosperous middle class America that was killed by a conspiracy of secret societies wanting to enslave humanity. The real discourse he held in that regard was that of the Austrian school of economics (catholic), namely Hayek’s Road to Serfdom : all dependency on social programs or on social minima leads to slavery, is planned by arch-villains as a trap into slavery and Asian production mode as defined by Wittvogel, and must therefore be done away with.

    JFK namely repeated the very same slogans as FBI’s Edgar Hoover (“A conspiracy of such a magnitude that the common citizen…”), but as we know Edgar Hoover had no attachment for any ordinary citizen’s elementary liberties from the encroachment of any oligarchy.

    The enslaving conspiracy to be fought down was Marxism and one must not forget that by JFK’s time the Democratic Party had clearly identified as the party of the Military Industrial Complex pushing for maximal permanent military intervention on a global level, as opposed to the Republicans of then who would fix a limit to what was really necessary to fend off Soviet influence and rather favour civilian industry as the one best way to seduce people out of Marxism.

    JFK is generally suspected of having been assassinated as a threat to the power of the FED, as he is said (by dissidents) to have tried his best to give back to the American State the exclusive right to print money. That is a piece of fake historical news. First of all JFK was not a good economist of any stature, and relying on the reading of Austrian economists to get in touch with a field that did not interest him very much. He naively believed in the opportunity of a return to the use of metallic money instead of only bank notes.

    The only executive act of his, which is confused by dissidents with democratic reclaiming of money emission, was the emission American treasure bonds to be payable in metallic silver (the measure was very short lived as it failed to attract clients), which has nothing to do with the sovereign right to emit money : actually it is nearly opposite as a concept, as it contributes to make monetary tokens even more dependent upon public debt.

    At no point in his short career had JFK any intention to curb the power of the FED, he never mentioned once that institution in a negative way or as an impediment.

    The second main reason alleged was his refusal to endorse the transfer of nuclear energy rights to Israel so as to allow the latter to have its own nuclear strike force, which would have made him the object of the ire of world Jewry.

    As regards Jewish affairs JFK relied on the opinion of two figureheads he trusted in those matters : 1) Edgar Bronfman 2) Henry Kissinger. JFK rather relied on those two and more generally on the conservative fraction of the Jewish establishment of Manhattan and their opinion was as to Israel’s being still too young, too immature and above all too leftist and utopian to be entrusted with every imperial tool of responsibility.

    Most establishment Jews saw that their strongest power base ever was America, not Israel, and the promised land they think about when they happen to hear that expression is the whole Earth, not an ill-located sweltering Biblical theme park in ME.

    As for nuclear energy it was still then, by the very clauses of the Manhattan project as worded by Fermi and others as a guarantee against all potential Axis espionage, 100% in militant nationalistic Jewish hands (even for civilian use : non-Jews were systematically discouraged to take that specialty in universities ; Stalin’s final antisemitic stance had convinced them of the necessity to prolong that clause).

    Therefore there was no problem on that horizon.
    Moreover JFK was over-dependent for his very public personality on exclusively Jewish fashion designers from the TV networks and from the cinema world, before whom he cringed to the point of pathological co-dependence.

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