Alt Left: Malcolm X on Gusanos (Worms) or Anti-Castro Cubans

2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Malcolm X on Gusanos (Worms) or Anti-Castro Cubans”

  1. The Clash, Ghetto Defendant, from the album Combat Rock. Allen Ginsburg, beat poet as the narrator on the song with the deep voice. One of the Clash’s greatest songs.

    1. Is it about Malcolm? I met Ginsberg in 1982. He was a huge asshole and a huge faggot to boot. I sat across from him but he looked at me with utter hatred and contempt. I have no idea why but it’s true I wasn’t in the greatest shape at the time. It was at a conference for a literary journal publication. I had some of my fiction published in that journal, only fiction I’ve ever published. Basically a novel excerpt from a novel that never got published.

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