Alt Left: The US Doesn’t Care about Democracy and Probably Never Has

Look, you either support democracy or you don’t. To be fair though, I don’t think there are many, or any for that matter, governments anywhere on the face of the Earth who give two shits about democracy. If there are any, raise your hands and be counted. Further, I’m not sure if there are any NGO’s anywhere on the planet who give two shits about democracy. Is there one person anywhere on this Earth who cares about democracy. Note that if you support democracy, you need to support it in all cases (hopefully) and you need to oppose all anti-democratic regimes everywhere on principle.

I don’t think there are any states that follow this principle, nor do I believe there is one organization anywhere that follows this principle. Are there any persons anywhere who believe in this? I’m seriously wondering.

Look! If you don’t give two shits about democracy, fine! But you need to stop yelling about your imperial “restore democracy” projects. And you silly Americans need to quit getting behind these imperial “democracy restoration” projects. They’ve never been about restoring democracy anyway. Anyone ought to know that by now.

However, many Americans do support democracy inside the US.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: The US Doesn’t Care about Democracy and Probably Never Has”

  1. Would it be possible for Highbrow to write about the fact that there are cameras EVEYPLACE in the U.S. invading people’s privacy?

    1. Maybe. I’m not sure how I feel about that myself. You want to write an article for us on that?

      1. The only reason I asked is because I happened to be standing outside one day looking up at a street light pole and noticed what I thought was a camera and or license plate scanner at the top of the pole. I just didn’t know if the utility companies, at the behest of local, state or federal government install these devices without the general public knowing about or paying attention to them. As far as writing an article on the subject, I’d have to do alot more research so I’d know what the hell I’m talking about without sounding like a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

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