Alt Left: Capitalism Is Unsustainable: Capitalism Has An Inevitable Tendency to Move Towards Fascism

Rightwing dictatorships and fascists are good for US corporations and the US rich. So the capitalists of the world will always support fascism when it comes down to it. Every corporation in the US will support fascism if push comes to shove. For this reason, capitalism seems unsustainable because capitalists feel that the Left has no right to rule, and when it comes down to it, they will always support fascism, rightwing dictatorships, and fascist putschist oppositions to any existing leftwing governments.

It is for this reason that I feel that capitalism, which I do not necessarily oppose on moral grounds, is unsustainable and dangerous if not an out and out menace because of the tendency of all capitalist states when posed with a threat from the Left to install a fascist state. In other words, at some time or another in most capitalist countries, a threat will always cause a rightwing or fascist dictatorship to be installed.

Because of capitalism’s inevitable tendency towards rightwing dictatorship and fascism and its basic contempt for democracy, I feel that capitalism itself is a problem, and capitalism itself is a danger if not a menace to democratic society and people who wish to live free of dictatorships of the rich and fascism. In other words, yeah, capitalism in the long run is unsustainable.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Capitalism Is Unsustainable: Capitalism Has An Inevitable Tendency to Move Towards Fascism”

  1. The Far Left has an explicit goal of ending capitalism. The far Right does not. This is why when forced to choose between the Far Right and the Far Left, liberals, capitalists, industrialists and plutocrats will always choose the Far Right.

    It is precisely for this reason that the wealthy industrialists and plutocrats in Germany supported Hitler’s chancellorship campaign in 1931. They didn’t give a flying fuck about his nationalism, bigotry, warmongering, and antisemitism. All they cared about is that he would let them keep their ownership of the factories and protect their interests from socialists and communists.

    The plutocrats will always support fascism as a bulwark against socialism if they feel the latter’s gaining popularity among the masses. They usually don’t like fascism but they’re driven to support it by pure self-interest and pragmatism.

    1. Most of the plutocrats probably thought Hitler’s ravings were just harmless antics to galvanize his base. Whatever it takes to rile up the mindless cattle and garner their support.

      1. I think the plutocrats think they can control them. Look at the behavior of Mitch McConnell, a plutocrat, towards the fascist insurrectionists at the US capital. The finally went too far, but he was willing to use them for a long time in order to fill the pocketbooks of his plutocratic friends.

      1. I discovered your old blog around 2009 while searching for information about race and IQ. I only made one comment under some post about eastern europe’s embrace of neoliberalism, I think. It touched on Poland (my country) and I defended my country’s economic policies a bit, from a moderate left standpoint.

        However, it is clear to me now that the current ruling party’s (PiS) dominance is at least partly attributable to the neoliberal economic lunacy of the previous party (PO). This previous party’s insane neoliberal zealotry was such that they dug their own graves through their idiotic see-nothing, do-nothing economic approach. The wealth and income inequality got so bad that we actually had deflation around 2013-14. The electorate simply couldn’t take it anymore and no leftist alternative was in sight. Sorry for the long digression but I’m still bitter over it to this day.

        Since then I occasionally read your writings over the years but never commented. So I’m an old reader and a new commenter.

        1. I remember your comment long ago! Yes, you were cheering on the economics, and it’s good that you did so from a moderate left standpoint. What are the economic policies of the PiS and how do they differ from the PO. I assume the PiS are moving away from radical neoliberalism.

          1. I used a different nickname, possibly “RipperJack” but my memory is murky. I likely used the same e-mail.

            Basically, PiS is are welfare-statists economically but right wing on social matters. This is actually supported by the populace. The populace likes a lot of left wing economic ideas as long as the party implementing them doesn’t call itself left wing. It’s similar in the USA, from what I read. The opposition keeps accusing PiS of being leftists and deriding the “leeches and parasites” that keep giving PiS their votes in exchange for “bribes” in the form of welfare. The populace is not buying this idiotic chiding from the opposition, nor should it. The opposition is only digging itself deeper into a hole with this rhetoric.

            I don’t like PiS’ brand of economic populism. For instance, their 500+ welfare program (500 PLN for every kid per family per month) is given to everyone but it should only be given to the poor and middle income families. Right now families get it regardless of whether their income is 20k or 200k PLN per year. Also, the income tax should be far more progressive, to get it in line with western Europe.

            I don’t like their social stances either. I’m actually leftist on social matters too, in accordance with the principle “live and let live”. I don’t have anything against homos, trannies and other queers, I even support gay adoption. But I don’t subscribe to the SJW and “grievance industry” brand of leftism. I’m an atheistic anti-dogmatist. I hate dogma and taboos wherever they pop up and I’m willing to slay any sacred cows to get to the truth. Right now I’m seeing dogmas, taboos and sacred cows popping up on the left. I will happily poke and troll them for this.

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