Alt Left: The Worst People on Earth – A Contest

I am not sure there is anything worse than a Gulf Sunni Arab. They’re runners up for the worst people on Earth award along with Turks, Azeris, Indian Hindus, and Jews. Thing is Jews have many positive attributes and it’s more a matter of if you think the positive outweighs the negative. The listed peoples above have all of the negative qualities of Jews and about zero positive attributes (although I do exaggerate a lot here, sorry).

Turks and Azeris are simply vicious fascists who retain the precisely same genocidal instincts of the Young Turks who genocided 2.5 million Armenians, 700,000 Greeks, and 1.75 million Assyrians, mostly from 1915-1923. That adds up to a Turkish genocide of 5 million people, all not coincidentally Christians. It was one of the worst Muslim jihads ever, and the anti-Christian aspect of it has been little noted. That’s getting close to 6 million Jews Holocaust level, so Turks are literally about as evil as Nazis.

Indian Hindus are also fascists, in this case religious fascists.

I almost want to call Gulf Arabs fascists, perhaps clerical fascists. They are simply genocidal religious bigots against the Shia and to a lesser extent the Iranian boogeyman. Furthermore, they are 10

Compared to these maniacs, even the Israeli fascists are not so bad, though of course they are horrible. But they’re not literally genocidal. That charge gets tossed around, but it’s nonsense. Jews lie, cheat, and steal par excellance, but the groups mentioned are actually worse than Jews in that regard, and that’s saying something.

Of course, I should throw in the West in general, led by the US and the Anglosphere and their terrorist organization of fascists called NATO, but Western imperialism pales in comparison to he abject depravity of the groups above.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Worst People on Earth – A Contest”

  1. A bit of a shit gumbo.

    Anglos have remnants of respectability.

    Gulf Arabs and of course Indians seem respectful and in awe of the British to this day.

    Shit Islam seems to come primarily from Gulf Arabs.

    Western corruption is tied to Jewish media. Jews are sort of Arabs out of the cave. Jews may be humanity’s biggest threat because they are the smartest. Jewish filth infects the innocent children of Europe. It’s part of Europe’s fatal flaw that they are so innocent, kind, and naive. Europeans are Eloi. Shylocks are Morlocks. The Jew is the stew, seeping filth into everyone they’re around.

    Biggest shithole is likely India. Curse of Kang.

    Gulf Arabs want their cake and to eat it too.

    Terrorist Jewboys, “kangz of ereytang!”.

    Bloodthirsty Turks. Maybe that bit of Mongoloid, a more stagnant people, keeps them from evolving beyond barbarism like ever-changing Whites.

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