Delphi Murders Update May 29, 2021: Police Now Suspect That BG Also Committed the Evansdale Murders

Note: Very long, runs to 28 pages. “Editorial we” (look it up if you are unsure what it means) meaning “I” is used throughout this document. However, “we” also often means the conclusion of me and my fellow team members too.

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Shocking New Rumor Adds More Weight to the Connection between the Delphi and Evansdale Murders

As we noted in previous posts, observation of the blown up stills from the helicopter video show both girls’ bodies posed in a sexual tableau. A knife appears to be plunged into either one girl’s shoulder or the log in back of her.

We have been accused by the folks on the utterly worthless Reddit Delphi subreddits who won’t believe anything in life until there’s 20 controlled, double blind studies showing it is true that we are simply hallucinating things with our observations of these stills from the helicopter video. It’s nothing but pixels, they say. There are also the usual darker accusations of the photos being doctored, but we are used to that stuff. We didn’t doctor the photos as I myself don’t even know how to work a graphics program. The man who created these images actually works independently as a physicist. He would appear to be beyond reproach with an occupation like that.

If you think that interpretation is strange and we are just seeing things, note that our interpretation of what looks like a knife stuck into either the girl’s shoulder or the log next to it has been confirmed by a female search party member. This woman said that a knife had been plunged into either the girl’s shoulder or the log next to it. The girl’s hand had been wrapped around the handle of the plunged knife to make it appear that the girl had plunged the knife herself into what we now believe is the log. So we do have some independent confirmation of our interpretation of these photos.

We also felt upon observing the photos that both girls’ legs appeared to be spread and they had been posed in a sexual manner or tableau. This was confirmed also by the search party member.

In this photo, you can see both girls’ bodies very well. The one circled in green has obviously been posed in a spreadeagled fashion in a sexual tableau. The other girl is immediately to the left of her, and she appears to have been posed in this spreadeagled sexual manner also.

In addition, we still don’t believe it, but there does appear to be a gigantic stuffed animal placed next to one of the girls. You can see it for yourself in the photo.

Here is the absolutely insane photo from the helicopter footage of the crime scene, and, yep, that definitely looks like a gigantic stuffed animal. It seems to be holding something in its hand. If it is, then it may be one of those giant Valentines Day stuffed animals which often have a note in their hand saying, “I love you,” etc. We are not prepared at the moment to say that that is a giant stuffed animal. Instead we believe there was “a large toy, possibly a stuffed animal, that was so large that BG could not possibly have been carrying it with him on the bridge that day.”

The search party member did not specifically reference that stuffed animal, but she did say there was a very large “toy at the scene, possibly a stuffed animal, that was so large that BG could not possibly have been carrying it with him on the bridge that day.” So we believe that the photo is vindicated in a sense. At this point we feel that while a massive stuffed animal may not be proven, the presence at the crime scene of “a large toy, possibly a stuffed animal, that was so large that BG could not possibly have been carrying it with him on the bridge that day” has been proven.

Same image, zoomed. You can see what appears to be a white bra that the girl may be wearing. The red dot is the girl’s head, and the green dot is the knife that has been plunged into what we now believe is the log that her head is resting on.

We now feel that the knife is plunged into the log on which the girl’s head is resting, which gives us a tiny bit of solace that the murders were a tiny bit less awful than we had thought.

This photo shows a closeup of one of the girls’ bodies. You can see that her hair is reddish colored. The white area is her breasts, and for some odd reason, she seems to be wearing a bra, which conflicts with the testimony of search party members. The knife is highlighted in green.

The reason we feel that way is a new completely unverified rumor about the Evansdale Murders that states that there was a knife in a tree at the Evansdale dump site. If there was a knife in a tree at Evansdale, then that knife in Delphi is more likely to be stuck into the log than into the poor girl’s shoulder.

To sum up, a knife was plunged into a log in the Delphi murders. We feel pretty certain about that. A new rumor says there was a knife in a tree at Evansdale. As you will see below, LE now feels that BG also committed the Evansdale Murders. If the new rumor is correct, then knives were plunged into trees at both crime scenes! That’s breathtaking news!

A Brief Overview of the Evansdale Double Murders and Two Dead End Suspects in the Case

Via a newspaper article in the Indianapolis Star and an LE sources close to the Delphi Murders investigation, we have learned that LE now suspects that BG also killed the Evansdale girls.

First, an overview of the Evansdale case:

The Evansdale girls were found on the other side of a creek/river away from main park in Seven Bridges County Park although a significant distance from where abducted in Evansdale. They were taken quite a ways away and found much later. Regardless, the landscape is similar in both locations. In both cases, they had been stalked and taken off public trails before the bodies were found.

The girls were found in a semi-remote location. The park used to be a well-known camping area but was shut down years before, as it attracted some undesirable people (meth, crime, etc.). Delphi’s high bridge was likely known to more folks than people let on like Seven Bridges. The bridge had been there for about 100 years. I imagine kids have been going out there for decades as well as undesirable folks as well. I also imagine Seven Bridges has been used by hunters both in-state and out of state and campers as well.

The Evansdale trail actually wraps around a few streets after Myers Lake, crosses a river, and continues south. It’s a pretty long trail like Delphi’s. It can be seen form the interstate. There are signs for both Myers Lake and Delphi’s trails in each town and I believe also from both highways or overpasses nearby.

Law enforcement will never say that any two cases are connected unless DNA or fingerprints are involved. To say otherwise will sabotage the case in court if an arrest is made in one case but not the other.

Evansdale and Waterloo tend to bleed into one another as well as the city of Cedar Falls, which rests on the opposite side of Waterloo as Evansdale. The three cities rest along the Cedar River and seem to have grown into one another, which has created a larger metropolitan area.

Despite Evansdale having a population of just under 5,000, more than 100,000 people live in the immediate vicinity; giving it a small-town feel but having all the benefits of a much-larger suburbia.

The girls were abducted from Myers Lake, and they were found five months later at Seven Bridges Wildlife Park.

The remains had been somewhat shrouded in an isolated area of the park where foot traffic wasn’t a huge concern; in fact, investigators stated that the remains were placed in a location that someone would have had to have almost been on top of to notice. If anyone was walking a few feet away from the remains, they likely would have missed them.

The abduction of two children at once in broad daylight was such a rare offense that the FBI had only recorded roughly 15 similar incidents between 1974 and the date that the cousins went missing in July of 2012.

A suspect vehicle was seen at the scene were the girls were abducted. It was described as a large, white, full-sized, old-model SUV – possibly a Chevy Suburban or a Ford Bronco – which had been spotted by multiple witnesses near the crime scene between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM on July 13th, 2012.

Three separate witnesses had seen this vehicle on Arbutus Avenue at around the time the girls went missing – which is located just next to Lake Avenue (where the girls had last been seen) as well as next to Meyers Lake (where their bikes were found).

Similarities Between the Evansdale and Delphi Crimes

The LE source below is an LE sources close to the Delphi Murders investigation.

  • The Evansdale crime was committed on 7-13-12, and the Delphi crime was committed on 2-13-17. The two dates are perfect reversals of one another.
  • The two dates – 2/13/2017 & 2/13/2012 are the same in numerology (16): 2+1+3+2+0+1+7 = 16 and 7+1+3/+2+0+1+2 = 16. Adding them together gives us 32, a significant number in numerology with ominous overtones.
  • Strange objects were placed around both sets of bodies. (Source: LE)
  • Girls were posed in both cases, in a sexual manner in Delphi and possibly in Evansdale also. (Source: LE)
  • The sets of girls in both cases were trapped at the end of a path from which it would be hard to escape.
  • There was a knife placed in a tree near one girl in Delphi. Her hand was wrapped around it to make it appear that she was stabbing the tree. There is a rumor of a knife in a tree at Evansdale too. (Source for Delphi: Helicopter video and search party member)
  • Two girls aged 8 and 10, and two other girls aged 13 and 14, abducted and killed five years apart. One group of girls is 4-5 years older than the other set of girls.
  • Both occurred on the 13th day of the month: Friday, July 13, 2012 and Monday, Feb 13, 2017.
  • Both crimes occurred in daylight hours (afternoon).
  • Girls were at local parks but in an area where they were separated from other visitors.
  • Both crimes occurred in tiny rural towns.
  • Small, inexperienced (in major crimes) police forces were first responders in both crimes.
  • State Rd 218 exists very close to both crime scenes,
  • Each crime occurred perhaps less than a mile from a four-lane highway.
  • Trails are located at both Monon High Bridge in Delphi and Meyers Lake in Evansdale, where it is known as the Evansdale Nature Trail/Cedar Valley Nature Trail.
  • The body types of one set of girls matches the body types of the other set.
  • At least one girl in each set of girls was an avid online communicator. In the case of Delphi, it was Libby.
  • At least one girl in each set lived part-time with a grandparent.
  • Both sets of girls’ bodies were found 50 ft. from a slow moving stream.
  • Bodies were left in depressions in both cases. The sets of bodies were difficult to see unless you were almost right on top of them.
  • Body locations in both crimes suggested that the suspect had a familiarity with the area surrounding the park.
  • Body locations for both crimes are fishing/hunting/outdoorsman spots.
  • “Bridges” exist at both locations.
  • Geocaches were hidden at Monon High Bridge, Meyers Lake, and Seven Bridges.
  • “Rails to Trails” is an active organization in both locations.
  • Outlets for the Weichman pig company exist in both crime locations.
  • Tyson pig slaughtering plants are present in or near each location.
  • Transco Railway products/services outlets exist at both locations or very close (Logansport).
The Jeff Altmeyer Dead End

In November of 2016, in the small town of Onawa, Iowa, a little over 200 miles to the west of Evansdale, two elementary school girls returned home in a hurry. They told their family that a man had attempted to lure them into a vehicle just moments prior.

Two of their older relatives and a neighbor decided to jump into a vehicle and chase after the vehicle that had attempted to lure the two girls, which was just now leaving their neighborhood. The car, a silver-gray 2004 Ford Focus, was easy to catch up to, but the driver tried to distance himself from the pursuing vehicle when he realized that he had been caught.

The car of young adults was able to keep pace with the man in the Ford Focus: a middle-aged white man with dark hair and a goatee, who appeared a little heavyset. When the vehicles pulled alongside one another, the man behind the wheel of the Ford Focus claimed that he was an undercover police officer and threatened violence against his pursuers. Yet they stayed on him for several miles, pursuing him out-of-town until police were able to show up and arrest the man.

The man’s identity was revealed as 58-year old Jeff Altmayer, who lived in Ankeny, Iowa. He had served in the National Guard between 1977 and 1983, and was by all accounts a pretty regular guy. He had been married for over thirty years and now had two adult children that had moved out of his house. He had spent decades working for security companies before becoming an independent security consultant. At the time of his arrest in 2014, Altmeyer was working as a traveling auto damage field inspector, which allowed him to travel through Iowa and the Midwest regularly.

Jeff Altmeyer was arrested and charged with trying to entice children – a crime that he had apparently been committing all over Iowa. His crimes occurred not only in Onawa – which is in Monona County – but also in Jasper and Grundy Counties. In fact, between May and December of 2016, Altmeyer had attempted to lure dozens of underage girls into his car; at times, actually succeeding. Some of these girls were let go a block or two away, but on at least two occasions, Altmeyer had sexually assaulted these victims, who ranged in age from 6 to 13 years old.

The Michael J. Klunder Dead End

For years, LE’s main suspect in the Evansdale murders has been Michael J. Klunder. In 2013, he kidnapped two girls in Dayton, Iowa, not far from Evansdale. He took two girls, but while he was raping and murdering the 14 year old, the 12 year old he took managed to escape. The 12 year old notified police quickly. I don’t have details, but Klunder committed suicide soon after the crime, whether due to police closing in on him or for another reason, I don’t know. Sadly, they found the 14 year old dead too, but the 12 year old escaped and is miraculously doing better than you would imagine.

He was linked to Evansdale right after he killed the girl and himself because it was a year after the Evansdale murders where two girls were kidnapped and murdered. It just so happened there were two people in the same area that were kidnapping and murdering more than one child at once. LE have now fully ruled him out as a suspect in Evansdale, and obviously he was dead by the time of Delphi.

Their new suspect, Mr. X, is a much better suspect for Evansdale than Klunder. For one thing, Klunder’s MO and the Evansdale killer’s were completely different. The MO of the Delphi Killer was much closer to the MO of the Evansdale killer, hence this is why LE now believe that BG killed the Evansdale girls too.

Alibi for Delphi Suspect Revealed to Be a Police Officer (Since Deceased)

If you recall earlier posts, we stated that LE has a main suspect in the Delphi Murders who we referred to as Mr. X. Of course, that doesn’t mean he did it. Cops pursue innocent suspects all the time in cases like this. One of the problems with arresting this man for the murders is that he was being provided with a solid alibi that he was in another town when the murders occurred. We always wondered what was so solid about this alibi.

It now turns out that it was being provided by a Delphi police officer who was a friend of Mr. X’s. I assume an alibi being provided by a police officer is solid. This alibi held for three years and 10 months until the officer committed suicide in Delphi, Indiana on December 20, 2020, only five months ago. So now the suspect has a solid alibi, but the alibi cannot be broken because the person providing it is dead.

No reason was ever given for the suicide. We believe the officer worked with the Police Rangers young people group. We can now reveal that the name of this man is Nate Miler. Here is his Facebook page.

Revelation about the Nature of Case Document(s) We Have: At Least One Search Warrant

We are now able to reveal that one of the case documents we have is a search warrant for the Maxwell property. We will not say how we obtained this document. In fact, perhaps that is not the only search warrant in our possession. Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t. Who knows?

We can also reveal that the following information can be gleaned from this document:

LE is looking for photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, and/or film. Why on Earth would LE be looking for photos and video? They would only be looking for that if they thought BG had photos or video of interest in the crime. Which means they think he took photos or video of his crime. This ties in with a rumor, also validated by Leigh Kerr, that BG recorded his crime in a videotape, which he then sent to Abby’s phone soon after the crime was committed, maybe a few hours later. This seems to be a particularly cruel thing to do to a victim.

LE is looking for a gun in order to do ballistics tests on it. The only reason they could be looking for a gun is if a gun was used by BG in the crime. The only reason they would want to do ballistics tests is if they had a cartridge from the gun. This ties in with a rumor that a single cartridge was found at the scene. The document also notes that the gun is a rare model, possibly a collector’s model. The document may or may not refer to a .40mm handgun.

By the way, the leader of one of the Reddit groups also obtained this same document. They obtained it through a public records request.

People are wondering why on Earth we could have obtained a case document from someone who was once a suspect in the case. People have said that they have never heard of such thing. Well, when a suspect is served with a search warrant, apparently the suspect is allowed to retain a copy of the document. So there’s your answer.

Rumor That I Am Getting Trolled, Fed Bad Intel, and Directed in a Wrong Direction

This argument is laid out by the moderator of the Libby and Abby Reddit group. By the way, I am a member of that group, and I even post there sometimes. Funny no one knows who I am! She is not my friend at all, but unlike most such folks, she is actually somewhat fair-minded. Somewhat! I really don’t care if people like me or not as I have more haters than there are stars in the sky (you get used to being hated after a while), but I request that those who feel this way be fair-minded. Your adversaries rarely are, so I felt that her stance should be noted.

Here is the Reddit thread:

Poster X: Ok. I meant blogger RL. One of his sources for the wild signatures claims is a woman in the search party that found Abby and Libby. He says that was corroborated by another woman in the search party, but who knows?

I don’t think blogger RL would intentionally mislead people. I say this simply because I think he, just like anyone else, wants to be right at the end of the day, and if he’s misleading people, he’s ultimately going to look like a bit of a tool.

That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily getting good intel, however.

He claims he has access to court documents that someone who was investigated for the Delphi murders was given after they were covered, as a debriefing I guess? I’ve never heard of LE doing anything like that before. Seems unlikely when LE is so hush hush otherwise. Someone may be messing with him.

I think you’ve alluded before to the fact that it seems like someone out there is intentionally spreading disinformation. It sure does seem like that sometimes. People on the internet being sloppy or trying to develop theories is one thing. People who are genuinely trying to direct people in one direction or another is an entirely different thing, and it needs to be looked at closely.

Poster Y: Oh, one of the women who was very close to the scene was involved with talking to RL the blogger, I heard. I did not witness them talk first hand, but I heard she told him some pretty wild stuff that she was either trolling him with, or if true, is just flat bizarre.

Poster X: Yeah, if what she’s saying is true, then they need to find this sick SOB. They need to anyhow. But he is in a league of his own sick.

Poster Y: Need to be delicate here but good friend of mine who the woman knows and was following along this convo messaged me and said that none of the stuff about the dolls is true and backup proof. Robert Lindsey is getting fed BS by someone else, it sounds like.

Poster Z: I never did believe there were dolls involved.

First of all, this comment:

I don’t think blogger RL would intentionally mislead people. I say this simply because I think he, just like anyone else, wants to be right at the end of the day, and if he’s misleading people he’s ultimately going to look like a bit of a tool.

Of course! That’s so obvious, I don’t know why people can’t figure that out.


Oh, one of the women who was very close to the scene was involved with talking to RL the blogger, I heard. I did not witness them talk first hand, but I heard she told him some pretty wild stuff that she was either trolling him with, or if true, is just flat bizarre.

This is correct. In addition, this very same woman also spoke to another woman who I work closely with Team Member A (TMA). She is a woman in her mid-60’s. She told this woman all of the very same things that she told me. So that’s very good backup. The search party woman, Search Party Woman A or SPA, is in her 40’s and is a typical housewife type, the last person you would think would lie or flake about anything.

Need to be delicate here but good friend of mine who the woman knows was following along this convo messaged me and said that none of that is true about the dolls and provided backup proof.

Robert Lindsey is getting fed BS by someone else it sounds like.

This is the part that needs to be challenged. Supposedly a friend of SPA who talked to me now says that SPA was trolling me and fed me a bunch of lies.

Well, fine.

Problem is that SPA did not just talk to me. She spoke to me and TMA, and she told her all of the same things she told me. So she trolled both of us? Dubious.

In addition, a woman who I am very close to, Team Member B or TMB, also spoke to a search party member, another woman who is different from the housewife in her 40’s named Search Party Member B or SPB. This is a younger woman in her 30’s. SPB told TMB that she is finally going public with what she saw at the scene because it has been eating away at her for several years, and she had to spill to get some relief. SMB verified all of the points that SPA told me and TMA.

Now, even if the SPA both me and TMA (and keep in mind that she’s the last person who would do such a thing), everything she told us has been backed up perfectly by the SPB who talked to TMB. Ok, now SPB is trolling us too? Thing is, I am told that the SPA and SPB have never met each other.

And finally, note that SPA is said to be specifically trolling me about dolls being present at the site. Not only did she also tell TMB there were dolls at the site (specifically, dolls in trees), but SPB told TMB that there were dolls in trees at the site.

And in addition, as noted in other posts, we now have a detective in Indians who is feeding us information. He has never worked on the case, so he is just giving us what he’s heard, which is no doubt only part of the facts in the case. However, this detective specifically us there were dolls at the crime scene:

There were so many dolls, it looked like he had gone to the Goodwill and bought a bunch of dolls and strew them all around.

Ok, now the “dolls at the crime scene” rumor is backed up by an additional search party member and a detective who is privy to the facts about the case.

Still think I am being trolled and fed false information? I think not.

A Question about Mr. X’s Voice

In this Reddit thread, a poster who once felt that Mr. X was the suspect now says he doubts that that is true because Mr. X’s voice is a poor fit for BG’s voice.

Ok, valid complaint.

However, LE sources close to the investigation that a former roommate of Mr. X’s who lived with him during 2011-2012, presumably during one of the periods when Mr. X was separated from his wife, went to LE with his suspicions that Mr. X was BG. The roommate said that BG’s walk was a dead ringer for Mr. X’s walk. He also said the BG’s clothes “looked familiar,” that is, looked like clothes that Mr. X had worn. And finally and most importantly, the roommate said that BG’s voice was “close” to Mr. X’s voice.

So, we will beg to differ with the Reddit poster above, who by the way, we actually like.

Leigh Kerr Now Contradicting Himself on Mr. X

Sigh. I knew this would happen. Based on the information revealed by Leaker, he could only have been referring to Mr. X when he discussed the prime suspect in the case. However, Leaker has now come out and stated unequivocally that Mr. X is not the prime suspect. The link leads to a relevant Reddit discussion about this matter. We are quite upset at Leaker for flaking out on us like that, but we believe a ready explanation is available.

We think that Leaker is covering his tracks about Mr. X, possibly because he doesn’t want Mr. X to get hurt or harassed based on information that Leaker put out there. Nevertheless, Leaker is seriously harming his credibility by flaking like this, and we are not happy campers regarding this man. However, we continue to believe he is basically correct in his leaks despite his recent flakery.

In addition, keep in mind that it is not just Leaker that is saying that Mr. X is the key suspect. We also have an article in the Indianapolis Star and the detective mentioned above that have both verified for us that Mr. X is indeed the main suspect. So we’re not real concerned about Leaker flaking on us like that, although it shows immature and flaky behavior on his part to change his story like that.

2-13, 2:13, 2/13, 2/13

Remember when the FBI profile came out about BG? Remember when it said that “he may be unusually interested in numbers?”

In the Delphi Murders:

  • 2/13: The Delphi Murders were committed on February 13, 2017. February 13 is 2/13. 2-13
  • 2:13: The girls were abducted at precisely 2:13 PM. We know this because we have an official case document that states this. The document states, for no apparent reason, that the girls were both abducted at 2:13 PM. The fact that LE states this on this important document means that they think this is important. 2-13 again
  • 2-13: Two girls were abducted; one of them was 13 years old, the other but a year older. 2-13 again.

In the Evansdale Murders:

The Evansdale girls were abducted on July 13, 2012. Two girls were abducted at once on the 13th of the month. 2-13.

Judging from the number sequence 2,13 repeating four times across the two murders and the absolutely incredible news that BG timed the abduction so precisely that he abducted them at precisely 2:13 in the afternoon, it does seem that either this sequence has some sort of meaning to him or he is just playing games with us.

In terms of numerology:

  • 2/13 added together gives us 6
  • 2:13 added together gives us 6
  • 2-13 added together gives us 6
  • Putting the sequences together, we get 666.

That is the mark of the Devil. I’m not saying this is what he was getting at. Instead I am saying this might be part of it.

Quite a Few New Rumors

We have uncovered quite a few new rumors from sources that have tended to be quite good in the past. I can’t tell you who these people are, but one is a woman named JM. JM also has LE connections, and she was the one who gave us testimonies from two LE officers, a sheriff in a nearby country and a detective working in Narcotics.

All rumors are unverified unless otherwise stated. The rumors:

  • The crime scene begins at the Robinson’s backyard (find it on a map near the dump site) and goes the length of a football field or 300 feet. LE feels that the girls were marched down from the Robinson’s to the kill site where they were killed.
  • Libby’s phone was found at the scene, but nothing could be obtained from it because it was destroyed. I assume that BG destroyed it. All of the information from Libby’s phone came from the Cloud.
  • Abby’s phone was also recovered at the scene. She may have hidden it in a tree.
  • BG wearing a watch on his right hand, among a few other things, indicates that he is lefthanded. Verified.
  • The bodies were discovered by following two sets of footprints leading down from the cemetery to the bodies. Wait a minute. Two sets of footprints? I thought there was only one killer. And why do the prints lead down to the bodies? You mean the bodies were carried by the men who left the footprints down to the dump site? Verified.
  • The boots seized by LE in the bomb threat raid on Indiana Packers are thought to be the exact type of boots that BG was wearing. IP boots are waterproof and extend up to the knee. This would enable BG to walk across the creek without getting wet at all.
  • I believe there may have been something said by LE about BG’s eyes being blue? Someone check me on this, please. At any rate, the woman who was walking her dog (Is that the woman who saw BG on the south side of the bridge at 12:30 PM?) said his eyes were brown with a hazel tint.
  • There is a rumor that an unusual knife was used in the crime. Detectives were seen asking around at local hardware stores in the weeks after the crime if anyone had bought a gut knife recently. The rumor is that an unusual knife with a curved blade was used. This ties in with one of the worst rumors of all, that one girl was stabbed her stomach/abdomen and she was partly disembowled. Please note that we have not been able to verify this rumor at all, so it is completely unverified. This may also tie into persistent rumors that one girl was in the early stages of pregnancy.  Nevertheless, it does tie in with the facts about LE feeling that a knife with a curved blade or a gut knife was used in the crime. The first rumor about police in hardware stores is verified and the rumor of one girl being pregnant is verified by a local sheriff’s deputy.
  • BG knew the bridge extremely well. Dan McCain said he walks the bridge all the time, and BG walked the bridge faster than Dan does. BG absolutely knew his way around the bridge and the general surrounding area. Verified.

The Daniel Nations Tie-In: Rumor Says a Hatchet Was Used in the Crime

This is actually some very shocking news, but it all makes sense. We know that for some reason, LE was very interested in Nations, who had been committing crimes involving hatchets. Indiana LE went all the way back to Colorado to talk to Colorado LE about this crime. We have been told that LE also went back to another state to check out another criminal who had been committing crimes with a hatchet. One wonders why on Earth LE is going all the way back to other states to check out suspects committing crimes with hatchets.

Well, now we have what may be the answer. There is now a rumor from JM above and now from a second source that a hatchet was used in the Delphi Murders. One shudders to think of how it might have been used. However, one of the girls was killed by a deep cut to her neck. Rumor says she was almost decapitated. Another rumor says that only one inch of skin was holding her neck on.

Now, the standard view all this time was that this attack was done with a knife, probably a hunting knife, possibly one of the five hunting knives BG has in that deer kit around his waist. However, if you know about knives and the cutting of throats, typically a homicide victim with a cut throat is not cut very deeply because it is very hard to make a deep cut in a throat with a mere knife.

If you have seen any of the Al Qaeda and ISIS beheading videos, you can see that huge knives were used to decapitate the victims. It’s dubious that BG had a huge knife on him. However, a single blow to a neck with a well-sharpened hatchet could and in many cases would indeed leave such a deep cut that one could nearly decapitate someone with a single swing. Although this is an unverified rumor, it does have the advantage of explaining the odd interest LE had in hatchet criminals in this case.

Chadwell Cleared of Involvement in the Delphi Murders

Chadwell is not considered a suspect in the Delphi Murders. That decision was made two weeks ago!

Via Leigh Kerr on Reddit:

Leigh Kerr 8 hours ago

Chadwell is no longer considered a suspect in the homicides of Abigail and Liberty. I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. Shortly after his arrest, I said I didn’t believe it would be him because he didn’t match the profile.

I figure that Leigh Kerr is correct on this, as he is on most things.

Good Transcription of the Girls’ Conversation Recorded on Libby’s Phone Before the Abduction

This comes from Abby’s mother, Anna. She was told this by a detective. I do not know whether she was played the tape or not – possibly she was. The source is Gray Hughes. Much as I dislike the man, he is very strict about the truth – far too strict in fact – but due to this, you can generally bet that when Gray decides that something is true, it almost certainly is

-Abby apparently looks at Libby and says “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

-Abby apparently hurries to other side of bridge.

-Girls discuss which way to go – two ways are mentioned.

-Abby says, “Is that a gun? He’s got a gun!” followed by “click” sound; the police told family that this is the sound of gun being cocked.

-BG says, “Hey,” followed by “Down the hill.” (Obviously we know he said “guys”.).

-There was no further recording that was clearly discernible.

Handy List of Warrants, Suspects, Deaths, Evidence, Etc. in the Delphi Murders

I got this from a Facebook group from which I am a member in good standing. Yes, haters, I am a member in good standing of a few Facebook groups. It was posted by a good friend of mine. She got it from somewhere off the web. Nevertheless, the information appears to be quite accurate. Hope you may find this useful.

Here is just a short list of warrants, POI’s, deaths, and craziness since the murders.

Delphi, IN Maxwell Residence – One of the first residences to be presented with a search warrant in the murders. James Maxwell is cleared.

Peru, IN Unknown Residence – Another of the early residences presented with a search warrant in the murders.

Delphi, IN Logan Residence – One of the first residences to be presented with a search warrant since the girls were found on the owner’s property. Owner was arrested for violating probation but was not home during the timeframe the girls went missing.

Flora Fire – Killed four young girls in November 2016. Still unsolved.

Logansport Fire – Killed six, including three children, in November 2018. Still unsolved.

Daniel Nations – Indiana transient arrested in CO for threatening people with a hatchet. Appearance close to first sketch. Cleared.

Thomas Bruce – Missouri Catholic Supply Store rapist and killer. Appearance close to first sketch. Cleared.

Paul Etters – Lafayette, IN rapist committed suicide during police chase. Appearance close to first sketch. Cleared.

Talmadge Jasper – Lafayette, IN murderer who killed his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. Appearance close to first sketch.

Garrett Kirts, Ashley Garth, Christopher Mathis, Jasmine Parker, Talitha Beckley – Newton County, IN murder gang who killed Nicole Bowen.

Garrett Kirts, Ashley Garth – Monticello, IN murder couple who killed Ray Hanish.

Ron Logan – Delphi, IN owner of property the Delphi girls were murdered on. Arrested for violating probation and incarcerated for one year. Cleared.

Charles Eldridge – Randolph County, IN man arrested for child molestation. Appearance close to first sketch.

Mark J. “Joe” Sandifur – Flora, IN man arrested for inappropriate contact with a 13-year-old. Appearance close to first sketch.

Jack Hewitt – Warsaw, IN Indiana State trooper arrested for sexual battery and sexual misconduct with a minor.

Kurtis Fouts – Delphi, IN Supreme Court Judge who stepped down after video released showing him with an escort. Also had an alleged adult mistress who he befriended at 11 years old. Appearance close to first sketch.

Lee Hoard – Delphi, IN prior Carroll County Sheriff named by a woman via her anonymously released journal released that detailed her statutory rape by this man, but there is no proof that he committed this crime. The woman has since died.

Daniel Doe – Rice Lake, WI man who murdered John McCurdy and Anna Downham and set fire to cover up the murders. Committed suicide in Peru, IN.

Ryan Starnes – Bloomington, IN Indiana State Trooper let go from his position after parents made complaint he was in a legal relationship with their 17 year old daughter.

Young Boy (name unknown) – Made a post saying he was with BG when he murdered the girls.

Gabriel Ellis – Kokomo, IN man incarcerated for child pornography and drugs. Resembles first sketch. Was also the last person Karenna McClerkin was seen with prior to her disappearance. Cleared.

Brian Phillips – Delphi, IN man arrested for calling in bomb threat at Indiana Packers plant.

Jason Wilhelm – Lafayette, IN man arrested in Key West, FL for rape in Indiana, firearm theft in Tennessee, and mentioned by the escort who brought the Lafayette sex ring to light.

Kevin S. Jameson – Lafayette, IN man arrested for attempted abduction of an 11 year old girl in Carroll County, IN. Previous sex offender on the Registry.

James Brian Chadwell (JBC) – Lafayette, IN man arrested after kidnapping, beating, and raping a 9 year old neighbor girl. Being investigated to determine ties, if any, to Delphi. Cleared.

Mark McClellan – Mother stated on social media that he is working with the FBI to solve the Delphi Murders. Nothing confirmed other than the original post.

Shawn Harmon – Continues to state that his father and his own son are the people in the sketches, and that his father is the man known as BG captured on video crossing the bridge. Neither father nor son involved.

Suspicious deaths:

  • Gas station attendant who said she saw MP purchase drinks for the girls the day they went missing.
  • Young girl killed accidentally by her boyfriend.
  • Young girl committed suicide on bicycle bridge.

Suspicious vehicles:

  • Black SUV with stickers on back window observed by Kelli German when dropping off girls.
  • White vehicle with temporary plates picture and tag number captured.
  • Suspicious vehicle located at old CPS building day the girls went missing.
  • Chevrolet truck parked at cemetery but recovered by PB who was part of the search.
  • Local church vehicle parked nearby the day the girls went missing.
  • Horse ridden by LM the day the girls went missing.

Witnesses at the bridge the day the girls went missing:

  • Dan McCain and FSG or Flannel Shirt Guy, McCain’s brother.
  • A woman on the south side earlier in the day.
  • A girl in the girls’ 8th grade class.

Known crime scene evidence:

  • Libby’s missing shoe.
  • Libby’s missing phone.
  • iPhone video.
  • Snapchat picture.
  • Victims.
  • Shirt.
  • Underwear in water.
  • Pristine area where the bodies were found.

Known virtual evidence:

  • Libby performed an iPhone reset one week prior to the murders.
  • Libby had an active Kik account.
  • Libby had an active Snapchat account.
  • Abby had a burner phone and tablet.
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108 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update May 29, 2021: Police Now Suspect That BG Also Committed the Evansdale Murders”

  1. I’ve seen a guy with initials PB mentioned numerous times (likely your “Mr. X”), but have you seen or heard anything related to MH being involved? He checks a lot of the boxes as a potential suspect — wondering if he could be an accomplice?

    This entire case is like a ragged old crocheted sweater. Pull on that loose thread and the whole thing will unravel right before your eyes. I’ve always suspected that the perp(s) have some serious protection looking out for them on several levels.

    Something very, very suspicious lurks in Delphi/Carroll County. I’ve heard rumors of everything from a massive drug ring to child/sex trafficking going on right under the nose of area officials, up to and including their own involvement.

    Keep up the great work! I really missed seeing your thoughts and insights posted – glad you’re back!


    1. Who is MH? Email me with the full name please.

      Yes, I have heard a lot of pretty sleazy rumors about that place.

      YW! I don’t hear praise like that often enough!

        1. Who is Brevard? He was a suspect in this case at one time. He was fired from his job as a police officer and they ransacked his apartment. Never could find out what it was about.

          1. Bevard is Mike Bevard – friend of Cody Patty, Libby’s stepbrother, who made himself very suspicious with some off-color Tweets – these have been well-documented.

            Not sure of MB’s connection to Nate Miller, if any.

            To answer your previous question about who MH is, just google Delphi United Methodist Church and take a trip down that rabbit hole. Not sure if he’s involved, but some very interesting rumors are out there!

          2. One more thing: Many Luciferians are avid church-goers. They even use the church for Satanic Rituals in the evenings.

          3. I suspected Michael Brevard too. Actually, I talked to him. He said he and Cody Patty, who are friends, were at work that day. That alibi is a lie.

      1. Further to the Satanic Ritual Sacrifice angle, I read a little bit about symbolism and other ritual item use. I read somewhere in your blog that one of the girls had an F carved in her chest. F is 6. Wonder if there were other Fs or 6’s or representations of 6’s in other parts of the scene.

      2. How could the murder scene be pristine with the rumored bloody deaths?
        Is this why people believe the girls were not killed where they were found?

        1. Quite possible. Our police sources have told us. “There are two separate crime scenes.” We are still not sure exactly what that means.

          1. I am a senior investigative officer. I would be in charge of a team of detectives responsible for investigating murder and suspicious deaths, and when we in the U.K. refer to there being two separate crime scenes, generally (albeit not in all cases), this refers to the ‘death site’ as in where the murder was committed and the ‘deposition site’ as in where the bodies were taken to and deposited after their death, as per our Murder Investigation Manual.

          2. Why don’t you come join us in our Delphi Murders group? We have 250 sleuths, including retired homicide officers. We will even waive the entry fee for you if you wish.

          3. Hi Robert

            Thank you for your reply below, but it doesn’t have the facility to let me reply, so I have had to use this one once again. I would be delighted to join you because when falling upon this ‘’ last night (it’s currently 840 PM here in U.K. making you approx a 7/8 hour time difference I think, as you are currently mid day ish?) it’s by far the best example of investigation information that I have seen, and I had given up on this case after reading so much crap in other forums.

            So Thank you, I could try to bring my perspective but will need to get back in the fold and see what’s happening, and obviously I come at it from a U.K. LE point of view where it seems much easier for us to take action and gather the evidence as we go. So thank you for your invite and where do I join you? My email is . I am willing to make a donation if it’s required. Or can do so once I am up and running.

            At one point I said that I was concerned about PB, and boy was I trashed for setting out a reasoned argument for why I thought it, so I just gave up because so many feel that they are the font of all the accurate information and are not willing to consider other viewpoints, and that’s where it becomes very dangerous territory. I always would say to my team that I don’t solve anything, we, the team, aided by the public, solve our investigations, and we should always be open to reasonable view points because one never knows what you may miss otherwise.

            See you soon.


    2. I agree with you on all points made. I often ponder the possibility that no children died in all of these cases if either house fires or murder….hear me out. If there is indeed a child trafficking ring in Indiana, then it makes sense that they would make it look like all these kids died, instead of just missing, because people look for missing kids. They don’t look for dead kids, if you catch my drift?

      What if all these kids’ deaths are a cover for them being forced into child trafficking? Just a thought. There are an awful lot of suspicious child deaths in Indiana, specifically in and around the towns of Delphi, Flora, and Logansport. For reference, Becky Patty has ties to six (6)! dead children! She appraised the Flora home prior to it catching fire, and then her granddaughter & Abby died later. That’s an awful lot of dead kids to have some sort of connection to.

  2. MH is Micah Hudson. He is def a weirdo. During one of the press conferences from 2017, the one LEO (not Carter) says “Play the clip, Micah,” as they first reveal the audio of ‘down the hill.’ He is heavily involved with the production aspect of his church’s choir etc. I think they actually held the presser from his church.

    Great work on the Evansdale connection/theory BTW, Lindsay. I love how quick people are to dismiss the notion that Evansdale could be connected to Delphi.

    There’s hardly anything known about that case because surprise surprise LE isn’t saying shit about it to the public. So the same guys who are extra hush come out and say “Oh we’ve done a detailed investigation on both homicides, and we can tell you for certain the two murders are not connected,” and these geniuses take them at their word 100%, face value? Ugh.

    There’s waaaay too many similarities between Evansdale and Delphi to just take anyone at their word on a “because we said so” basis at this point whether they are being entirely forthcoming or not.

    Also, the idea that someone couldn’t learn enough about both areas in a considerably short amount of time to pull off either or both crimes and therefore “could only have been committed by a local” is pure bullshit. It’s limiting thought like this that enables this killer to get away with this/these crimes at the end of the day.

    Good and bad, when people are motivated enough, they can do unbelievable things. This is totally forgotten here. If your “thing” is killing kids, imagine the time/effort someone goes through to become a doctor or a lawyer, but that level of focus/dedication applied to planning something like kidnapping/killing two children.

    Its totally conceivable. Look at Ted Bundy. People have a cognitive blind spot when it comes to shit like that because they put THEMSELVES in the killer’s shoes, and they bring their own limitations/perspectives/shortcomings into the equation.

    It’s like this question about “Oh gee, I wonder what the motive for BG was here?.” Are you serious? This dude straight up killed two teenage girls in broad daylight FFS. What does motive have anything to do with it? This man is a sick fuck. He obviously doesn’t think like most people.

    We wouldn’t go into a mental institution and wonder what the motivation is for someone who is having a conversation with a lamp, so why would anyone worry about BG’s motive? It could be something as asinine as the sky was a shade blue off that day for all we know.

    How about this. Let’s ask some questions that could possibly narrow down the killer if we go with some speculations. Lets assume Evansville and Delphi are connected. While I think its ridiculous to believe BG must have been a local, there’s no question he spent time in both areas if he’s responsible for both killings.

    Therefore, someone’s money was likely earned or at least spent in Evansdale/Delphi leading up to July 2012 and also in Delphi leading up to February 2017, respectively. Yeah, maybe they used cash but what did he do for work then? He needed to eat. In Evansdale especially, he needed gas, and he most likely sold his truck at some point afterwards. There is something about his lifestyle that enabled him to take time off work to focus on planning and mapping out the area.

    If this guy really is some upstanding citizen in society with a profession/family/etc. he has either spent large amounts of time away from them to pull the killings off or is someone who spent a lot of time in both places, whether it was growing up or at least immediately prior to the killings. His family or work is the key. There has to be a paper trail of some sort.

    I realize that the FBI and LE have most likely looked into all of this (I mean hopefully), but it’s how you have to think. Its impossible that he thought of everything. Somewhere he slipped up. Even if he really did pull off an undetectable, untraceable, clean murder in one or both of these instances, the world changes. Technology changes. Information and access to that information changes in an unpredictable way. 2012 and 2017 are not the same as 2021 or for that matter, how 2022 or 2025 will be. This is what keeps BG up nights, guaranteed.

    How about another one. Was this guy a genius or a dumbass who got lucky? In Delphi, apparently on the day Libby and Abby were killed, RL had been gone all day, and the Mears were out of town. What are the odds that BG just got lucky and picked a day/time when both of those property owners were not present?

    If he’s this evil mastermind then he was calculated and knew 100% that his path was clear. He dodged the likelihood/possibility of any/all trail cams and home security cams (or at least with what the public knows.) People with access to that kind of info/knowledge or at least how to access that info if they aren’t local can only be a limited group.

    Furthermore if BG knew information like that, then I guarantee that RL or a member of the Mears family or someone associated knows exactly who did this. They just aren’t talking out of fear or blackmail or something along those lines. If the Mears deer blind rumor being used as a lookout for BG earlier in the day has any truth to it, then it narrows it down even further to someone who knew they could use that blind and not be seen/encountered.

    A challenge argument to BG being a calculated genius is the fact that on a particularly warm February day, obviously nobody can predict precisely when/where people along the path BG took would/could appear once he was marshaling the girls. He was almost certainly on some level an impulsive idiot (although this also makes me wonder if he had military experience/background, or in the event that he was seen en route to RL’s property he may have had a plan that would involved shooting everyone on-site.)

    Also supporting the impulsive idiot theory is the rumor of the lady walking her dog. She claims earlier in the day on the 13th of February (per Anthony Greeno, eye roll, I know) that she not only saw BG on the north side of the trail but that she even exchanged pleasantries with him. If her explosive claim is even partially true, then not only is BG an impulsive idiot, but to have still killed the girls after the fact shows how truly brazen he was. To go through with what he did knowing he had been spotted is almost unthinkable. But of course, this is Greeno so take it with a grain of salt.

    On a side note, Reddit is so caught up in whether some younger fantasy Mark Whalberg version of BG is wearing a hat or not, they’re never gonna figure out shit from sharmin when it comes to this case. Super embarrassing.

        1. Hi Paul! Thank you so much! I just sent you a mail with the link and the password. Have fun!

    1. Fascinating material. Have some questions, if you’d be so kind to reply:

      Were dolls and/or stuffed animals truly found at crime scene? How in the world could that be accomplished?…unless it was two killers?

      Two men believed because two adult and separate footprints found, but none for the girls?

      The girls were murdered before crossing creek and then carried across?

      If so, the crime scene was pre-set with toys?)

      But how could they carry one whose head was almost detached, if indeed this happened?

      I’ve been under the (mistaken?) impression that BG had the girls cross the creek before killing them. If he killed before the creek crossing, where were the actual murders done?

      A hatchet? Could BG have that under his coat?

      Charles Eldrige is not cleared?

      Didn’t see Patrick Neal Brown listed…is he off the list?

      Thanks for reading these gruesome questions…heartbreaking…

      1. Fascinating material. Have some questions, if you’d be so kind to reply:

        Were dolls and/or stuffed animals truly found at crime scene? How in the world could that be accomplished?…unless it was two killers?

        Yes, they were found at the scene. The theory that there might have been two killers is still very much alive.

        Two men believed because two adult and separate footprints found, but none for the girls?

        Possibly. Yes, two sets of footprints leading down to the crime scene from the top of the ridge.

        The girls were murdered before crossing creek and then carried across?

        No, that could not have happened.

        If so, the crime scene was pre-set with toys?

        This is what we now believe. It was set up by three young men before the crime, maybe the night before. But they may not be involved in the murder plot and in fact, they may have committed no crime.

        But how could they carry one whose head was almost detached, if indeed this happened?

        If they were carrying her, her head was not cut. Perhaps she was carried from the top of the ridge to the crime scene and then killed there.

        I’ve been under the (mistaken?) impression that BG had the girls cross the creek before killing them. If he killed before the creek crossing, where were the actual murders done?

        Yes, there is audio of all three of them crossing the creek. The murders were undoubtedly committed at the crime scene.

        A hatchet? Could BG have that under his coat?

        Quite possibly. See that long object in his right pants leg? That could well be a hatchet. Also the theory that a hatchet was used is still an unconfirmed rumor.

        Charles Eldrige is not cleared?

        I don’t even know who that is.

        Didn’t see Patrick Neal Brown listed…is he off the list?

        I am not comfortable answering that question right now. If you would like, you may email me for more information.

  3. Glad to see it is back. I presume most or us have seen the additional footage released last year.

    As far as an Evansdale connection, I’m open to either yes or no on that.

    My thoughts after years of reflection:

    The killer was good with a knife, and probably had a connection to the Indiana Packers plant. Knives are used extensively in those type of plants. There was a search warrant executed there very soon after the murders. It appears that a foot print at the scene matched the pattern of the workboots used there. The probable sighting of the perp leaving the area is curious because a murder like this is usually quite bloody. No one reported a bloody person, or as far as we know, no bloody clothes were found. This further suggests someone skilled in killing with a knife.

    The crime was probably a crime of opportunity with the perp having scouted the area, if he didn’t know it already, and waiting for the right victim(s).

    Not sure which girl died first, but based on the violence, Libby almost certainly fought like crazy. The alternate explanation is that she was targeted and Abby had to be killed as a witness.

    More later…

    1. I’ve wondered for awhile if this wasn’t a trafficking abduction attempt that went south. They were murdered when they fought back and set the killer(s) into a rage.

      Some dirty, dirty shit is going down in Delphi. Take a look into the resigned judge, the resigned Mayor, various LE who are on the take, etc.

      I wish the person(s) who donated the extra $100k (+/-) would’ve used that $ to hire a REAL private investigator (someone like a Bo Dietl) that would blow this case wide open!

      1. (…adding to the thought.)

        Also, if I were the victims’ families, I would file a suit against the City of Delphi and/or Carroll County (based on who had jurisdiction) for negligence leading to wrongful death. If nothing else, it would bring some hidden actions by LE to light and force explanations.

        This is the one element of the case I’ve never been able to reconcile — the fact that LE called off the search before midnight on the 13th. What happened to “serve and protect?” If this doesn’t fall under “serve and protect”, then I sure as Hell don’t know what does! Leaving two young teens (practically children) alone in the woods in sub-freezing temperatures is shameful!

        You almost have to wonder if they knew what had happened and were allowing things to “run their course”, so there would be no witnesses. They certainly didn’t have a damn clue on how to secure a crime scene! Plus, if the staging/dolls/stuffed animal rumors are true, how did the perp(s) have that much time to complete this? They almost had to know what LE knew at the time and what they were/weren’t doing.

        Again, some dirty, dirty shit is going down in Delphi…

        1. In response to J’s comment above, this is what I was alluding to earlier with the gematria, the crucifix, the dolls. Luciferians do all kinds of satanic worship rituals with babies and small children. They torture them and drink their adrenochrome blood. They eat them for power and youth. They sacrifice them to satan. Is this why he left the baby dolls? Gematria is important to everything that luciferians do. They also have a satanic ritual calendar. If the crucifix was upside down, of course that means satanic worship. The link to cops, attorneys, judges, county officials, etc. Is that many of them are Freemasons. This is what made me think that maybe some of the people involved were lookouts. Like the guy who told searchers the area was already searched and kind of barred them from searching. That’s suspicious. As for the bloody clothes, the perp may have been naked, then washed in the creek and then re-clothed himself. There are many deep underground military base tunnels leading from Indianapolis North. In fact, just today, 6/14, they were blown up by the military because they were used for human trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, and human experimentation by these satanists. Mike pence is a high ranking member of the Freemasons and he has been linked to human trafficking and luciferian pedophilia and pedovoria (see channel “the high command”) . Timothy Holmes the of the pentagon pedophile task force has several mentions with proof of his research on the subject specific to Indiana.

          1. You should join the private group if you can afford it. $20 for lifetime membership. That’s where all the action is. You also know a Hell of a lot about this crime. You get it. You figured it out. Good for you! You’re also supporting all this research. There’s no obligation. A lot of my friends never joined.

          2. Yeah, this stuff, especially the Gematria numbers stuff, best belongs in the private group if you can afford it.

          3. Wow I knew it…and they spend so much time projecting it onto only the Dems lol…Boardwalk Empire is the perfect movie to understand how projection and gaslighting work in political circles. Mormon church, LDS, SDA, and Sons of Odin… Illuminati to Freemasonry to the churches and communities they infiltrate, Bohemian Grove…

    2. I am so glad to see you are back! You were always one of my favorite members in the private group. If you go over to the private group and start talking, we can tell you a Hell of a lot more than we can out here, where we are limited in what we can see. We can give you a ton of background with new information too, which is the most shocking new info in the case.

    3. 1. Yes we think he had a connection to Indiana Packers somehow because he’s wearing Packers boots. Or at least a connection to pig packing plants in general. The pigs are killed there by cutting their throats, by the way. Sound familiar?

      2. The bloody clothes not being seen by witnesses are a mystery for sure. We have a document from the investigation that says LE is looking for clothing which they say will be soaked with blood, “seen and unseen,” as they put it. It says that the killing of one girl was so severe that the blood splatter would have been so great as to leave him drenched in blood.

      3. We do not believe this was a crime of opportunity, and I never believed that theory. In fact, we now believe that one of the girls was stalked via Snapchat for four months before the crime. We believe she was catfished using the Young BG’s photo and claiming to be a 19 year old boy. One of the girls had fallen in love with the catfish. Presumably the Young BG photo is simply a photo of the catfish used to reel the girls in and is not a photo of the killer, who is obviously 45-55 years old.

      We believe that the girls had arranged to meet the catfish boy at the bridge that day, probably at a specific time. So he lured them there, then trapped them and killed them. All planned out well in advance.

      1. Catfishing was one of my early theories and almost nobody liked it. I would place that as a very close theory #2. What I generally discount are the revenge theories. I’ll head for the other group and see what I can see.

        1. Catfishing does look pretty good. That’s Leaker’s revelation. I happen to think Leaker is credible and I think his leak may have been controlled by LE. If BG also did Evansdale, revenge does not seem likely. Motive would be more like the typical psycho motives serials have. Our current theory is that the girls went there that day to meet the catfish boy at a certain particular time and place. And instead they met Catfish Boy’s alter ego, BG. Recall also at the very beginning of the crime when LE said, “Parents, be careful of what your kids are doing on social media.” They would only say that if there was a social media tie-in to the case, which also suggests catfishing.

          1. Hi Robert:

            Again, all very good stuff as usual.

            I have seen all of the LE pressers but I can’t recall when and where they made the aforementioned comment advising the parents to be abreast of their children’s social contacts and internet musings. If you have a link to that statement I would be very appreciative.
            Keep up the great work.

            Your friend,

            Jeff J. Kosiba

      2. Re: #2 – It is possible that no blood soaked clothing was ever found or seen because he stripped naked to do everything he did to them and then he washed away all of the blood in the creek before redressing.

        1. I don’t know. The absence of obvious blood stains on BG when seen after the murders is odd. And if BG was covered with blood, how did he get it off his clothing? If BG is Mr. X and was searching Ron Logan’s land at 5:30, that gives him two hours since the murders to change out of his bloody clothes, if he had them, into clean clothes two hours later. If his clothes were covered with blood, how the Hell did he get out of them and into clean clothes two hours after the murders? Even more importantly, if Mr. X had clothes soaked in blood, what in God’s name happened to those clothes? The most sensible thing to do would be to set them on fire. I assume that kills all the blood and DNA.

          1. What if BG had a change of clothes with him/on him. Could he have had a backpack, either on his back or at the scene of the crime? Change clothes and stuff the bloody ones into the pack. Or, if it was Mr X, walk through the woods up to the truck parked at the cemetery and change clothes there. The truck was never searched, right?

          2. The truck was never searched, correct. Also Mr. X could have just walked home. He lived only 2 miles away up the creek to the east. We don’t know if he had a backpack or not. He’s not obviously wearing one. Remember LE were looking for a backpack early on though. Based on the nature of Libby’s wound, his clothes would have been covered with blood. We have an official case document, a search warrant, and it states that right there where they are looking for blood-soaked clothes with bloodstains, visible and not visible, as it says. It looks like he exited up towards the CPS building though, so didn’t exit towards the cemetary, though they are both in the same direction.

        2. Thx for your comment. Let us know if you wish to join the private sleuthing site where we can go into a lot greater detail than we can here. It’s not free, though.

          1. Regarding backpacks, if one looks at close-ups of the BG video one can see that he is packing something on his back. In some stills of the video the items on his back appear to be plush toys. Whether these are packed into his jacket from behind, or perhaps carried in a backpack that is then covered by the loose, blue jacket he is wearing is another matter. No backpack straps appear on the front of his body, but he may be carrying a backpack beneath his jacket. A change of clothes could easily be carried in this way, and the bloody clothes also disposed of after packing them out of the area upon departure.

          2. I wanna join…won’t have my $20 till hopefully 1 PM eastern. I live Indiana…not near that cesspool up north, but damn, this whole rabbit hole crap is taking me everywhere. To answer your question of BG is Richard, then you answered your question. He lives 5 mins away via car or he could of taken an ATV if he has one. 10 AM presser needs to hurry n get here…I’m sure there’s more then one killer and if KK is singing like a canary, then RA will be too…pedo ring could be coming down finally… this state sucks.

  4. Interesting post as always and I admit, I was wrong about Chadwell. Oh well. That tattoo really had me fooled.

    The photos are very compelling but one thing doesn’t make sense: You say both girls were unclothed and positioned the same way, except Liberty had a bra on. If the DE texts are legitimate, this contradicts them. According to DE, Liberty was nude and Abigail was clothed and her hands folded. The figure outlined in your photo (Abigail) appears to have her arms at either side of her body.

    To further muddy the waters, the Reddit moderator you mention has said that Abigail survived the attack because the killer did not check to see that she was dead. She also claims that Abigail attempted to crawl away. She posted this and soon after deleted her own post. Pretty sure if anyone posts that Abigail survived for some hours after the attack she will delete it. Who is wrong here?

    Finally, regarding the recording, I clearly hear “Oh…my…God!” after “Guys.” Maybe it is “He’s got a gun!” Either way, that clip is terrifying.

    1. I personally place a lot of credibility in the DE texts. To be fair, I would need to see the alternative version first hand. The longer someone waits to tell about something, the more likely it is that false information creeps in, even unintentionally.

      1. Problem is he is contradicted by the photographs where you can see for yourself that both girls are spreadeagled. Nothing else he said is contradicted in the photos. He is also contradicted by Search Party Member A (SPA) a middle aged woman, who told two different people on our team, one of whom was me, that the girls were posed spreadeagled. Another younger woman in her 30’s (SPB) told a team member that the girls were spreadeagled. So we have three different testimonies plus what you can see in the photos.

        DE was ordered not to tell anyone about what he saw. It’s conceivable that he would muddy the waters about breaking the rule. That way he’s not breaking it.

        Leaks are spouting all over the place now. The dam’s held back the water with no releases for too long and now it’s starting to crack. SPB said they had all been ordered not to talk about what she had seen, but she’d been holding it back for four years, and it was eating away at her and needed a release. As a clinician, I think you understand the psychodynamics at work here.

        We also have an LE detective talking directly to our group now.

        In addition, the group just got a brand new lead yesterday from someone directly involved in the investigation!

        I don’t know if you believe in Jungian collective consciousness, but something’s happening, and people are not holding back anymore.

    2. Interesting post as always and I admit, I was wrong about Chadwell. Oh well. That tattoo really had me fooled.

      Errare humana est!

      I just woke up and I think I’ve already made a few mistakes today. I shudder at what the rest of the day has in store for me! We all make mistakes. I myself followed a rat hole about one particular suspect, EA, who I was sure had done it. Turns out he’s apparently completely innocent. He’s a total POS of course, but a lot of falsely accused people are not model citizens. Why do you think they get accused in the first place?

      I’m not sure both girls were unclothed. I don’t have any good data on that other than what DE said. DE did say Libby was nude, but you can see right there in that photograph that she is wearing a brassiere, probably a pink one at that.

      Yes, the figure in the photo has her hands outstretched like a soldier who is surrendering to the enemy. I think DE was lying about her hands being folded on her chest. Recall that these searchers were ordered that under no circumstances were they to talk about what they saw. So it makes sense that he muddles his description of the bodies. That way he’s not violating the order.

      It’s an old rumor about Abby surviving a long time and trying to crawl away. However, as you can see in the photos, she’s posed right next to the other girl. She certainly didn’t get it as bad as Libby, but I would think a knife to the main artery in your neck would kill you pretty fast. Not to mention the knife right to the heart, which would kill you in 4-5 seconds, no more, and maybe faster than that. This guy knew what he was doing. He’s killing them with almost surgical precision.

      According to Anna Williams, they say, “He’s got a gun.”

  5. I see it a little differently. Abby on her stomach, Libby on her back. I can send you a marked up screenshot.

  6. My problem with the stuffed animal theory is that there would be ample opportunity for DNA evidence. It also presents an “attraction” that is quite out of place in an Indiana woods in February. The colors would be visible from a distance during the day. No leaves on trees, etc. Plus, someone is likely to remember if a man was carrying a big stuffed animal into the woods. If there was a “toy,” it was likely something that wouldn’t attract undue attention. Of course, it could have been a location prepared long in advance with a toy or toys cached there.

    As far as calling off the search when it got dark, I don’t fault them for that, nor do I believe there is anything nefarious in their doing so. I used to volunteer with a search and rescue group. Searching in the dark are very difficult. Important clues can be easily missed and crime scenes unintentionally contaminated. Searchers can walk through a crime scene or trample evidence without ever realizing it.

    Remember, this was search and rescue at the time. The belief was that the girls would be able to respond to any searchers’ yelling. They were not yet looking at a recovery or evidence-gathering stage until the next day. Also, if you keep trained searchers up all night when there is a decreased likelihood of success, they may well be unavailable during the day or at the very least will be operating much less effectively. Remember, too, this is not flat terrain. Check out a topographic map of the area.

    1. Jimmy,

      Good point on the call-off and associated rough terrain/darkness.

      I guess my “Dad” instincts run high with this. If my teenage daughter was potentially lost in a wooded area, I would personally turn over every single leaf and twig in there until I found her – or die trying.

      Re: stuffed toy, I wonder if it could’ve been left in a trash bag or stashed somehow until needed? I’m unsure about this element of the rumored crime scene. I have heard that it was truly a shocking scene to witness.

      Seeking justice for the girls and their families…

      1. Do you see the photograph of that giant stupid stuffed animal? If that’s not what it is, then what on Earth is it?

        Thanks for your posts. For some reason, I thought you were female. I do this all the time with unknown posters. I guess their genders wrong, ages wrong, Hell, I even form mental images of them that are often dead wrong. I think our brains don’t like unknown information about people communicating to us, and there’s a tendency of our minds to fill in the blanks, right, wrong, or indifferent.

    2. You see that gigantic stuffed bear in that photograph? If it’s not a stuffed animal, then what in the Hell is it?

      The girls were left in a depression or small valley or gulch that is not visible from most views side until you are almost right on top of it. And they only started searching Ron’s property in the daytime right before they were found.

      There was not just a stuffed animal at that scene. There were also many another strange objects left there. If the truth of this crime comes out, this will be the weirdest, most insane double murder of the 21st Century, no question about it.

      There were a shocking number of items staged with that crime scene. Sure there’s potential for DNA on every one of them, but LE claims they got no usable DNA from any of them. Keep in mind that one of the objects at the scene of a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner apparently used to spray everything at the crime scene. Presumably this killed all the DNA because that’s what it does.

      Sure, he may well have been seen carrying a large bear down to the crime scene except Ron’s land is private and can hardly be seen at all from the public land in the area. It’s quite isolated. Also he may have carried the bear down at night.

      There was not just one toy but actually many toys. And there would attract undue attention, though most of them were small, about as big as Barbie dolls.

      We know he didn’t carry all that crap down to the crime scene when he was photographed on the bridge that day. We assume he prepared the crime scene either before or after the crime.

      I agree with you on the handwringing about the search. I’m not one of those woulda coulda shoulda if only people who goes back in the past and wrings hands about what could have been done to prevent what followed. I’m a more forward looking person. I’m more of, ok, that happened, it’s over and done with, now let’s move on.

      1. I believe he packed those plush toys and dolls to the scene. Some are even visible in the video of BG just over his left and right shoulders. Also, at one point as he walks, the legs of that large teddy bear are just visible swinging out behind his left leg (the leg on our right as viewers).

        1. After viewing the video of BG again, I should correct myself and be more precise. The large teddy bear’s legs swing out from behind his left hip as he steps forward. Also, does anyone know whether Mr. X has an older brother? It is possibly a ruse, or perhaps a doppelganger, but there appears to be an older brother, or relation, who is frequently being confused with Mr. X in videos and descriptions I see on the internet.

          1. I may be losing my mind, but the more I look at the white shape at the neck of BG’s coat the more I am starting to think that it may not be the scarf everyone thinks it is. As I watch the looped video in slow motion, that damned thing is beginning to look like the head of a white plush toy! Look at the second filter loop of this video, beginning at about 0:10 where we see BG in relief:


            Doesn’t that alleged white scarf leap off the screen like it has more mass than a scarf would normally have?

  7. In reading through the search warrants that were listed, one of the things they may have been looking for is footage from a trail cam, doorbell cam, wildlife cam, etc.

    I have tried to read through this iteration of the blog, but I could easily have missed something. Please point me in the right direction if that occurs.

    1. That doesn’t make any sense at all. The warrants were served at suspect’s homes. They were looking for photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, and film in the suspect’s home. There’s no way that the suspect has trailcam, doorcam, wildlife cam, etc. footage in his house.

      He photographed or videotaped the crime. John Kelly is an excellent profiler and I agree with him and Harvey (yuk) when Harvey revealed that BG has a GoPro on him. I think he videotaped this crime with the GoPro attached to his body. Furthermore, there is a rumor that BG took photos or videos of the crime and sent them to Abby’s cellphone soon after the crimes. Leaker backed up that rumor.

      Sure, I will do just that. It’s a long post! I just read it again myself and I was thinking, “When is this damn post going to end?!” In the most recent posts I’ve written ~165 pages on this crime. That’s almost a book!

      1. The motive, the motive, the motive. What is it? That’s the question that’s driving everybody crazy.

        From the beginning, a lot of people suspected it was someone that either worked at the girls’ school, or had intimate knowledge of the school schedule and knew the girls would be off school that day because of a “Snow Day” day off. I wonder if that’s true.

        1. For me, the motive is abduction/rape/possible trafficking. I truly wonder if this wasn’t the intention of BG and his likely accomplice(s) and one or both girls put up such a fight that they were murdered in order to subdue them. There are strong rumors of trafficking activity going on in the Monticello/Delphi/Lafayette region, as both Chicago and Indianapolis are within fair proximity. I-65 will take you all the way down South to the Gulf Coast.

          Something else I wonder about – Early on in this investigation, Robert had photos of inside the old Mears barn that have since disappeared. In these photos, there are what appear to be blood stains on a section of barn fence and the ground, as well as on a some hay that was strewn about. I’ve always wondered if this was truly the kill zone and the girls were moved creekside after the search was called off. Many have discounted and disagreed with this theory, but I still think it is viable.

          Robert, do you still have these barn pics you can reference if you care to? Not trying to muddy the water, just wondering if this could be a rock that needs looked under once more?

          1. I think I deleted most of that stuff. The Mears Barn was included in the search warrant for Ron Logan’s property. The barn was searched with cadaver dogs. We have a photo of that. Cadaver dogs also searched Ron’s home and general property. We did photograph a neat set of brand new flowers that had been placed in the barn as if in a shrine.

            Also our investigator who went out and photographed the barn saw the Mears on the street. He told them what he was doing and they didn’t seem to care. He asked them if the barn had been used in the murders of the Delphi girls and both of their faces went pure white and their expressions changed to morbid terror.

            It is for those reasons that we started suspecting that the barn was used in the crime.

            As you can see, there are references to a shack, from the very first social media post about the crime from Josh Lank which said that the girls were found in a shack to Carter’s bizarre press conference in which he referenced a movie called The Shack. There’s no evidence that they were taken away and brought back and killed, but it’s an interesting theory.

            There is also a report of a girl’s scream heard at 2 AM in the search area reported by female searchers. They called it in but LE said it was nothing. The skeptards now say it was “kids playing on a trampoline nearby.” Yeah. At 2 AM on freezing night in February? Don’t think so. Also there is a rumor that Libby’s phone turned back on and started pinging again right around the time of the scream. Which would not be possible if the phone was smashed up by BG. Do we have any evidence that the phone was smashed or intact?

            I will see if I can find them. It’s still an interesing theory about shacks or barns. There are some weird people who have been posting very suspicious Youtube videos about the crime. I don’t think they were involved. I just think that they have some knowledge of the crime. One of the themes is dolls in Camwell’s and Eric Alter’s videos. Camwell (Stu Sutcliff) sets Barbie dolls on fire in his videos. Also there are frequent references to barns or shacks by these same folks. It certainly explains some nutty things about this case that make no sense.

        2. Hi Rambo. If BG did the Evansdale girls too, then the motive is obvious. It is the typical psycho motives of any psycho serial killer. They kill for sexual gratification out of sexual sadism and they are almost always psychopathic. Some kill for power. Bundy was a power killer, but he also stripped his victims naked and raped them. He did it for the God-like feeling of power it gave him. Bottom line is these serials simply kill people because it’s fun. This is just their idea of a good time. Some people like to watch football, others like videogames, macrame, or baking, and some people like to kill other people. Hey, everybody needs a hobby, right?

          I’m being facetious but these guys just do this stuff because it gets them off, no other reason. That’s not a comprehensible motive to most of us, but that’s what it is. He appears to be a sexual sadist with the heavy emphasis on sex in these crimes. He’s also really attempting to humiliate his female victims by posing them in degrading positions like that.

      2. Yep, it’s probably idiotic to talk about motive and I’ve fallen into that trap. The ironic thing is to us Californians and other warm climate westerners is, the reports were always about it being a “warm” day in Indiana that day at 40 degrees. You know how we are in California; If it drops below 70 we panic.

        1. Hi Rambo, see above. These guys are just serial killer psychos who kill people for kicks, fun, and especially fantasy. That’s all the motive they need. They don’t have “understandable” motives like we might have such as revenge or sex trafficking or whatnot. Those are the motives are more normal killer might have. We keep falling back on “understandable” motives because our minds can’t fathom some guy just doing this stuff to get his rocks off, but that’s what’s going on here.

  8. Hey Robert, thanks for the updates.

    Do you know any specific details about the Evansdale case? Was torture involved?

    It’s curious that toilet bowl cleaner was used to clean up the crime scene. That makes me wonder if the killer learned about using toilet bowl cleaner from somewhere like a slaughterhouse/meat packing plant in order to break down organic matter from pipes. Might support the meatpacking plant worker theory.

    As for the numerology, is it possible to predict the next murder? Evansdale = 2012, Delphi = 2017, next one could be 2022? If so, we don’t have much time till this subhuman’s next attack. I’m going to guess another very small town in Indiana.

    1. Hi, nothing is known about COD in Evansdale. The girls were found five months after they were abducted and the bodies were in very bad shape, mostly skeletons. There is a rumor of a knife in a tree at the site, and if BG did Evansdale too, it might have been a knife crime. BG does seem to like his knives. Torture does not appear to have been involved in Delphi. He likes to kill with one clean blow. Any possible torture type wounds seem to be inflicted postmortem.

      We now think that BG worked at Indiana Packers in 2011-2012 and was transferred over to the Evansdale area as part of a large transfer of IP workers at the time. We don’t know what job he did at IP. But pigs are slaughtered there by cutting their throats. Note that one girl died from a deep cut to her throat.

      If he’s going at five year intervals, yes the next attack will be in 2022, unless he has stopped. He is a “poser” and John Kelly notes that these are the worst serials of them all who are way off on the psychopathic spectrum. He said if he is a poser, he would absolutely strike again in several years at most as these guys can’t control themselves. However, he said he might stop if he is afraid of getting caught.

      There are other cases like this in the US, such as the Lewiston Killer, a man with a known name who police are almost sure killed five people in Lewiston, Idaho in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He later moved to North Carolina and soon enough, young women started turning up dead on the trails there too. I guess they don’t put these guys under surveillance for life as they don’t seem to be watching him over there. There are guys like this all over the US. The cops think they killed one or more people but they can’t prove it. It’s definitely possible to literally get away with murder.

      What I am curious of is if BG killed before Evansdale. Taking BG’s apparent age at ~50, he would have been ~45 when he did Evansdale. That’s awful late to start a serial career.

      Let me know if you are interested in joining the private group, the best Delphi sleuthing group out there. It’s not free though.

  9. Really nice blog; excellent and intriguing writing, not only on the Delphi case, but on political subjects as well.

    1. Thank you so much!

      Let me know if you are interesting in joining the private sleuthing site. We are the best out there, but it’s not free. I can post a lot more stuff in there than I can post out here because I want to respect the (relative) anonymity of suspects.

        1. Go here.

          Donate $20 minimum at the PayPal link. I will get a notice from PayPal. After you pay, email me and ask me for the link and the password. If you don’t mail me, I will send a mail to the address you used on PayPal giving you the link and the password.

          You are also helping to fund the site. This site takes up a lot of time and I’m pretty much retired on a fixed income. I’m not begging but I would like to be compensated for my labor, if possible.

        1. Go here.

          Donate $20 minimum at the PayPal link. I will get a notice from PayPal. After you pay, email me and ask me for the link and the password. If you don’t mail me, I will send a mail to the address you used on PayPal giving you the link and the password.

          You are also helping to fund the site. This site takes up a lot of time and I’m pretty much retired on a fixed income. I’m not begging but I would like to be compensated for my labor, if possible.

      1. I believe this killer to be very ritualistic, punctual… specific to job. Very disciplined methodical.. He had planned this murder for awhile, picked out location, placed objects near site… all planned out, possibly catfising involved. With the boots that were worn we know there’s a high probably he worked at pig slaughter house, why not check into attendance at work? has used these numbers before related to their deaths.? Maybe punch in or out time.. very very ocd.. two. Personalities one to public, one that is pure evil in private. .. Hoping he will show a pattern that gets this evil sick person away forever or death penalty. He knows the area very well. For him not to murder possibly until 2022 shows us he is not the drug or drinking guy he was portrayed as, this would show discipline. If in fact Evansdale is connected. To Delphi. He’s a loner for sure.

  10. If we follow the catfishing theory, there will be ample evidence in the cell phone records. Of course sorting through all of that may be a rather daunting task, especially given the likelihood that burner phones were used on one or both ends. Tracking down every number in a given time frame, probably months, may not be possible. So although the evidence is probably there, it may not stand out as such until they have a good idea who to look at.

    1. They were catfished for four months on Snapchat with the Catfish Boy (sketch #2) used as the catfish. Snapchat deletes all of its tweets and photos very quickly and does not keep records. Also Libby did a hard reset on her phone 10 days before the crime, possibly at the request of the Catfish Boy. LE subpoenaed the cell tower records for a while back. All attempts to investigate the social media angle via Snapchat have come up empty. There’s nothing there. They tried everything.

  11. Wow, I couldn’t read all of it in one sitting, but I do believe your blogs are the best. In the Delphi and now Evansdale cases, your info makes the most sense.

    I got interested in Delphi about a year and a half ago. I think it’s creepy that they have the guy on video and audio and he’s still “at large”. I do not see how the cops can say that the public is not in any danger. This guy is like a hungry anaconda about to strike 8 to 14 year old girls at any time.

    I have been following geopolitical events since the scamdemic started. I found The Fall of the Cabal (Janet Ossebaard) on Bitchute. Now there are 14 out of 17 sequels out on Bitchute (The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal).

    Many Freemasons are public officials from local police on up to top political figures. Freemasons worship Satan and they have Satanic rituals at times of high unholy days (like Christians have high-holy days). They use these Satanic ritual sacrifices to Lucifer as initiations and in their worship ceremonies. There are so many Luciferians. I am totally shocked. I mean, who knew?.

    I wonder if these murders were part of the SRS or if the murders are just some serial killer who is doing his own form of Satan worship, minus the Freemasons. Lots of cops, mayors, attorneys, public officials are Freemasons. Apparently they don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into until they get to the 33rd degree, and then it’s too late to get out.

    Just another rabbit hole to explore.

    I’m wondering if this is why the cops said that there is no need for the public to worry.

    This could be nothing, but I thought I’d mention it.

    1. Catholics are forbidden to join the Freemasons for these reasons. (It doesn’t deter all of them, of course, but it is illicit.) Masons are required to pledge allegiance to the organization above all else, including their marriage and their church, and the further you advance the more secrets you’re let in on. At the bottom it’s nice guys wanting to serve their communities, at the top it’s pure evil. I don’t know details, it’s been years since I’ve read or heard about it. I’m a Catholic, not a Mason. Just wanted to affirm that what you’re saying rings true.

      1. The problem with Masons is that the lower levels are well-meaning, good-intentioned men who care about community. The higher you go, the more evil it becomes. It’s at the higher levels where it’s revealed that you’ve pledged your allegiance to Satan. At that point they’ve got something on you, and they can either blackmail you or kill you. It’s not 4-H for adults; it’s serious shit. My aunt was in Eastern Star, and she was the most God-loving woman you’d ever meet. She was at Level 1 or 2 and no higher.

        1. 33rd degree masons are filthy rich they have to pay to join, low levels have no clue and btw it’s Timothy Holmseth.

  12. Hi Robert,

    May I ask you if you could provide me with the picture(s) of inside the Mears barn? It would be of great help to me. Could you please have a look? Thank you very much.


    1. I’m sorry! I don’t have it anymore! We junked the Mears barn theory and after that, I went through and deleted the photos from inside the barn. I will see if my friend still has it.

      1. Mr Lindsay:

        Do you know why the police came to the conclusion that Evansdale and Delpi may be connected? Why did they suspect this around May of 2021? Could you humor me for a little while and
        forgive these odd questions?

        1. Originally there was thought to be no relationship. They had other suspects they were looking at for Evansdale. However, those other suspects petered out. And when they put their top suspect up against the Delphi Killer, the Delphi Killer’s MO fit the crime scene much better than the other man did, who was dead at any rate. Police began suspecting the Delphi Killer did Evansdale in 2019, not in May 2021. May 2021 is when we heard about it.

  13. People think this is the work of a lone man, one who is a loner, maybe transient but having some type of tie to the area. I believe this man is highly intelligent, a career man a bit higher up the ladder than most would expect, I believe this man is very well kept, a bit cocky, between the ages of 38-52, articulate, meticulous, well liked by many in the community, a father and he did not act alone.

    I believe that the person he worked in conjunction with is a younger family member, one that looks up to him as a father figure, may have been on the receiving end of his wrath once or twice and probably suffers from some type of mild mental illness or addiction. I believe the killer is sending a message but I do not believe it is just about getting his rocks off. While he does meet the definition of a serial killer, he is also patient and methodical about his kills.

    I do believe Delphi and Evansville are connected but not necessarily the exact same duo. I also believe that he is smack dab in the middle of the investigation and that is why it has gone nowhere and there has been a lot of misinformation spread about this case. I do not and never have believed that he killed the girls in the spot they were found.

    One last thing before I close, if you look close at the 3rd frame on the pictures it looks like the ear of some type of stuffed animal coming out from the top of his jacket. You can also tell the he has something under the jacket that is bulging it out at the bottom opposite the brown whatever that thing is. That is why the blue jacket is hiked up far enough to see as much of the brown thing as you do.

    Just my $0.02.

  14. Hi, I have been involved in sleuthing from the beginning. I came upon your site and after reading your blog, I decided to pay the 20.00 and join your Private Group. I have the transaction number if you would like it. Can you send me a link to the private group ? Thanks, Susan

  15. It’s always hilarious reading threads like this, all the amateurs speculating based on limited knowledge and rumor, getting all offended when people question their conclusions.

    Knowing the whole time the person that ended up being arrested wasn’t even mentioned by any of the wannabe sleuths

  16. He is the one that was texting Cody Patty, said, “Bro she’s only 14,” if u have seen the leaked texted messages.

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