Alt Left: Happy Birthday, Malcolm X

Happy birthday Malcolm X.

I think it’s one day late, but oh well. His voice sure is great. I always turn him up every time I hear him on the radio. He was way too racist at first and he was an anti-White racist, but we Whites treated Blacks really bad back then, so in a way I’m a tiny bit sympathetic. I liked him a lot better when he came back from Hajj and renounced racism and adopted pan-universalism, which was sort of his message all along except it got clouded with his racism.

By the way, the New York City police Department knew about the plot to kill him and allowed it to happen. There was to be a NYPD detail at that venue that night when he was going to give his speech, but it was pulled at the very last minute so Malcolm had no security. Presumably the detail would have ideally been instructed about the plot and pre-empted it or they would have protected him so well that they would have prevented it from happening in the first place. This confession was made recently by a top NYC police detective who worked there at the time, and his story seems credible. I forget if the FBI was in on it too, but it would not surprise me. J. Edgar Hoover was a sonofabitch.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Happy Birthday, Malcolm X”

  1. I like his speaking as well. Roger Guenveur Smith is referred to as a cheerleader of Blacks by a Blacker colleague. That’s how I view Malcolm X. He looks mostly White to me, and that probably worked in his favor back when he was a pimp. Good looking, well-spoken and dressed. Only in 1% rule America is Malcolm X Black. He could just as easily be peering out from a South African plantation to Zulus at the gates.

    1. Yes, it’s a great story, isn’t it? Although I do have my issues with Malcolm especially before the Hajj – I’m opposed to Black Separatism and don’t even think it would be good for Black people – I gotta admit, every time his voices comes on the radio, my ears perk up right away and I want to listen to it. Same with Martin. Those two had the most powerful, mesmerizing voices.

      1. Roberts was there with Malcolm the day of the assassination. As a matter of fact, he was the one who gave Malcolm mouth to mouth trying to revive him after he had been shot. It only came out later that Roberts was an undercover cop that was assigned to keep tabs on and gather information on Malcolm.

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