Missiles Are Literally Hitting Tel Aviv

I don’t think most people realize how breathtaking this is. Never before have Palestinian missiles actually hit Tel Aviv, one of the largest cities in Israel and in many ways the capital of the country. Tel Aviv is overwhelmingly Jewish and it is extremely modern, metrosexual, SJW, the whole nine yards. There is a very large and active gay community in Tel Aviv, although gays still cannot marry in Israel due to opposition from the Orthodox.

People don’t understand what a game-changer this is. Everything is different now that Palestinian missiles are literally slamming right into the center of Tel Aviv itself. It’s a whole new ballgame, folks.

That missile has just landed. Notice how the cops aren’t even there yet. I’m guessing that there was a serious injury to an Israeli civilian in this attack. Notice that a lot of Tel Aviv citizens have not taken  to shelters and are still walking around.

Update: Looks like this is in Ramat Gan, but Ramat Gan is just to the east of Tel Aviv. Looks like the exact same attack. It hit a shop and obliterated it.

Same view. That is a very high-powered missile! Look how much damage it caused. My God!

More missiles are getting through. They are now shooting better missiles that are more able to get by the Iron Dome. Also it seems like the Iron Dome installations are getting exhausted of missiles. In addition, after the Iron Dome installations exhaust their supply of missiles, Hamas targets them with suicide drones. These are the exact same suicide drones that Ansar Allah uses to great effect in Yemen. All of the tech comes straight from Iran. Iran and Hezbollah helped both Hamas and Ansar Allah make these drones.

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One thought on “Missiles Are Literally Hitting Tel Aviv”

  1. What would I propose as a solution to the conflict between Jews and Palestinians in Israel? The following:

    1) Gaza should become an independent country. It is not economically viable, but Israel can give it an annual subsidy for at least 10 years. This subsidy would be conditional on Gaza becoming a friendly neighbor. Gaza is already 100% Arabic, so this would only be a political change, not a demographic one.

    2) Israel annexes the West bank, and the Arabs living there will become citizens of Israel, with the same civil rights as the Jews, but not the same political rights.

    3) The Knesset will be enlarged to 160 seats, of which 40 will be permanently reserved for the Arabs in Israel, to be chosen by proportional representation. The remaining 120 seats will be permanently reserved for Jews, and those are also to be allocated by proportional representation. Israel would not be a Jewish country anymore, which it never really was since Arabs were never fewer than 15% of Israel’s population, but it would remain a Jewish-dominated country since Jews would control 3/4 of the seats.

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