Civilians Are Civilians

2 thoughts on “Civilians Are Civilians”

  1. Jews are more likely to lie down but they’re playing the long game.

    Egyptians, Lebanese, etc. defeated Israel in battle, and they backed off.

    Many Jews even assimilated to NS Germany.

    When the Jew is in a stronger position, they’ll use their power, though. Like a snake slowly wrapping around its prey.

    The Arab is more like the prey. The Palestinians will never lie down. They will fight like a cornered honey badger. Being disempowered makes them more angry and aggressive.

    A dominant Arab is more like a date-filled Jabba the Hutt, more interested in a Twi’lek belly dance than a fight.

  2. Feed the Arab beef and the Jew chicken.

    You cannot let Jews get too big for their britches.

    You want Arabs to be well fed, docile, and laid back like housecats. Arabs should rule their own land.

    I had a History teacher say the smartest Presidents were the worst. Jews may have the highest IQ average, but that doesn’t give them the right to invade and lord over anybody.

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