Alt Left: In the Desert, It’s Fight Dirty or Die

How else do you fight in the damned desert? You fight dirty and sneaky and dishonestly or you’re dead. Real simple. The terrain itself doesn’t allow for honest fighting or even a lot of honest dealing really.

The desert’s a funny place. You think it’s empty til you go try to fight a war there. Good luck.

Are the Houthis beaten yet?

Did we ever beat the Iraqis?

How about the Taliban?


The Syrians?

How did Israel do against Hezbollah?

How are they doing against the Palestinians?

And no one can seem to get rid of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, the Sinai, the Maghreb, Northern Nigeria, Tunisia, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Sometimes I wonder how anyone wins any war in the desert. Hard environments breed the hardest of men, perhaps by necessity, as all the weak men just die in the heat chasing mirages that never show up.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: In the Desert, It’s Fight Dirty or Die”

  1. Harshness breeds toughness.

    If your life isn’t valued, you may adapt and evolve as well.

    Animals often seen as pests, like rats, have to constantly be on guard and will not be given quarter. The public repulsion propels these little creatures to be street savvy survivalists or die.

    An alleycat has street smarts a housecat does not. Housecats can be quite quirky, especially runts. Streetcats up North in MN are tough ronin. I’ve seen packs of wild cats in AZ. They run around trying to get birds from bird feeders.

    My bus driver will not slow for a crow, blackbird, etc., but a cheeky chipmunk or a cottontail rabbit will bring the bus to a halt.

    White West Europeans are generally more like Nermal from the Garfield comics. Cutest housekittens in the World but not fit for Abu Dhabi.

  2. “A year goes for two here.”

    Russian saying.

    Western Europe is like a wet vagina. The Middle East is a sandy asshole.

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