Alt Left: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program


Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. Pretty much everyone agrees with this, including the UN. They did have a research program in which they were simply studying the feasibility of building one which also included a lot of basic researcher into how to build one but it was dismantled long ago. The best guess is that the nuclear weapons program occurred during the Iran-Iraq War. But it was dismantled after the war. They never built anything at all. They just did some basic research into how to build a bomb. If you know anything about building these things, there’s a lot more to it than that.

However, the (((biggest liars in the universe))) have decided to pitch a huge lie about “Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” which, as noted, simply does not exist. They have a nuclear energy program, but that’s not the same thing. They’ve never built a single object, mechanism, machine, or facility in any nuclear weapons program, and even basic research in this area ended 30 years ago. Ayatollah Khomeini said it was immoral for Muslims to have nuclear bombs, so he forbade the state from building one. The new leadership under Ayatollah Khameini has reaffirmed that stance.

Nevertheless, the Jews have decided to push a huge lie about Iran having a nuclear weapons program for decades now. It’s not known why they are doing this. Do they actually believe their own lies like most psychopaths and of course the Jews are psychopaths? Do they know that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program but have decided to lie and say they have one anyway?

The (((Americans))), of course, have gone along with this lie from Day One, as have the US (((media))) and the US (((government))). Americans, their media, and their state are all completely Zionized, so this is no surprise. There’s not that much difference between US Gentiles and US Jews when it comes to this sort of thing. Most US Gentiles are Jewy as Hell. They may as well be 500 years kosher.

And America is nothing if not a Jewish country. In fact, Americans themselves could be seen as a “Jewish” people. When you walk, talk, think, and act like a Jew, what difference does your denomination make? Jewishness is more of a spiritual matter than a racial or religious one, and Americans are Jewish in spirit. Hence, the near-complete Zionization and Judaization of our country, the complete linkage of the Pentagon and the IDF, our allowing Israeli intelligence to penetrate near every aspect of our government without lifting a finger to stop them, our outsourcing of most of our surveillance and counter-terrorism functions to Israeli “private” firms that are deeply linked to the state, on and on.

The truth is we got penetrated by Israeli intelligence in the early 1980’s, and the infection has only grown worse with time. At this point the host and the infectious virus are for all intents and purposes the same thing, completely merged, and as tangled as a lawn full of ivy.

So the US media and state has been blaring about this nonexistent Iranian nuclear weapons program for decades. Once again, do they really believe this? Psychopaths believe their own lies, and our leaders are all psychopaths. Do they know it’s not true? And if so, why are they lying and saying there’s a program when there’s not? One answer may be that saying there’s a nuclear program is a good excuse to put sanctions on the regime.

Another reason may be that it is true that a civilian peaceful nuclear energy program can be converted into a nuclear weapons program, although it might take quite a bit of time. But you have a head start with that peaceful program. Is this the reason? I’m really not sure.

But all Israeli pronouncements about the Iranians being “three months away from a bomb” are complete nonsense. I have no idea how far away they are from a bomb, since they don’t even have a program to make one. They are enriching uranium at 6

Why are the Iranians leery about inspections? Because the US has been known to pepper these inspection teams with spies. The WMD inspection teams that inspected Saddam’s nonexistent facilities were seasoned with US spies. Recently the Iranian government found plutonium in the toilet area of one of the plants in their nuclear program.

An American female member of the inspection team was the last person in that bathroom. They thought that she was going to release the plutonium in the facility but was thwarted and had to get rid of her stash. If she had scattered plutonium in the facility, the US would have sent another team in right away. The new team would have found the plutonium, and then the US could yell, “Iran has plutonium, so they are making nuclear weapons!” So the Iranians don’t trust these “UN inspectors” very much.

As you can see, the fake charge about the nuclear program resulted in an agreement that all of the EU signed onto, so it looks like the entire West has bought into this Jewish lie about the fake nuke program. Who knows what they know? Do they know it’s all fake? Do they think the program is real? Who knows? But look how the fake charge about the nuclear weapons program has enabled the West to put massive sanctions on Iran. So it’s been quite useful. But why are the Israelis so eager to bomb a peaceful nuclear energy program?

Are they so stupid that they really think it’s a weapons program? That’s what they tell everyone. Are Jews really  that stupid or are they just playing dumb like they always do? With people like that who lie as often as they breathe, it’s almost impossible to figure out what they really believe about much of anything. It’s like analyzing a psychopath. Pretty soon you’re lost in a house of mirrors.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program”

  1. Even if Iran had nuclear weapons, why should that worry the US? The US has thousands of nuclear weapons, so it has an enormous retaliatory capacity. The Iranians know that. No half sane political leader will use nuclear weapons first against a country with the retaliatory capacity that the US has.

    The US obsession about Iran, a country that poses no threat whatever to American national security, can only be explained by the complete capture of American Middle Eastern policy by the Zionists. In a saner world, the US would have completely normal diplomatic and commercial relations with Iran, which is a country that is far more liberal, democratic and gender-equal than Saudi Arabia, a country with which the US maintains friendly relations.

    Obviously, this has nothing to do with concern for human rights. To American foreign policymakers, human rights are a stick which can be used to hit countries which are unpopular in Washington for reasons quite unrelated to their human rights record.

    Suppose that I have 10 employees who beat their wives, 4 Black ones and 6 White ones. I fire the 4 Black wife-beaters with the argument that I don’t want wife-beaters on my payroll, but I don’t fire the 6 White wife-beaters. Clearly, I’m acting more from racism than from concern for women. My argument is pure hypocrisy. The American attitude toward human rights is the same as my attitude toward wife-beating.

  2. What is the historical relationship between Persians and Jews? About 60% of Iranians are Persians, the rest are other ethnic groups.

    1. I believe Ancient Persians rescued Jews more than once. I’ve heard Iran treats its Jews well today. I’m guessing the Jews in Iran are more subdued. Operation Dumbo Drop: Jewish human-warheads from the West were dropped into peaceful Palestine. The rest of the Middle East felt the waves. Perhaps the Iranian obsession with truth put them at odds with Israel, a nation built on lies. The Iranian tosses the rotten fig out of the basket, the simple American swallows an entire box of Newtons without a thought.

      1. The Jews are not allowed to support Zionism. Otherwise everything else is ok. I know some of the Iranian Jews got mad at Ahmadinejad for his Holocaust Denial BS. They said it was anti-Semitism. I also know that they accompanied him to the US on a couple of occasions. Also the Iranian Jews have two representatives in the Parliament, which is far above their percentage of the population. There is a similar dynamic with Iranian Christians.

        The Iranian opposition to Israel is all about religion. It began with Ayatollah Khomeini.

        I know that the 1,000 Jews of Afghanistan originally came from Iran. s

        There are many Iranian Jews in Israel. They probably stayed there during the Shah’s reign because he was friendly with Israel but after the revolution, a lot of them went to Israel. Beverly Hills isn’t really full of “Iranians” – it’s full of Iranian Jews.

    2. I am not sure. Under Islamic Law the Jews were probably not treated real great, but the Shah very much protected them. Of course you know the Purim story where the Jews get revenge on the Persians by killing 60,000 of them. There are 32,000 Jews living in Iran right now and they are treated fairly well, though there are some religious restrictions. On the other hand, they have their own schools, synagogues with regular services and they even have a Jewish hospital! But Iranian Muslims have never been real friendly to non-Muslims. Jews were and probably still are regarded as “contaminated.” I dated an Iranian Christian woman from the far northwest of Iran and she told me that they would not let the Christians touch the bread in the markets because they said it would contaminate it. Muslims are not known for getting along real great with non-Muslims unless you put in a secular dictatorship and force them to.

      51% of Iranians are Persians.

      1. I read Iranians are over 99% Muslim. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Iran and I reckon it would be the most common religion in Iran if not for Islam. I know girls from Iraq with Iranian model looks. I see Iranian women like a saffron filled rice dish. Likely a little more noble and expensive. Lebanese maybe more fresh herbs, soul enriching on a more human level.

        1. A lot of Arab women are hot. I saw pics of Palestinian and even Saudi! women recently who were seriously hot. Lot of Iraqi women are hot too. Iranian women like money LOL.

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