Alt Left: Lousy People Make Lousy Countries

If you want to know just how shitty a group of people are, just give them their own country and see what they do when they get a hold of it. Israel is the nation of the Jews. It’s one of the worst countries on Earth. What does that tell you? Turkey is the nation of the Turks, the Gulf Arab countries are the countries of the Gulf Arabs, and India is the country of the Indians. Three of the worst countries on Earth by far, in the running with (((that shitty little country))).

Israel sucks because it’s full of Jews, and this is how Jews act if you give them a country.

Turkey sucks because it’s full of Turks, and this is how Turks act if you give them a country.

Gulf Arab countries suck because they’re full of Gulf Arabs, and this is how Gulf Arabs act if you give them countries.

India sucks because it’s full of Indians, and this is how Indians act if you give them a country.

Why does Mexico blow? Because it’s full of Mexicans, that’s why.

What other reason could there be? Every nation is created by the people who make it up. If the people suck, you get a crappy country. If the people are decent, you tend to get a pretty good country. The only times this might not be true is when the majority oppose the state, but that’s not the case in any of the above nations except Bahrain, where the majority Shia oppose the awful government.

Colombia sucks because it’s full of Colombians.

Guatemala sucks because it’s full of Guatemalans.

El Salvador blows because it’s full of Salvadorans.

Honduras sucks because it’s full of Hondurans (although to be fair, most of the people oppose the state).

Haiti sucks because it’s full of Haitians. Now, I happen to like Haitians in a political sense because 9

Brazil blows because it’s full of Brazilians, a half good and half bad people. Looks like the majority tips bad though because they just voted in a picture-perfect model of Mussolini.

And don’t give me this, “Oh, the people are wonderful! It’s just their terrible government!”

But people aren’t set in stone. Germans and Japanese used to be the worst people on Earth, and now they’re some of the best. But I’m not quite so hopeful about some others. Haitians, for instance, may be problematic for a long time. But electing a Lavalas leader would sure be a step forward.

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17 thoughts on “Alt Left: Lousy People Make Lousy Countries”

  1. I have some respect for Haitian independence. A shithole but it’s their shithole. There’s beauty in a person being independent and into their own culture. I’ve seen this in Austrian and Japanese women especially. It warms an Austrian womans heart to serve her man schnitzel in a drindl. I’ve never seen a woman more happy. The White snow on the top of the mountain.

    1. I’ve seen this in Austrian and Japanese women especially. It warms an Austrian woman’s heart to serve her man schnitzel in a drindl.

      Isn’t that beautiful when you see a woman who gets off so much on doing simple things like that just to make her man happy. That’s almost as happy as a woman gets. Feminism misses all of this. The innate desire of the female to please her man. Feminism says it’s an illusion or it’s all brainwash. Bull. It’s our genetic heritage, you silly fool women!

    1. Unfortunately, in your case, this is true. Most Colombians are lousy. They are just brainwashed though. There are a lot of good people in your country though. I support the Bolivarian resistance, especially the armed groups around FARC and ELN. It is absolutely necessary for these groups to be armed and fighting against the state. The majority of Colombians are not helped by them continuing to believe in rightwing ideas and vote rightwing, but they keep doing it anyway.

      I had a contact with an ELN guy a while back and I was going to translate some articles, but I got scared of running into the anti-terrorism laws just put in. I used to send money to a Weapons Fund for the FMLN guerrillas in El Salvador. I would meet this shadowy guy in this sleazy bar in the MacArthur Park area of LA and give them the money LOL.

      I’m basically a radical. I a Bolivarian.

      I don’t expect you to agree with any of this, as I don’t want to get you killed.

      1. thank you and i find your blog every enlightening, looks like you got yourself a fan and a regular on your blog

          1. Thanks and I really love it when you compare china and India. I always use your blog as sources and references

  2. I’ve posed as East Asian and a woman online on sites I was getting banned on. Both these groups are generally seen in a more favorable light than others.

    1. That’s really interesting. Why don’t you tell us how you were treated when you posed as a woman? And how were you treated when you posed as an Asian man.

      I had a commenter come here one time and pretend to be a woman. I didn’t know he was doing this, but I pointed out in one of my responses to him, “That’s no woman!” I could tell by his posting style that he was a man. Few women frame their comments like he was. We also had this tranny on here once named Lisa. A man who thought he was a woman. The weird thing was he saw the universe through this very mathematics/physics sort of lens, and he made a lot of comments along those lines. He was also very good in math and sciency stuff. And he was extremely logical. All of his focus was on logic.

      That guy may have insisted that he was woman but he had a 100% male brain. Whatever those hormones do, they don’t change basically male brains into basically female brains. And probably not vice versa, though I have no data on that.

      1. As a Asian I was treated as a golden sacred cow. My thoughts were appreciated. When I’d come back after a break, people missed me more. Many White people are positive about Asians, even ones considered racist. On the woman account, I was told I’m better than other “racists” by an anti-racist. I was pretty vicious racialist on that account. I claimed to have birthed 300 Spartans. I was very strong and bold but being seen as a woman seemed to soften the blow. Many were just grateful to have a woman they agree with.

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