Alt Left: Quit Worrying about Being Replaced by Some Stupid Machine

I laugh when people tell me these stupid machines are going to replace all of us humans. Every time I go to the bank readyteller, one of the two machines is literally down. Most of the time I try to do much of anything new on the Net, especially involving money, it simply doesn’t work, often giving me “Unknown error.” See that?

That machine is just intelligent enough to recognize that it screwed up (hence smarter than half of humans right there), but beyond that, it can’t even tell why or how it screwed up! Most humans can do that at least if they’ve got the balls to admit they’re not flawless, a tall order, admittedly.

The machine says, “I screwed up! I’m a dumbass machine! I’m as dumb as a rock! I only know whatever you humans told me to know! But can I figure out how or why I screwed up or even what sort of error I made? Well, of course not! What do you expect? I’m just a stupid machine!”

Anyway, I’m laffin’. These machines are literally failed 5

Think about it. How many times have you gone to the store and asked a worker a question, and the worker tells you, “I’m sorry! This worker is out of order at the moment! Please come back later when one of our human repairmen come out to fix me!”

I know, a lot of store workers probably should say something like that if they were being honest, but when do they ever? Never.

The humans are never broken. They’re never malfunctioning as long as they’re not dead or hooked up to hospital tubes.

Humans are better than machines. Machines aren’t any threat to any of us except in the depraved fantasies of the capitalists who would replace us all with these infernal metal machine objects in a New York minute if they had our way.

Machines are crap. Machines are shit. LOL. They don’t even work more than half the time!

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Quit Worrying about Being Replaced by Some Stupid Machine”

  1. The widespread belief that humans are being rapidly replaced by machines has no basis in reality. If that were the case, it would show up in productivity statistics. Suppose that a country has a labor force of 10 million. 5 million of them are replaced by machines. That would mean that the productivity of the remaining 5 million in the labor force would double. We are seeing nothing of the kind.

    Let’s be clear about one thing: machines have replaced humans on a large scale since the industrial revolution. It used to be the case that about half of the labor force was required to produce food for the whole population. Today, about 2% of the labor force can feed the entire population. This occurred mainly because of farm machinery.

    Ports used to employ a very large number of dockworkers. Today, as result of containerization, ports employ few people. In banking, ATMs replaced a lot of tellers. Telephone companies used to employ scores of operators. Many more examples can be adduced.

    It is possible that the future will be different and that a lot of humans will become unemployable because of mechanization, automation and digitalization. So far, it hasn’t happened.

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