Delphi Murders Update April 26, 2021: You Sure There Was No Stuffed Animal Left at the Crime Scene?

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The people paying Hughes and Greeno clearly feel that they are getting their money’s worth. But what shocks me is how little these men give their audiences in return for their purchases. Gray’s videos run to 3-4 hours and may contain five minutes of useful material if you are lucky during that time. Greeno’s videos are almost completely worthless, and group members who have spoken to him told me he has nothing new to add to the case.

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As you can see in the subhead of my title, I am challenging my critics about their certainty that there was no stuffed animal left at the crime scene.

You All Sure There Was No Stuffed Animal Left at the Crime Scene?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am looking at that damned bear or dog or whatever it is and I am thinking, “That’s a stuffed animal.” If any of you all think that’s not a stuffed animal and it’s really something else, speak up now or forever hold your tongue. How could that not be a stuffed animal? Any theories?

And that’s not even the start of the weirdness. Stuffed animals at a double murder scene are weird enough, granted. But get this. That stuffed animal is sitting right next to the body of poor Abby. And my calculations by measuring the bear and comparing it to the height of Abby (5’4?) is that that damned stuffed animal is as tall as Abby. In other words, that stuffed animal toy is over five feet tall! Ok, that’s so crazy that it’s almost impossible to believe it’s true. But there it is, sitting right there, staring us in our faces.

A Second Search Party Member Comes Forward

As usual, they do not want to be identified, but I can tell you that once again, we are dealing with a female member of the party, in this case younger than middle aged. We will refer to this new informant as SPM2 for Search Party Member 2. They had been keeping this a secret for all this time, but this secret was starting to bother her and eat away at her, so she released it to a member of my team, a woman.

The original female search party member (SPM1) also spoke independently with another member of my team, a woman. The team member said that SPM1 corroborated everything that she had told me, so she is at least consistent in her testimony.

In addition, SPM2 also reported the same dolls hanging from trees that SPM1 report. We now have two separate SPM’s both independently reporting that they saw dolls hanging from trees at the crime scene. At this point, this rumor seems like it’s proven at least to my satisfaction.

SPM2 also reported that “there were stuffed animals at the crime scene.” There was no mention of what type of stuffed animals they were or how big they were. Only that there were stuffed animals. Note that she pluralized the noun.

Stuffed animals not a stuffed animal.

In other words, it’s now proven that more than one stuffed animal was left at the scene. How many more than one? We have no idea.

Also the original SPM1 clarified via my friend that there was not just one stuffed animal but also that there were stuffed animals plural at the scene. These two SPM‘s arrived at these conclusions independently. In addition, I can see a stuffed animal in the crime scene photo. So we have three people who arrived at the conclusion independently that there was at least one stuffed animal left at the time. So that seems proven too. The two SPM‘s both reporting that there were stuffed animals plural instead of singular seems sufficient to prove that there was more than one stuffed animal at the scene.

As far as whether there was a giant 5 foot stuffed animal left at the crime scene, even though I can see that thing clear as air, that rumor is so insane that I am not going to believe unless I get some further testimony. I will agree with SPM1 who seemed to say that there was a stuffed animal toy at the scene that was so large that BG could not have been carrying it with him on the bridge. That seems proven at this point.

Search Party Members Told by LE Not to Talk about What They Had Seen

The inevitable questions arise. A very popular one is the observation that if the crime scene was this insane, it would have leaked out by now.

But now we have a response to that rejoinder. The two SPM’s discussed above have both told us that LE told them not to tell anyone what they had seen at the crime scene. I’m not sure how they phrased it of they told, ordered or threatened them to not reveal what they saw. Presumably they were told that they could wreck the case if they told people what they saw. Apparently that was enough to shut up most of the SPM‘s.

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65 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update April 26, 2021: You Sure There Was No Stuffed Animal Left at the Crime Scene?”

  1. Regardless of whether or not members of the search party were told not to report what they saw at the crime scene, if it was as bizarre as it sounds, I don’t see how anyone could keep it to themselves. The big stuffed animal and all of the dolls would haunt me to the point that I would eventually have to tell someone.

    1. We now have two search party members who are backing up some of these bizarre allegations. They are both saying the same thing independently, too, and we have no evidence that they talked to each other. And the new one we just talked to is saying that she was told not to tell anyone, but the scene was bugging and eating away at her so much that she just had to spill finally.

      We also have it from two separate search party members independently that they were told to not tell anyone what they had seen.

      1. Think about it like this. You have a million people who come out and say “OMG THERE’S JUST NO WAY A BIG STUFFED BEAR WAS LEFT AT THE CRIME SCENE ABSOLUTELY NOT.” But even if LE told the searchers not to tell people what they saw that day, I’m sure they can at least say whether or not something for sure wasn’t there. Where are those people? I don’t see anyone refuting these claims besides the people on the internet who weren’t there and want to believe every single last syllable LE says. That should at least tell us something.

        If these claims of the crime scene condition and “signatures” left behind by the killer are false, then I have to wonder what on earth the police found so bizarre. They try to walk it back in more recent interviews but you can see it on their face. Recently in the People Magazine Investigates episode on Delphi, Carter says “People need to let us handle this case, let what we saw that day eat away at us like it does.” They saw something horrendous that day.

      2. Hi Robert. What strikes me about this rumor regarding the dolls at the crime scene is that it was mentioned in the leaked Erskine texts that Abby was found ‘placed on the ground like a doll’… I always wondered why Erskine would describe it like that. Maybe because he witnessed real dolls where the girls were found?

  2. Who said there were stuffed animals at the crime scene? Also who said this crime was over quickly? LE did not say it was over by 3 pm-ish.

    1. Either LE or coroner: “It was all over by 3:30 PM.”

      You don’t think there were stuffed animals at the crime scene? What’s that a photo of above then?

  3. Also re searchers, it was not Mr. X that found the bodies, it was actually Jake Johns. His wife was with BP when the call came to Becky that the girls had been found. Mr. X was on the same team BUT was on the other side of the creek at the time, same for Erskin.

      1. I’ve heard he was not on the other side of the creek at all. Instead he was with the team that found the bodies.

        I wonder how he knew where they were!?

          1. Yeah that’s not our information. We have people in the police who talk to us. Our police sources told us that Mr. X is indeed the main suspect.

  4. As far as Mr. X being a POI, I disagree, as I also disagree that the Delphi Murders are connected.

    1. You disagree that the Delphi Murders are connected to what?

      You realize that we have a detective in Indiana who told us that Mr. X is LE’s main suspect in this case, right? And that he also told us that they suspect Mr. X in Evansdale too, right?

      1. About the stuffed animals hanging from the trees. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you think they would have been noticed the first day during the search? Would that indicate they (Abby and Libby) were put there after the search was called off? On the Evansdale, Delphi case, who is the suspect? Mr. X? I’m almost 100% the Flora case is connected to the Delphi case. I would like to know when BP appraised that house and when the fire happened, 2 days 5 days, 2 weeks etc.? I find it pretty compelling that BP is connected to 6 murdered girls!?

        1. There were no stuffed animals in trees. There were dolls hanging from trees. That area was not searched until after dark on the 13th. And the girls may well have been moved and put there late at night. That’s one theory we are looking at.

          LE thinks BG did Evansdale and they think BG is Mr. X, correct.

        2. You would think that a bunch of dolls hanging from the trees and stuffed animals would draw a lot of attention to the “killzone” if not at night then at least when the lights came back on.

          However, realize firstly as vast as that wooded area was, RL’s property when you zoom out isn’t the most ideal place to hide a body, being so close to the cemetery. Yet somehow they didn’t come across the bodies until over half a day after the search party started. I’m not sure if the reason for this is because the search parties just mentally glossed over that particular location for more remote spots or because there’s something geographically strategic about that particular area that makes it less detectable.

          I keep seeing people say it was “a sunken bowl surrounded by a circle of trees.” Kind of odd that the most descriptive mentions point out a circle of trees. Could it be that subconsciously people remember not so much the trees but what was dangling from them as they tell what they saw? Just a guess.

          Second thing to consider, From what I understand (per the Prosecutors podcast on the Delphi Murders from a few months ago, which isn’t entirely accurate but better than most) they called the official search party off at 11pm or midnight. Then they say they had planned to reopen it much earlier in the AM but that the fog on the 14th made it very difficult to see so they didn’t restart the search party until 9 AM. So if the search started technically in the dark on the 13th, the actual time they had when they could really see anything was from 9 AM to 12 PM on the 14th.

          To me, that explains a lot about why it took them so long to find the girls in the first place.

          1. I’d assume the kind that is foggy? Are you questioning that claim? I certainly wasn’t there so I cant vouch one way or another. I generally accept it however because to assume otherwise would be to assume that the entire police force and townsfolk who were in the search party waited longer than what made sense. Why would they do that?

        3. I have thought flora & Delphi are connected ever since I learned of the Flora Fire. It’s too convenient that BP appraised the house, like you said, she is connected to 6 murdered children…My theory? Delphi was revenge for Flora.

          1. Or Libby was going to tell all and bring many people down from previous insurance/appraisal scams? Could you imagine, all the accomplices connected? Simply because Delphi, Flora fire, and prior fraud/scams, all would be the “same crime.” I’ve looked at associates of the “business owners” of the Flora house fire, and there are some very interesting names, big names, powerful names, cop names, etc.

  5. Any mention from your sources on this Chadwell guy everyone on Reddit is losing their minds over being a suspect?

    1. No, but no way is this guy involved. Just forget it. Sadly these murderers and chomos are a dime a dozen. Every time one comes up, everybody flips and says this is the guy!!

      Also a lot of what is being sad about this guy are just flat out straight up lies. His behavior and his videos are being looked over with a toothcomb and they’re getting it all wrong. They’re seeing evil in everything where there’s generally none.

  6. Thanks for all the investigative work and information you post. I am very curious to know what you think people are getting wrong as to Chadwell’s behavior and videos (both are which are undeniably creepy). Would you consider writing a post on him?

    To me, he seems very stupid and immature, and I guess I want to believe the BG is some highly intelligent criminal mastermind to do something so awful and then evade capture for so long. It seems wrong somehow that it could be this narcissistic doofus.

    However, here is my argument for him as the BG:

    – He does resemble the man in the video, particularly the short lower leg area. I myself have short lower legs and a long thigh area, so I noticed this right away.

    – Looking at Facebook posts from 2017, it’s clear that he had reddish hair then and that it could appear curly when short.

    – Based on his posts, he does appear to have some animosity towards young women, and he is an oversharer. He “tells off” women in passive aggressive hostile posts.

    – He makes public posts that he would, and has before beaten up men who prey on kids. He posts that while at a restaurant, he observed what he decided is a man touching his kids inappropriately. He boasts he’d like to beat the guy up even if it means incarceration. He himself is then arrested for trying to rape/kill a nine year old.

    This makes me think of the dolls and stuffed animal left at the scene. It’s like he wants these two tween girls on the cusp of womanhood to remain forever children and sexually innocent and so leaves them surrounded by a child’s toys, both as a kind of apology to them, as well as way to announce to the world that he has effectively preserved them as children forever.

    – His voice sounds very like the phone recording, raspy.

    – He is a middle-aged man who has thick hair and a baby face and dresses like a teenager. He does, as Carter warned, appear younger than he is.

    – He has been hiding in “plain sight,” posting his artwork and cryptic statements on FB, etc. Makes me wonder if LE did look at him at one point.

    – He is a welder and the hat the BG is wearing looks like a welder’s cap.

    – His FB artwork containing two dripping roses and a skull, along with swirls of blonde hair. According to Leigh Kerr, the BG took locks of hair from the victims. Next to the drawing, for no apparent reason, is an unusual (to me) looking knife. It is not a a palette knife, I know that much. “A rose will bloom, it then will fade. So does a youth, so does the fairest maid” – Romeo and Juliet (1968) . I doubt he’s seen that classic film, but girls as flowers is common imagery.

    – Most compelling is the tattoo of what is clearly Libby’s face with two bones and a skull framing it. It’s not his mother and it’s not the Exorcist girl, it’s Libby. The blunt nose and mouth/smile, as well as the shading. If he isn’t the BG, he has some macabre fascination with the murder.

    I theorize that after release from prison he was itinerant and carried a gun for protection. He wore layers because he was living largely outside. He was in the area because he liked rail bridges, had endless hours to wander, and perhaps was hoping for an opportunity to grab a young girl.

    OR he passed the girls and tried to speak to them and was rebuffed by Libby which made him angry, and he then began to stalk them. Either he went there to hunt or he was “set off” by their “rudeness” and then, enraged, decided to teach them a lesson, Libby in particular. She is rumored to have been brutalized more than Abby. As Carter said, “This is about power to you.”

    Anyway, hope you’ll do a post on him.

    1. Based on his posts, he does appear to have some animosity towards young women, and he is an oversharer. He “tells off” women in passive-aggressive hostile posts.

      I haven’t seen this stuff. Can you show me?

    2. Based on his posts, he does appear to have some animosity towards young women, and he is an oversharer. He “tells off” women in passive-aggressive hostile posts.

      I saw that. It’s nothing. He’s just an ordinary AFC. He actually thinks women are going for bad men and leaving nice guys and good men like him alone. His complaint is typical of tens of millions of single men his age in the US today. Compared to most single men his age, I don’t think he has much animus towards young women at all.

      And on the other side of the fence, single women bitch a lot about us men too.

      He seemed quite toned down and purposely mellow in his critique of single women.

      See how people are reading too much into this guy? They’re seeing whatever they want to see in him.

      There’s nothing pathological about oversharing. Perhaps it’s a violation of social rules, but that’s not in the DSM yet. I get accused of that all the time on here, as I pretty much lay my life out pretty bare and naked on here.

    3. The tattoo has already been debunked. There are photos on his social media from 2015/2016 showing his tattoo, so it cannot be Libby. Not unless they were in a relationship for 2+ years and he got a tattoo of her, which I find unlikely, as Libby would only have been about 13/14 back in 2015/2016.

      1. Libby was 14 when she was murdered in 2017. Unless she time traveled back to 2015-16 but maintained her age, th our math would make her 16 in 2017.

  7. Thanks for your response: appreciate that.

    I am close in age to Chadwell and I cannot imagine writing things like that. Example, “women think they got game, they don’t..” That sort of thing. I can see it from a teenager or maybe a n emotionally stunted 20+ guy, but this is a middle aged man! Am I expecting too much? I just can’t imagine my peers posting things like that. It’s very (as the kids say) “cringe.”

    1. Lot of men his age talk like that about women. What does he mean that they think they have Game but they don’t. I don’t even know what that means.

  8. Is there any chance the Police Officer NM was murdered and it was made to look like suicide? He certainly didn’t sound suicidal in his retirement announcement from Monticello in Nov 2019. He was pretty young and had a lot of children. It seems odd.

    1. Yes, that’s one thing I am not sure about. We definitely need to look into this a lot further, that’s for sure.

    2. oh so he died recently? Very interesting. I too wondered about foul play. Then again if it was recent, makes me wonder if the guilt of covering up for Mr. X may have been eating him up inside?

          1. It’s from a Youtube video of some guy who edited the publicly available helicopter footage. There’s a part where the helicopter flies over the crime scene and some people worked forever on that and somehow got some pics out of it.

      1. My thoughts as well. To say that all of the details intertwined with so many different people and relationships is complex would be an understatement. From the very beginning, I felt that the perp(s) is/are local, and that they knew the girls through the friends and family circles. The bad guy knew they would be at the bridge that day bc they told someone – or the bad guy overheard conversation by way of being close to the family, being nearby as drop off and pick up plans were made.

        I think they were lured or catfished at some point. I also think the girls went to the bridge to meet YGS, but they got OGS instead, or possibly both.

        What a nightmare…

    3. This is from NM’s obit: he was a Crime Scene Technician. Maybe BG felt he would be able to identify him since he had Crime Scene experience and had him done away with. Just a thought.

      1. Problem is that CSI cop NM was the one providing the alibi for Mr. X, so that theory doesn’t work.

        1. So this implies that the two men were alone with each other, surely. The main suspect and the CSI guy. They supplied each others alibi, technically, without saying CSI guy is a suspect. So they were alone with each other, supposedly, from ~2 pm to 3.30-4 pm on a Monday afternoon.

          Begs the question, WTF were they up to? Or by their accounts, what were they doing? Because the conditions of two men being alone with each other and out of sight of others for a significant period of time are pretty narrow. There’s one reason I think we can all think of, best left unmentioned, and another, that they were out in the nowhere, possibly hunting but far away from the crime scene. The latter seems to make most sense, but leaves the question to why the CSI guy lied to everyone, including his colleagues. In a town like Delphi, no one is innocent.

          1. Not validated via LE, but it’s a popular rumor that police officer NM was the one supplying the apparently fake alibi for Mr. X.

  9. RE Mr X and keys – On the police radio a male is mentioned returning to the cemetery with his wife to collect his vehicle. The officer seeks clearance and lets the male through the cordon.

    1. That’s not true. It’s the wife herself supposedly coming back to give him his keys. That’s after he had been at the site for 18 hours after he first “lost his keys” – from 6:30 PM – 2/13 – 12:30 PM 2/14 and then another eight hours from 12:30 PM 2/14 to 8:30 PM on the same day – for a total of 26 hours after “losing his keys.” Radio says his wife is due to be coming to bring him back his keys and please let her in when she comes.

      But our understanding is she never showed up, and there was no spare set in the first place, so she had nothing to bring him! Our understanding also is that he never even called her to have her bring the keys. We also believe that he never lost them in the first place, and they were probably in his pocket the whole time.

  10. Love your writing and insights. We share similar philosophies.

    On Delphi, I agree with you about Chadwell.

    At least, assuming the Mr. X stuff is confirmed. I am so suspicious of Mr. X’s cemetery hangout and if the rumor about the keys being at the site is true. VERY strange indeed.

    1. I will say that the one thing that is certainly proven about Mr. X is that he is suspicious. Suspicious as Hell if you ask me.

      Thx for the compliment!

  11. I appreciate your work. I’ve seen some criticism of your stuffed bear theory, and I personally think it’s nuts, but if that image is real…If it is real, what do think the motive was? A kind of sick taunt? Or a twisted kind of guilt or compassion for the girls? I’ve heard that when a killer feels something for his victim, he’s more likely to “care” for the body, for example, wrap it in a blanket to protect it from the elements, etc.

    I was just listening to a podcast episode about the Evansdale murders, and I noticed something: 1) both sets of girls were abducted off a recreational trail, and at a point where they were blocked on both sides (in Delphi by the height of the bridge, in Evansdale by chain link fences on either side), and 2) in both cases the girls were killed and/or dumped at a local hunting ground. Who would be familiar with a hunting ground but a hunter?

    This is one reason I don’t think JBC is BG. He loves the outdoors, but for all his pictures of creeks, bridges, and tents, I haven’t seen any camo-wearing, rifle-carrying hunting pics that are standard for the FB pages of small town guys who hunt. I don’t think he does. Please correct me if you know otherwise.

    It’s a pretty big coincidence that both these towns have a Tyson pork processing plant nearby. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this connection. If it’s the same guy I think he’s a hunter who worked for Tyson. And it’s likely that BG did work there, as you’ve pointed out, since he killed Libby the same way pigs are slaughtered. I know this all describes Mr. X, but I still think these same things, whether it’s him or someone else.

    1. The motive is likely to be a lot sicker than that. That bear appears to be a Valentine’s stuffed animal! They sell them on Valentine’s Day. It’s holding something in its hand. These VD animals are often holding a sign in their hands that says, “I love you,” or some such. So he killed them and then left them a Valentine’s Day gift for Valentine’s Day! Nice guy!

      Thx for the point about girls being abducted off trails and being boxed in on both sides in both cases. Also the point about girls being dumped in places frequented by hunters.

      Of course it’s not Chadwell.

      Yes it is very important that there is a Tyson plant nearby in both of the crimes. I think this is one of the essential clues in both cases. He may indeed have been a hunter who worked for Tyson.

      However, they only cut pigs’ throats that way in kosher slaughterhouses. Otherwise I think there is some hammer that comes down and hits the pig in the head. This is also a problem because brains go everywhere and this is probably how those prion diseases like Mad Cow disease are spreading. A number of those slaughterhouses around there are indeed operated by Orthodox Jews. But does that mean that they are kosher slaughterhouses? I’m not sure about that.

      1. A Valentine’s bear makes sense. Stores would have been stocked with them that week. It also hints at the idea that they were meeting someone there, a gift for a date.

        Thanks for your work and your blog. It’s nice to have a serious conversation without people chiming in with “what if BG is a woman?” (one thing I actually read this week) and other absurd speculation.

  12. I’m pretty sure Chadwell is a hunter and fisherman. I could be wrong but I did read that. I suspect he was breeding pitbulls for dogfighting. I’m sure it will come out.

    Regarding Mr X, wouldn’t the girls have known him if he were friends with Liberty’s grandparents? If not and it is him, did he know who THEY were?

    Also – and this constantly nags at me, if LE really has one person, Mr X, in mind but just cannot resolve his alibi, wouldn’t that name get around in a small town? How could these LE men stomach watching Mr X strut around town, attending press conferences, etc? I would have thought that the name would have been “accidentally” leaked in town to let the families handle it if LE is unable to.

    1. Becky Patty said that Libby had met Mr. X a couple of times, but she didn’t think Libby would recognize him. Of course he knew who they were. It is our theory that Mr. X stalked Libby on Snapchat for four months until the murders. That’s how he knew they were going to be there at that date and time. He catfished them by pretending to be a cute 19 year old boy. Libby talked to him for four months and she was starting to fall for him.

      I guess it hasn’t gotten around the town much. They’re kept their main suspect pretty secret until Leaker showed up. Well, to answer your question, Mr. X was at that 2019 press conference wearing the exact same hat that BG wears in that film. He was seated right smack in the middle of the room. I haven’t seen the tape but a friend saw it and she said he had a huge smirk on his face the whole time.

      That’s why Carter was so livid that night – because their main suspect was right there in the room. That’s also why he started addressing “the killer” – because he was right there in the room! That’s also why Carter said, “The killer, who may be in this room as we speak…” Because the guy who they think did it was indeed right there in that room as they were speaking! Why else do you think Carter would have said those things?

      His name only got out recently with the Leaker leak. He was very well-liked in town. He has the whole town on his friends list. Also close friends with Ron Logan and Tobe Lozenby! Basically nobody in town except a few people who don’t like him thinks he did it. Both of the Pattys are quite insistent that there’s no way he did it – after all, he was a friend of theirs.

      After the Leaker leak came out, I guess things hotted up and he moved to his other property in Monticello maybe to get out of the heat for a while. He took his wife with him.

  13. But weren’t the FBI involved from the start? Local LE may cover for Mr X (awful) but would the FBI?

  14. It looks like a stuffed holiday (Christmas) Tweety bird to me. I see a stocking hat behind the head. Big Tweety bird eyes. Small beak. Scarf around neck.

  15. I read somewhere an account by a search party member from the night before, that one of the search party organizers prevented his group from searching the actual crime scene by saying you all can’t go here, it’s been searched already.

    Very suspicious. Anyone remember that letter and who that search coordinator was?

    1. I read somewhere an account by a search party member from the night before, that one of the search party organizers prevented his group from searching the actual crime scene by saying you all can’t go here, it’s been searched already.

      Thank you. That is very interesting. I sure would like to know more about this.

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