Don’t Fight Dirty in Life

Don’t fight dirty in life as a good general rule. The exception would be if you are dealing with someone who is truly incorrigible and evil. Then fight as dirty as you want. But even then, I find myself limiting my evilness.

That’s what my enemies have been doing to me all through my life. I refuse to fight dirty in general. That right there proves that I am infinitely better than most of my enemies. Men, if you are going to fight, as a general rule, try to fight fair. No one ever does or almost no one ever does, but there’s always a first time, and you can always be the only one.

I am a gentleman. An honorable man. An honorable man generally refuses to fight dirty. He fights clean. He’s fair in both love and war. Fighting dirty is for pussies and fags. It’s weak and gay. When you fight dirty, you are a little bitch. Why? Because that’s how a woman fights! Women fight dirty! Why? Because they are weak and this is the only way they can fight. Women give the silent treatment and “accidentally” burn the dinner. It’s dirty as Hell but it’s the only way they stand a chance against us men.

All subordinated and weak people and organizations fight dirty. Slaves fight dirty against their masters.

Small armies have to fight dirty to even stand a chance against a powerful foe. If they fight fair, they’d be decimated in the first battle. Big armies write rules about fighting fairly in war because if you’re strong, you can afford to fight fair. Even if you fight by the rules, you’re still probably going to win. There’s no reason to stoop.

As a man you don’t need to fight dirty. It’s like pulling hair, kicking, and biting in a fight with another man. That’s what a woman does because she can’t punch. So she fights dirty. Ever seen a girlfight? Dirty as Hell. Hairpulling, sucker punching, biting, kicking, and as I have recently learned, stripping the other woman’s clothes off in front of a crowd. The purpose obviously simply being to humiliate her. Which is what it does.

Don’t even fight dirty with words like my enemies do. You’re a little bitch if you do. Fight clean like a man. At least you will be able to look yourself in the mirror the next day without wanting to smash it.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Fight Dirty in Life”

    1. I love Thomas Sankara! He was a great man! A great Black leader! All hail Thomas Sankara! Was he not assassinated by pro-Western Burkinabe?

      1. Yes he was assassinated in a coup led by Blaise Compaoré who replaced him as President. Compaore introduced a policy of “rectification”, overturning the leftist and Third Worldist policies pursued by Sankara.

        Compaoré immediately reversed the nationalizations, overturned nearly all of Sankara’s policies, rejoined the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to bring in “desperately needed” funds to restore the “shattered” economy and ultimately spurned most of Sankara’s legacy. Compaoré’s dictatorship remained in power for 27 years until it was overthrown by popular protests in 2014.

        I want to know what do you think of Sir Seretse Khama? I think he was a very competent leader. I also think he is very underrated. While he supported free markets he invested in infrastructure, health care and education. He was no libertarian wacko.

        Botswana is an upper middle income country and the president from 1966 to 1980 Sir Seretse Khama took a different path compared to other leaders on the continent that embraced Marxist ideology and were corrupt. He embraced free enterprise, the rule of law and invested heavily in education, health and infrastructure; The country went from being the poorest to one of the richest countries in Africa. More African countries would have benefited from a capable leader who embraced free enterprise and the rule of law like Sir Seretse Khama.

        1. he invested in infrastructure, health care and education

          That’s called socialism right there. Neoliberalism and free market types reject that idea of the government involvement in any of that stuff. They want it all privatized. This guy was just doing social democracy, that’s all. All social democracies have more or less capitalist economies, albeit with considerable regulation.

          That’s not a free market. That’s just a market. China has a market. So does Vietnam. Even Cuba.

        2. I don’t know the details of Sankara’s rule or of Compaore’s contra project. Compaore sounds like a dick though. He assassinated Sankara. He’s a scum just for doing that.

          I don’t know much about Botswana.

          There was never a lot of Marxist economics in Africa AFAICT. Or if they tried it, it didn’t work as in Ethiopia with the Derg.

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