Delphi Murders Update April 13, 2021: Stunning Rumors about the Murders and Related Matters Now Officially Proven!

Long, 22 pages. Deals with gruesome matters concerning the brutal sex murders of four female minors – mostly about two young teenage girls aged 13 and 14 but also a bit about related murders of two little girls aged 8 and 10. If you can’t handle such material, don’t read!

The first sections deal with somewhat extraneous material that you may or may not find interesting. If you want to get to the real meat of the post, scroll down to Facts of the Main Suspect in the Case – Mr. X.

First, a pitch for support for this website and our sleuthing group:

Our private group is clearly the best Delphi sleuthing group on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded four years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuthers, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive. Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation. No one else has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

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On Accuracy

I estimate that 85

Bottom line is our theories now are dramatically more accurate than the 85

Thing is, over time your information tends to get better. You learn which rumors have promise and which have not panned out. Also, you develop better sources. We now have search party members who saw the crime scene; official case documents; the testimony of Leigh Kerr, a man who claims to have seen official case documents; accurate crime scene photos; and the best LE sources we have ever had. In the first four years, two LE officers only affirmed one rumor each. But now we have an excellent regular LE source close to the investigation giving us regular updates, the best LE source we’ve ever had.

Bottom line is the quality of our sources has increased dramatically over time. Consequently, the accuracy of our statements should go up a lot too. Our error rate at the moment is probably under 50

Qualification of Claims

You will see below where we regard certain things as Proven. That is because we got these statements either directly from LE, official case documents, or the same conclusions reached independently by two different sources (for this to be false, both sources would have had to make up the exact same lie), or from direct statements from one of the girls’ guardians. These are the only claims that people can hold us to because with all the rest, we openly admit that the claims are Unverified, so we should not be held to any of those claims.

The category below Proven is ally called Unverified with Different Qualifications. Keep in mind that we are not claiming that anything listed below as Unverified is true, although some it has a good chance of being true.

Unverified but Likely. In these cases, we have 4-5 separate sources, usually vaguely referred to as inside sources, testifying to the truth of something. Because of the number of people saying this rumor is true, it goes into the likely category.

Unverified with Some Likelihood of Being True is a common qualification. Most of Leigh Kerr’s and the search party member’s testimony has gone into this bracket because unfortunately, while we think they are right, we cannot regard their testimony as probative.

Unverified. Some claims are listed as unverified. These are simply unverified rumors.

Unverified and Probably Not True. This claims are quite dubious and we don’t suggest anyone put any weight into them.

The Uselessness of Most Delphi Murders Podcasters and Reddit Groups

Few of the illustrious Delphi Murders Youtubers has touched the real truth about this case as laid out in this website, probably because they are all narcissists who hate each other and hate anyone stealing their thunder. However, Mindtruth has done a number of episodes on our information and I thank Bruce for that very much. Remember how all these Youtubers trashed Leigh Kerr? That’s because he was competition. See? These guys are mostly narcissists and they don’t believe in cooperation. It’s all about the zero-sum game. One person wins and everyone else loses. I like some of these guys.

John Kelly has some good information. Indiana Cold Cases is similar and so is True Crime Jesus. Most of the rest are not bad people, but they are showboats, loudmouths, and boasters with egos the size of small planets. Every podcast is all about them! Obviously this is the only type of personality that is capable of podcasting – an egomaniac – on the other hand, their personality pathology limits the usefulness of their shows.

I tune in to their broadcasts and most of it is these narcissists collecting narcissistic supply, which is being doled out by their worshipful audience. Furthermore, almost nothing of consequence is being said, and it reminds you of a night with your friends drinking, and no one says one thing of importance for hours.

Most of these podcasts are silly speculation or talk about POI’s who are all ruled out. There is endless silly speculation in the comments about BG – “I think BG was a teenager…What if BG escaped on a hand glider?…What if BG is dead?…What if BG escaped to a deserted island where he now renamed himself Lord Jim and is now king of the savages?…What if BG is really a woman in drag?…What if BG is Mafia hitman?…Bla bla bla bla.”

I’m sure it’s very interesting to posit your wandering speculation about what if this or maybe something or possibly why, who or what, but at the end of the day, it’s writing words in the air with water vapor to be blown away with the next wind. Idle speculation at its finest. Apparently there is a human need to wonder, guess, and posit. Otherwise why do we have religions? Why do kids play make-believe?

I guess this need continues into adulthood, but I like a little meat on my bone.

The Reddit sites are pretty useless too, mostly because most posters regard the best sources on this crime as false. They’ve been doing this from the very start, so this is nothing new. These are mostly hate sites. Little if any good information comes out of these places. R/LibbyandAbby is awful, but it’s a lot better than r/DelphiMurders. And there are some good posters on r/LibbyandAbby; it’s just that they happen to be in the minority and all the best posters get downvoted to Hell and the people who are dead wrong get scores of upvotes!

R/DelphiMurders is completely useless due to their “no rumors or speculation” rules, which means that you can only discuss what is proven about the case, which after four years, is just about nothing. R/LibbyandAbby does allow rumors and speculations, so at least they get some good posts and posters, while the overall mood is still a downer.

However, there are some good posters, especially on r/LibbyandAbby. In particular, user/tobor is excellent.

The scope of this investigation in terms of who the police think did it and how it unfolded has been dramatically narrowed. We have the basic outlines of the crime sketched, and we’ve even filled in a lot of the blanks.

Questions Regarding My Credibility and Professionalism

Answers to questions about my credibility. I am creating a special article about this to link to in order to deal with the constant hate comments in this regard so I don’t have to keep going over this stuff in every update.

Finally, after Four Years, Acquisition of Good LE Sources

It turns out that we have acquired a sleuth who is a former detective. He’s bored and has nothing to do, so we recruited him to sleuth for us. He is happy to do so. He has connections with current LE officers.

We sent him off to dig into Mr. X. He went away for a bit and came back a while later with proof from LE that some of the things we have been reporting as rumors here are absolute fact. This source close to the retired detective will be referred to as an LE source close to the investigation.

Mr. X Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I am not revealing the name of the main suspect here and will only refer to him as Mr. X. I also request all commenters to also refer to him as Mr. X. I do this as a simple measure to try to protect his identity. I do not feel comfortable using his initials or certainly his name. I do not want to see this man or his family harassed in any way. No one knows if he did this crime or not. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

Yes, this man is the prime suspect at the moment, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Twice in the the Evansdale Murders, LE thought they were certain that they had the right man. Twice they were wrong. They have thought they had the right guy several times in the Zodiac case, but all of the suspects fell through.

Mr. X has is not even at the Person of Interest stage in this case. Person of Interest is a much higher standard than unnamed suspect, and he hasn’t even risen to that level yet. No one knows if Mr. X is guilty or not. I happen to think he probably did it, but what do I know?

LE doesn’t have much in the way of good, solid evidence against Mr. X. They have enough suggestive evidence to make them think he did it, but if you look a the nature of their actual evidence, it’s awfully thin. In fact, the rumor is that LE simply does not have enough evidence against Mr. X to take the case to court. DA’s require a very high standard of evidence to bring a homicide charge against someone. If the DA does not think he has enough evidence in a homicide case to win in court, they won’t take it to trial. At this point, they don’t even have enough for an arrest.

Say for instance LE arrested Mr. X and charged him with the double homicides of these two girls. If they tried to take it to court, I am almost certain that the judge would throw it out before it even got to the trial stage. The judge would say you don’t even have enough evidence against this man to take this case to court and throw it out of court. That’s very embarrassing.

Furthermore, homicide is the most serious thing you can charge anyone with. The judicial system likes to make sure that they get it right, if only to protect the due process rights of the accused.

There are cases like this all over the country.

A famous one is the Lewiston Killer in Lewiston, Idaho in the late 1970’s. He killed at least five people, specializing in young women. The police chief says he is 99

There is a suspected child killer in the Bay Area who is responsible for 5-10 child murders. They don’t have enough on the main suspect him to take him to trial, but they enough to think did it. A book has been published accusing this man of this crime. The main suspect is brazen, openly admits to being a pedophile, goes to the victims’ graves and leaves flowers, and visits the victims’ families to offer “solace for their losses.” See the sort of games these guys play? A police chief in Martinez accused the man of committing these crimes, and the man sued the city and won $50,000.

This is why you don’t hear LE openly accusing people of committing serious crimes like homicide unless they have enough evidence to take them to trial.

And those are just a few of the suspected serials running around free. There are many cases of homicides or attempted homicides in the same category.

If Mr. X Were on Trial for These Murders Today and I Were in the Jury, I Would Vote to Acquit Him

Yes, I think Mr. X did this crime. But my opinion isn’t worth anything. And if Mr. X was being tried today and I was on the jury, I would certainly vote to acquit. Because it doesn’t matter whether I think he’s guilty or not. The state has to prove it. If I were on the jury, the only thing I would care about was whether the state had proved that Mr. X committed this crime. And with the evidence they currently have, they haven’t proven it. So I would definitely hang the jury and let Mr. X walk, and in all probability, BG would be free to walk the streets again. That’s the price you pay to live in a free society.

Time to Give up on All These POI’s

This is getting ridiculous. No one has to believe me when I say LE has a main suspect, but there are number of suspects that ought to be put to rest.

Ron Logan: Enough already. Give it a rest, dammit! How many times has he been cleared? 242? Maybe we need to clear him a 243rd time then just to make sure! However, an interesting theory is that BG may have attempted to frame Ron Logan with this crime for obscure reasons. BG was dressed in clothes similar to what Ron wore, and he took the girls to Ron’s land and killed them there.

Mike Patty: Just stop, ok? Stop. He’s innocent. Leave this poor man alone, for God’s sake. Hasn’t he suffered enough? No, he didn’t kill his own granddaughter. Come on, people.

Becky Patty: Obviously they’re not accusing her of the homicides! The accusation is that she “knows something” or “knows way too much” and is covering for someone, presumably the killer. I doubt it. No one’s been hurt by this case more than Becky Patty. It’s as if she took the grief of a whole town under her breast and pledged to suffer for them all, Jesus-like. Not quite sainthood, but getting there. I heard that at the 2019 conference, she burst into tears. Of course she did. She still hasn’t been able to process this, assuming such a thing can ever be processed. She has channeled her pain into grief and sadness.

Others close to the victims, who I will not name, have channeled their grief into rage and lashing out at everyone around them. It’s an understandable reaction, but they’re not pleasant to be around. This person is externalizing their pain into rage and projecting it outwards at the world. I won’t reveal who I am talking about here though it should be obvious. I will say that Libby’s birth mother has also dealt with her loss by turning rageful. Both of these people were probably ragers before, so it’s not like they did a U-turn. Of course, we empathize with their losses, but sympathy wears thin when someone is screaming in your face. Let’s hope they find some peace.

The last person on Earth to “protect the killer” is poor Becky Patty, God bless her mortal soul.

Derrick German: Libby’s father, meth dealer, convict who served time in prison and supposedly ratted people out to get a lower sentence. He has dealt with his grief with silence and hiding himself away. I don’t know this man very well, but he wasn’t in on this crime.

Kelsi German: Sister of Libby. Kelsi’s DNA was the only DNA found on the bodies. Kelsi has been investigated quite a bit, and she has been interviewed a few times by the FBI, including a couple of times at her school. For whatever reason, she confuses facts all the time and can’t keep her stories straight. I have no idea why she’s doing this, but it’s not because she killed her own sister. Kelsi German has been cleared.

FSG, or DMC: Probably shouldn’t use his real name, but he’s on everybody’s suspect list. He was one of the original witnesses who saw BG and gave a description. Now he says he never saw BG at all. I guess he can’t make up his mind. He’s also thoroughly lawyered up, and he’s not saying a word. I get it. He’s a greedy businessman with dollar signs in fluttering eyes that sound like clanging cash registers every time he blinks. His favorite color is green: like the woods, like the loot. Hey, it’s a capitalist country, right? The theory is that he was in on these murders for mercenary reasons, such as a malign desire to purchase Ron Logan’s land. Sure he’s a greedy businessman, but I doubt if he’s that greedy.

FSG along with others present at the bridge have been investigated as possible lookouts for BG. Not because there’s any evidence that they were lookouts, but more because everyone in that situation at the time of the murders is being looked at that way. I’d be surprised if he were in on this, but stranger things have happened.

Paul Etter: A 55 year old local man of many interests. One of his many interesting hobbies was abducting and raping young women. But alas, he raped one lass too many, and the law closed in on him holed up in his home, which now resembled Dodge City. He saved society a lot of money by eating a bullet, freeing up some fresh air and making the world the tiniest bit of a better place. He raped women, not young teenage girls. He was the right age, but he doesn’t look like BG. LE has already looked into him quite a bit, and I assume he’s cleared.

CM: Not even going to bother to reveal his name. Professor at a local university, known for the Geocaching Theory. Some connection with Libby via geocaching. I was never aware that anyone had any good evidence against this harmless-looking fellow. Lawyered up, not talking. He’s afraid he’s going to be framed with these murders, a reasonable fear.

CN: Middle aged man, resident of Delphi. Well, he’s the right age anyway. Never knew what the case was against this man other than that he had property near the bridge, and he and his wife’s alibi of being out of the state traveling got a bit mangled. We all stumble over our words sometimes. He’s a local executive of a government function or perhaps better yet a nonprofit of some sort. Possibly works with kids. I’ve looked this man over and I can’t think of anyone less likely to commit this crime. His wife has taken to social media lately, pleading with people to stop harassing them and insisting he had nothing to do with this crime. Good advice. How bout taking it to heed, everyone?

Garrett Kirts: Local man, all around run of the mill bad person. He killed a woman. So he’s a murderer. He’s in prison where he belongs. I never knew what evidence anyone had against this guy except, “He kills chicks! So that means he killed these girls because they’re chicks too!” Doesn’t sound like a logical progression of thought to me. Empiricism is a thing. Besides, he’s the wrong age, 27-28. BG is a 50 year old man. Give it a rest, everyone.

Brad Holder: Brad’s son, Jason, was Abby’s boyfriend. Brad was a suspect for a while, and one of the detectives working on the case even stated off the record that he thought Brad did it. Holder has an alibi that he was working out at a gym at the time. In general, the less said about the other aspects of his life the better, and they have no relationship to this case anyway.

The point is that that Mr. Holder had nothing to do with this crime. And although he’s no no saint, I don’t think he has it in him to commit a crime like this. We wrote an article a while back pointing out that we felt Holder was innocent, and that set off a spate of hate mail and threats from him and his son, which we found odd. You write an article saying some guy’s not involved, and you get swamped with threats to track and hunt you down? I don’t get it.

Clearing Up Some Recent Attacks on Our Theories

It is being said that we are claiming all sorts of odd things about this crime, what happened, and the crime scene. We openly admit that much of what we are saying about this crime are unverified rumors. See below for which rumors we believe are proven and which are unverified.

Furthermore, when people say that I, Robert Lindsay, have no sources, no documents, on and on, please keep something in mind. “Robert Lindsay” isn’t just one guy. “Robert Lindsay” is the leader of a sleuthing group that presently has ~230 paid members. They all go off and do their own work. They have their own sources. On and on. These people are from all over the country and have expertise in all sorts of different areas.

So when you are saying, “No way does Lindsay have inside sources or official documents,” do you think it’s possible that a team of 230 sleuths all working together could have come up such things? Something to think about.

Specifically, we are getting much of the the following information straight from the cops themselves. Got it? Instead of bashing us, why don’t you ask why the cops are telling us this stuff? Are they deliberately lying to us? If so, why? Are we making up lies about getting information from police when we actually have no contacts with them? Why would we do that? We don’t do that on here and never have. For one, it’s a gross violation of journalistic ethics, and I was trained to be a journalist – I have a BA in Journalism and worked as an editor of a large magazine, among other things.

Facts about the Main Suspect in the Case – Mr. X

The motive is apparently lust murder motivated by sexual sadism combined with psychopathy, the classic formulation almost all serial killers have. The motive was sexual. This was a sex crime, a sex homicide.

We now know a lot of things about the main suspect, including the name, age, height, weight, marital status, possible offspring, address, names of wife and children, and history of his life.

These are the facts about the man LE suspects is BG. An asterisk means the information is proven via LE information leaked to us. A double asterisk means the information is proven by case documents in our possession.

Items known to be carried or worn by BG at the time of crime:

Loaded handgun in right jacket pocket, type unknown, possibly a rare .40mm collector’s item.

Members Only jacket, blue.

Old style 501 blue jeans from the 1980’s – Dad jeans.

Indiana Packers boots.

Camouflage hunting cap.

Go Pro camera on waist.

Deer kit on waist with five hunting knives.

White scarf covering the lower half of his face.

Bottle of toilet bowl cleaner in left pocket.*


Known facts about the personal life of the main suspect, Mr. X.:

Birthplace: Illinois.

Residence history: Unknown for first 18 years, possibly Illinois. Delphi, Indiana from at least 1984-2021. Resident of Delphi in 1984-85 at minimum.

Important residence periods: Moved to Evansdale, Iowa in 2011-2012 to work at a slaughterhouse possibly aligned with Tyson Foods there. Was present when the Evansdale Murders occurred. Homeless for a period in the 2000’s, where he resided at a homeless shelter.

Education history: Primary and junior high unknown.

Senior high school: First years unknown but graduated from Delphi High School in 1984-85.

Age at time of crime: 49-50 (uncertain).

Present age: 53-54 (uncertain).

Race: White.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Facial hair: Goatee or trimmed beard.

Height: Approximately 5’8.

Weight: Approximately 180.

Sexual age orientation: Pedohebephilia, nonexclusive, AOA 8-14.

Sexual object orientation: Heterosexual.

Residence at time of crime: Delphi, Indiana since 1984. Recently moved to a small city nearby, possibly due to the heat of being a suspect in the crime. Lists a factory as place of residence.

Employment history: Unknown prior to 2011. May have worked at Tyson Foods slaughterhouse in Logansport, Indiana and sister facility in Waterloo, Iowa in 2011-2012. Employed at two factories in nearby towns as a machine operator in recent years.

Occupation: Handicrafter making wooden signs.

Distance of residence from crime scene at the time of the crime: Less than 2 miles to the east along the creek.

Familiarity with crime location: Extreme. Friends with Ron Logan on whose property the crime occurred. Frequently hunted deer on Ron’s land. Clearly very familiar with the area of the crime and perhaps knew it as well as the back of his hand.

Marital status: Married, rocky and tumultuous marriage with breakups where they go live on their own and later get back together. At least two prior marriages.

Children: Two daughters, one ~22, another ~30. Ages approximate. One stepson, age 21 with the same first and last names.

Relationship with younger daughter: Excellent, she is very fond of him.

Relationship with older daughter and stepson: Unknown.

Important friendships: Very casual friend of Mike Patty, father of one of the girl victims. Possible Harley buddies (friends who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles), as Mike is an avid Harley rider. There is a rumor of a falling out between the two men at some time before the crime. What that has to do with anything is not known. Hunting partner of Anthony Greeno, podcaster who has reported on the case avidly.

Hobbies: Raising goats, riding and fixing up Harley-Davidson motorcycles, very avid deer hunter, handicrafting wooden signs.

Specific Information about the Crime Confirmed to Us by the Police

Numbers 1-4 were told to a retired detective who works with one of our team members us by an LE source close to the investigation. The LE source didn’t work on the case. Henceforth, he will be known as LE Source A.

Number 5 was told to JM, an excellent local sleuth, and then to us by an Indiana detective who works in Narcotics based on crime scene photos he had seen. The Narcotics detective did not work on the case. We also heard it from someone very close to a detective who was working on the case who had confided in them.

Number 6, an extremely controversial statement, was told to JM and then to us by a sheriff in a nearby county. The sheriff’s deputy did not work on the case.

  • Both girls were posed. Keep in mind that they did not say how they were posed, if they were posed in a sexual manner, etc. Source: LE Source A (see above).
  • Doll(s) were scattered about the crime scene. We have two LE sources for this information. The first source, the same as above, said there were quite a few of them. He said, “There were so many dolls scattered around that it looked like he had gone to the Goodwill store and bought a bunch of dolls.” This also answers questions about why the cops have been using phrases like “odd,” “peculiar,” “strange,” not your average crime scene,” “many signatures,” etc. It fits right in with all of that. The second source was asked if there was one doll or more than one doll and would only state, “at least one doll was found at the crime scene.” Sources: The first source is LE Source A. The second source is brand new information from a high-ranking figure from directly inside the investigation!
  • A bottle of toilet cleaner was found at the crime scene. Presumably it was used to throw bleach over everything, which solves the riddle of why no usable DNA was collected in this case. Source: LE Source A.
  • The girls were “violated with inanimate objects.” Source: LE Source A.
  • Sticks, twigs, and branches were jammed into the girls lower orifices. Presumably this is what the “violated with inanimate objects” statement above refers to this. Note: A new rejoinder is that both of the girls were found clothed. This is not true. Libby was nude. Abby may have been naked below the waist. Sources: A narcotics detective in Indiana and the wife of a detective working on the case, who posted this on the Internet.
  • One girl was in the early stage of pregnancy. This is one very old rumor that started up within a few weeks of the murder. The first person who told me that was a middle aged woman who lived in the area. Just saying that for everyone who accuses me of making this up. This rumor just would not die. We hated reporting on it, but it kept popping up over and over, so we had to keep reporting it. We were never sure if it was true or not, so it was always just another unverified rumor. We didn’t want to bring this up because we’ve caught so much crap for it, but we felt we had to because an Indiana LE officer stated to us that this  was actually true. When we get information straight from the police, we feel we must report it. This is not something we relish reporting. His exact quote was, “One of the girls was in the very early stages of pregnancy.” He did not state which girl it was.  We have an idea which girl it might be, but we are not going to upset people even more by naming the girl. If this is true, then the girl was 6-8 weeks pregnant, when pregnancy is hard to diagnose but can be confirmed on autopsy. Specifically, there will be a thickening of the walls of the uterus that can be determined at this time. Our information is that at least one girl was sexually active. We don’t know which girl that refers to. That’s all we know. One girl had PIV sex at least one time. This is important to know if there is a question of one possibly being pregnant because in order to get pregnant, you have to be sexually active. People are furious with us for reporting this because they say we are sullying these girls’ reputations, thereby disqualifying them for posthumous sainthood. We do not feel that inexperienced 13-14 year old girls have some sort of purity that can be dirtied, nor do we feel that a girl this age sullies her reputation by engaging in PIV sex. People who think like this are prudes, Puritans, and sex haters. We do not feel that it is immoral for 13-14 year old girls to have PIV sex or to get pregnant. It’s stupid for them to get pregnant, but it’s not immoral. ~15

    Specific Information about the Crime Confirmed to Us Via Official Case Documents in Our Possession

    Update: We can now state that one of these documents is a search warrant, specifically for the Maxwell home. We also have at least one other search warrant for another home. In addition, we may have more documents. For information on these documents, see the special section below where their nature and provenance is explained. The search warrant list a number of items that LE is looking for.

    A pair of binoculars. This lines up nicely with Leigh Kerr’s testimony where he said that BG used binoculars in this crime.

    Photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, and film. In other words, LE are convinced that BG filmed or videotaped his crime. The only way they could know this is if the rumors about BG sending photos or video of the crime to Abby’s phone after the crime occurred are true. So the rumor that he filmed the crime and sent the film to a victim’s phone is proven. This proves more of Leigh Kerr’s testimony where he said BG sent photos or video to one of the girl’s phones after the crime.

    43 seconds of audio. It is interesting that they are looking for precisely 43 seconds of audio. LE must know that BG recorded 43 seconds of audio, presumably of his crime. But how could they possibly know this? Only if he had sent this much audio to one of the girls’ phones after the crime.

    A handgun, in order to do ballistics tests on it. This means that they have at least one fired cartridge. BG must have fired his gun at some point in this crime. The rumor that there was a spent cartridge at the scene is therefore confirmed. The gun is a rare collector’s item, possibly a .40mm. In the case of the search of the Maxwell home, a gun was taken from the home in order to do ballistics tests on it. The gun failed the tests and was returned to the home.

    Knives. He is wearing a deer kit, which contains five different types of knives.

    Clothing soaked in blood, seen and unseen. This blood will probably will not come out with the wash. The documents state that the wound to one of the girls was so brutal that the blood splatter would have been dramatic, drenching the killer’s clothes in blood.

    Specific mention is made that the girls were abducted at exactly 2:13 PM. The crime occurred on February 13, or 2/13. As you can see, the numbers are the same. People are saying this is a coincidence, but apparently LE does not believe it is coincidental.

    Some Aspects of the Crime Scene Not Verified by LE But Instead Verified by Two People Working Independently and Coming to the Same Conclusion, One Sleuth and One Witness or Two Witnesses

    Those aspects of the crime are the following:

  • Both girls were posed with their legs spread wide in a sexual posing. Source: A female member of the search team and our analysis of the crime scene photos.
  • There was a knife sticking out of the log next to one girl’s head. Source: A female member of the search team and our analysis of the crime scene photos.
  • There was some sort of a large object, apparently of toy, at the crime scene that was too large for BG to have had it with him on the bridge. That is the statement from the woman on the search team. While we see a giant plush bear, that’s too weird, so we will defer to the search party lady and agree with her statement. Source: A female member of the search team and our analysis of the crime scene photos.
  • Dolls were hanging from trees at the crime scene. Source: Two female members of the search team.
  • Cause of death of one girl was a deep cut to the throat. Source: A conversation with one girl’s guardian and a photograph of this victim’s funeral, which we have chosen not to release, backing up the guardian’s statement.
  • We feel that these facts are validated because in 1-3, they were seen by us in the crime scene photos and also by a female search party member at the scene, in 4, they were seen by two separate female search party members who had never talked to each other, and in 5, it was verified by a conversation with the girl’s guardian herself backed up by a postmortem photo.

    Here’s whole bunch of those bears mixed in with a bunch of humans.

    In all four instances, people arrived at their conclusions independently of the other party. What are the odds that both parties made up these specific lies on their own? Almost zero. That’s good enough for us to be probative.

    One wonders, how the Hell does one cart a five foot bear to a crime scene? The bear comes in a totally flattened out and easily transported package when you first get it.

    Interpretations of Some Aspects of the Crime Scene Photos Now Proven (Crime Scene Photos Now Proven to Be Actually That)

    The crime scene photos have been widely trashed as paraedolia. Nevertheless, as you can see above, three things that we spotted in the crime scene photos have been verified by independent sources in the search party, so the fact that these are crime scene photos is now proven.

    Rumors That Are Now Confirmed Via LE Source A, an LE Source Close to the Investigation

    LE Believes Mr. X is BG

    Via LE Source A, LE has a main suspect in the Delphi Murders, Mr. X, and the case is focused on him. All other POI’s are dropped or cleared at least as being the killers themselves. However, it is still not clear that Mr. X did this on his own or if someone helped him. LE would also be interested in anyone who may have helped Mr. X after the crime, perhaps burning evidence or whatever.

    It is important to note that you are under no obligation to tell the police anything. I could know that some guy was a serial killer with 10 victims, and I don’t have to go to the police. He could have even confessed to me, but I am still not under obligation to tell the cops. The one thing I cannot do is help him get away with his crimes, that is, be an accessory

    Anyway, LE believes that Bridge Guy is Mr. X. They’re not looking at anyone else. They think he did it.

    LE Believes that Bridge Guy (Mr. X) Is a Serial Killer and Was Also Responsible for the Evansdale Murders

    Via LE Source A, we learned that LE has only recently started to believe that BG (Mr. X) is also responsible for the Evansdale Murders. Much more on that below.

    LE Believes There Are Similarities Between the Evansdale and Delphi Double Homicides

    Via LE Source A, we have learned that in both crimes:

    1. There was posing. So, yes, although the Evansdale girls were mere skeletons when found, LE believes they were posed.
    2. Girls in the pedohebephilic age range (8-14 years old) were brazenly abducted two at once from trails in busy parks in rural Midwestern towns in the middle of daytime with many people around.
    3. The bodies were dumped near flowing water, creeks or rivers.
    4. A number of strange objects were found around the Evansdale girls similar to the bizarre images decorating the Delphi crime scene.

    Unconfirmed Rumors Not Validated by the Police

    The following are unverified rumors with at least some probability of being true:

    1. A sheet with a smiley face on it at the crime scene, possibly hung from a tree. Source: A female member of the search team.
    2. Phallic objects, specifically a log and a doll, placed next and perpendicular to the genitals of the girls to give the impression that they were being sexually penetrated by these objects. A log was placed in front of one of the girls, and a doll was placed in front of the other girl. Source: A female member of the search team.
    3. A girl’s hand wrapped around a knife which was plunged into a log that she was resting her head on. The knife in the log was located near the girl’s right shoulder. The girl’s hand was wrapped around the knife to make it appear that she was stabbing herself. Source: A female member of the search team.

    Rumors About the Crime Scene Not Verified by Indiana LE and Hence Still Mostly Unconfirmed, with Varying Confidence Levels

    Indiana LE did not validate the rumors about some aspects of the crime scene such as:

    1. Presence of a crucifix. Source: A female member of the search party.
    2. A series of events where one girl screamed and then was quickly hit on the head with a blunt object, which we believe is a gun butt. Source: Leigh Kerr.
    3. Stabbing of one girl in the neck artery at some point after the above events. Source: Leigh Kerr.

    More Weirdness Abounds: 2/13, 2:13, and 2-13

    This is probably one of the flat-out weirdest aspects of the case of all. The crime was committed in February 13 or 2/13. In the documents we have, it is openly stated that BG abducted the girls at precisely 2:13 PM. Some insist that this is merely a coincidence, but apparently LE do not think it is coincidental. If so, this proves that this crime was planned nearly down to the minute. The date of the crime and the time of the abduction are both 2-13. Apparently he planned this abduction to occur at precisely this time, which is shocking. In addition, note that he abducted two girls on the 13th, 2-13.

    2/13, 2:13, 2-13. What is this guy, another Zodiac? Is he into numerology? Is there any meaning to these numbers or is he just playing sneaky, tricky games with us like these guys often do. These crimes are often a great big game to these guys, and they often try to insert clever little coincidences into their crimes, probably just to freak people out and make themselves seem diabolically clever, evil geniuses.

    It is interesting to note that the Evansdale girls were also abducted on the 13th. And two girls were abducted there also. 2-13 again.

    The DNA and Fingerprint Questions

    The main suspect’s DNA is found in the forest around the crime scene. However, he was one of the searchers who found the bodies, and he was also known to have searched the area in the dark the previous evening. Hence, none of his DNA from the forest around the girls is usable.

    BG threw toilet cleaner over the girls and every object at the crime scene, thereby eliminating most if not all of the usable DNA. The only DNA found on the girls was that of Kelsi, sister of Libby. Kelsi has been cleared.

    There is a rumor that LE has a partial DNA sample from an unknown male from one of the girls. Problem is they only have nine markers on that partial sample. That’s not very many. Conceivably, perhaps ~10

    These partial DNA samples are useful to LE. For instance, if LE have a suspect, and they have a partial present in 10

    About those fingerprints.

    LE themselves have admitted that they have one smudged fingerprint. They don’t say where they collected it from, but that’s an important question. However, smudged prints are of very dubious value. They’re generally unusable. We wish people would stop talking about fingerprints.

    The Lady Walking Her Dogs at the Bridge at 12:30 PM on the Day of the Murders

    This is a rumor that a woman walking her dogs on the bridge at 12:30 PM on the day of the murders, a full hour before BG probably appeared on the trails at 1:30 PM, saw a man who looked like the Young BG sketch. She described his eyes as dark and evil.

    Quit Referencing LE’s Statements at the 2019 Press Conference (The “Fakeference”) As Factual

    BG is obviously a middle-aged man around 50. You can tell by many things – gait, body shape, manner of walking, voice, etc. LE actually believes BG was 49-50 years old when he committed the crime. If LE actually believes that BG was 50 years old, why did they put out this statement that he looks like this ridiculous sketch of a very young man or even an 18-40 year old man? Why would they deliberately contradict their own beliefs? Easy, they were lying!

    Pay no attention to the first sketch, which looks like a middle aged man, Mr. X. Instead pay attention to this new sketch, some kid.

    And at the end, Carter says, “He may even be in this room right now,” (he was in fact) and then looks in the complete opposite direction of Mr. X.

    The truth is that some of the things LE said in that conference are true. The sketch of the younger man is the catfish of the 19 year old boy used to lure in Libby from Snapchat.

    And Mr. X or BG is the one who used that catfish to bring Libby in. So when LE said the younger sketch is the one who committed the crime, they were correct! He did commit the crime because the younger sketch is just BG in catfish form, his other younger personality that he used to snare victims.

    And when they said BG was actually better described as a combination of both sketches, they were correct too. BG himself is both the catfish young man and the older man who is the actual killer, so he is “both sketches at once,” obviously.

    Also note that LE are now acting like they think the young catfish did the crime, not the older BG.

    Granted, we don’t have any evidence that this is true other than Leigh Kerr’s statements. We regard Leaker as credible, but we now demand sources beyond his level to be considered probative. Hence, formally, everything Leaker said has gone into unconfirmed rumors other than the things we were able to confirm from other probative sources.

    We currently feel that this is the best explanation of the facts. Can we prove it? No. But all theories must be judged against their competitors (Occam’s). Put the competing theory to the logic test. Is there any way on Earth that BG could look like the young man in that sketch or even an 18-40 year old? Get real. When we line the two theories against each other, ours wins hands down. Hence, following Occam’s, our theory is the best explanation of the facts.

    Mr. X’s Employment at a Packing Plant in Indiana and Possible Connection to the Evansdale Murders Verified by LE Source A

    Via LE Source A, Mr. X ‘s roommate in 2011-2012 in Delphi told LE that BG was absolutely Mr. X. The voice was a good match, the clothes “looked familiar,” and the walk was dead on. The roommate also said he suspected Mr. X of the Evansdale Murders because during the time of the Evansdale Murders, Mr. X and the roommate were both over in Evansdale being put up in hotels for months while they worked on a plant there.

    Many people from the Delphi area have gone over to went over to Evansdale to work on plants over there. These seem to have been packing plant workers in the Delphi area who get transferred over to the Evansdale area for periods of time to work on sister plants over there. The two men may have been working at the Tyson plant in Logansport, Indiana and may have been shipped to the sister Tyson plant in Waterloo, Iowa, where they were put up temporarily in motels for months at a time.

    If this roommate is correct, it looks like Mr. X worked in 2011-2012 at as packing plant in the Delphi area, and he was moved to near Evansdale, Iowa for a period during these two years to work on a sister plant near Evansdale.

    BG made a deep cut to the throat of one victim, probably with a hatchet, that resembles the deep cuts made to the throats of pigs at some slaughterhouses. Notice that BG committed his crime with large knives or hatchets, his preferred weapon. Mr. X also cuts up a lot of deer that he shoots for food. To do this, he uses the knives the deer kit that BG has around his waist. So it looks like Mr. X is using to cutting up dead and possibly living animals with large knives. And humans are animals too.

    The Mystery of BG’s Indiana Packers Boots

    There was an early raid on the Indiana Packers plant in Delphi that was done by LE. Remember that they came out with a pair of boots? They showed the boots in an evidence bag to the media later on that night, and they said, “Oh, this is nothing. Don’t pay any attention to that.”

    It turns out that BG’s shoes are dead perfect matches for Indiana Packers workboots. If he is wearing Indiana Packers workboots, this solves one more question. How did BG get across that knee-high stream in the middle of winter without nearly getting hypothermia and needing a change of clothes? Indiana Packers workboots go up to knee-high, and they are waterproof. So if he wore Packers boots to do his crime, he would have been able to cross that cold stream where the water is knee-deep. He could have worn those boots over his jeans, and he wouldn’t have gotten wet.

    However, we presently lack evidence that Mr. X worked at Indiana Packers. There is evidence that may have worked at a Tyson packing plant in Logansport in 2011-2012.

    Which begs the question, if Mr. X is BG, how did he come to acquire a pair of Indiana Packers boots, which is what he appears to be wearing during his crime?

    Weird Behavior of Mr. X Surrounding His Truck at the Crime Scene

    We now have a better time frame for Mr. X’s truck being parked at the cemetery. Note that it was parked in head first. We believe he staged the crime with these elaborate props either before or after the crime from this exact location. We don’t know why he asked permission to search Ron Logan’s land at 6:30 PM, but this is also a huge red flag because he asked to search the land a full half hour before the fire department had even announced the formation of a search team.

    Not only that, but Mr. X’s alibi is that he was in another town from 2:15-3:15 PM on the day of the crime. That would mean he would have had to drive back to Delphi by at least 3:45 and possibly later, depending on what town he was in and when he left. The problem here is that before 5:30 PM, no one knew the girls were missing other than the families and a few friends.

    He could have called his wife, who was friends with Becky Patty, and the wife could have told him about the girls going missing. But that would mean that Becky Patty would have to say that she called the wife. We doubt if she did contact his wife. They weren’t that close.

    After 5:30 PM, news of the girls going missing went out over the police scanner. We suppose if was listening to a police scanner, he could have known that early, but what’s the likelihood of Mr. X listening to a police scanner between 5:30-6:30 PM on the day of the crime? We would say it is low.

    He parked 1,000 feet away from Ron’s door, almost a quarter mile away. Why didn’t he pull up to his front door? We don’t know about you all, but when we go visit our friends, we generally don’t park a quarter mile away and hike in. We park right at the front door.

    We also don’t know what he was doing searching down there that night. We also do not know why out of all of the places to search, he happened to pick the exact location where the girls were killed. However, this early searching meant that he could use his “lost my keys” excuse as a reason why his car just happened to be parked for 18 straight hours soon after the crime and right above where the girls were found because he could say the next day that he lost them during the previous evening’s search.

    It is interesting that Mr. X appears to have stayed with his truck from 6:30 PM to on Monday, February 13, to 12:30 PM Tuesday, February 14 when the girls were found. That’s a full 18 hours. Why on Earth would someone stay next to their truck all through one evening and night through the next early AM and morning into the afternoon? It doesn’t seem like a normal person would stay at that location for all that time.

    We believe he could have been staging that elaborate crime scene during that time. Where his truck was parked was a five minute walk to the crime scene. If he had those objects found at the crime scene in his truck, he could have easily carried them down to the crime scene and used them to stage it with the objects.

    Mr. X needed the lost his keys excuse to explain how he stayed in that spot for 18 hours. If he didn’t have his keys, he could not move his truck. He could have gone home, but for some reason he stayed with his truck. Did he eat? Where did he get the food and what was the food? Did he sleep? If so, where and when? Urinating is no problem, but what if he had to defecate? That would have been quite a problem. It doesn’t seem reasonable to stay out there all that time for no good reason.

    But it’s even worse than that.

    Even after the girls were recovered, Mr. X stayed around through all of the media and police hubbub for the next eight hours, from 12:30 PM to 8:30 PM, so his truck was out at the crime scene for 26 full hours, with Mr X presumably with it the entire time. Why on Earth would anyone hang around near their vehicle for a full day just because they lost their keys? Were they are waiting for God Himself to come bring the keys?

    We believe Mr. X stayed with the truck all that time in order to watch it. If he left, LE might tow it or search it. He stayed to guard his truck. We believe he did this because there may have been incriminating evidence in there.

    Another reason he stayed is we believe that he enjoyed the drama. Everyone was crowding around to look at the crime he had committed. He was right in the middle of all the police and media, and no one suspected him. I’m sure that was a LOL feeling for him. “These idiot cops. They’re swarming all over this crime scene, and the killer is standing right here under their noses in the midst of the chaos for hours, and these coptards can’t figure this out.” We think he likes to fool and troll LE. “I’m fooling the cops, ha ha!” is the thinking.

    Why did Mr. X not drive his truck away when it was in the way of all of the police cars? He had his keys with him, so why didn’t he move his truck when they asked him to instead of lying and saying he couldn’t because he had lost his keys? LE asked him to move the vehicle. He said he had lost his keys and was going to call his wife to bring a spare set of keys to him.

    Three problems with that story:

    1. We believe he never lost his keys.
    2. We believe he never called the wife to ask her to bring a spare set.
    3. We believe there was no spare set in the first place.

    At 8:20 PM, the police scanner said that A., Mr. X’s wife, was coming to bring Mr. X a spare set of keys. This has been misrepresented by doubters as the scanner saying to let Mrs. X into the sealed off area because she’s bringing Mr. X his keys. We believe he just told LE she was coming, it went out over the scanner, and she never showed up.

    There are unconfirmed rumors Mr. X’s truck was towed after his wife never came to bring the car keys and that Mr. X’s truck was never searched by police.

    Mr. X’s wife, his daughter, and Becky Patty are now putting out a story that Mr. X never lost his keys in the first place. We agree with that because we think they were sitting in his pocket the whole time! Also, a copy of the police scanner is available showing that Mr. X’s wife is supposed to be coming to the site to retrieve Mr. X’s truck. The only reason his wife would be coming to the site to retrieve his keys is if he lost his keys and she was coming to deliver a spare set.

    We believe that his truck got towed later on when his wife never showed up with the keys, that Mr. X searched Ron Logan’s land that evening with two other men, and that he left his truck sitting in that same spot for 18 hours until the next day when the bodies were found. However, these are all unconfirmed rumors.

    LE caught Mr. X in the lies about losing his keys, calling his wife to bring him a spare, and a spare even existing in the first place. LE doesn’t like being lied to, especially when they are investigating a double homicide. This what first aroused LE suspicions of Mr. X.

    The rejoinders also say that either he never lost his keys or he did and he called the wife to bring a spare, and she did, evidence being the police scanner. But the scanner doesn’t say she came to bring the keys. It said  she was coming to deliver the keys. We believe she never showed up, he never called the wife, he never lost his keys in the first place, and there was no spare set. We believe this because this is what we were told.

    Mr. X’s Traumatic Reaction upon Discovering the Bodies Appears Staged and Fake

    Mr. X not only discovered the bodies, but he ran away in terror afterwards. Like a coward, we would add. Then he needed 2-3 months of therapy to work through this traumatic experience. We believe that those reactions were overblown. No one else reacted that way. Not even Becky Patty and she was probably more devastated than anyone and probably still is.

    So Mr. X was more traumatized by this crime than anyone else, including the victim’s grandmother who was hurt more than anyone. We believe that the running away and months of therapy were also “staged.” In other words, they were faked. Faked to make it look like he could not possibly have committed the crime because he was more devastated than anyone else.

    We Don’t Have a Copy of the Gag Order Supposedly Issued about the Towing of a Truck from the CPS Building on February 14

    People are saying that we have a copy of the gag order that was issued on the towing of the truck at the CPS building. We believe that this happened in the first place because a photo exists of a truck being towed from the CPS building around February 14. We do not have a copy of that gag order, but we were told that one had been issued by the courts. We have no idea why the order was issued. The idea that a gag order was issued on this truck is an unconfirmed rumor.

    Nature of Case Documents in My Possession

    We do indeed have documents from the case. A man was a suspect in this crime, and one document, a search warrant, are from LE’s investigation of him. The doc is his property. He ran off for s copy for us and sent it to us in the mail. He got turned in because two brothers for some reason were saying that he was BG. There are signatures on the document. The sigs are from the FBI and a court official.  you’re smart enough you should be able to figure it out by these bomb-sized hints we keep dropping.

    The man who owns the document is not happy with us going public with these docs. He doesn’t want to get uncovered revealing official case documents to the media.

    Another document we have is another search warrant, this time for the Maxwell property. We obtained this document via a public records request.

    We may or may not have from 1-8 more official case documents from this case.

    Mr. X’s Criminal Record

    The only crime on Mr. X’s record is an expunged conviction for statutory rape from 1984 in Indiana when he 18 and the girl was 14. Mr. X was a senior in high school at the time. The girl could well have been his high school freshman girlfriend.

    The conviction is expunged. Expunged just means taken out of public records. LE still has access to the conviction. One of our team members talked to a detective in Kentucky a couple of years ago who told us about this expunged conviction.

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  • 133 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update April 13, 2021: Stunning Rumors about the Murders and Related Matters Now Officially Proven!”

    1. Then there is always the question of his occupation. If he is a poser, which is the worst of the worst, and he has a transport company, that gives him carte blanche to move around in committing more crimes of this nature in different parts of the country as he travels. Point is that he may have never had ceased offending.

        1. By that I mean that he probably has offended many times but being transient affords one the luxury of not getting caught. He could offend today in say, Ohio and offend in Illinois and be in his journey back home to commit more offenses. Logistical occupations, Construction workers etc who travel have free reign.

          1. Ok he has committed some sort of sex crimes or other or weird crimes like peeping and whatnot. And possibly even other rapes and homicides.

            1. I would like to email this , as it is not particularly relevant to the comments on this page. However, I do not know how to contact you Sir. I I heard the girls say repeatedly, It’s Elementary Watson, and 2 plus 2 equals 4. I am hoping this will possibly fit with somone elses knowledge and it will be helpful.

            2. On the photo of BG on the bridge, does anyone else see handcuffs instead of camera/knife bag? In a blown-up pic of him, you can clearly see that it has the shape of handcuffs. This would explain how he could control two teens from running away as well as using a fake gun and badge.

              Could it that the killers were middle aged men, DP and – not sure yet, maybe FSG – but both dressed exact same so people would be confused? It’s odd how there is that other photo of what looks like BG sitting on park bench. It could explain why there was such a drastic image change of BG from first sketch to second one

          2. How do you know that LE has someone they believe is BG? Are you speculating? How do you know he had a deer kit and how many knives he had? Is that also speculation? To say these girls had things shoved in them without proof is horrible for their parents. I am friends with one of the parents and to my knowledge, no one has been told if this was sexual or not, only people have speculated.

            1. How do you know that LE has someone they believe is BG? Are you speculating?

              We have an LE source, a detective in Indiana, who told us just that. We believe him.

              How do you know he had a deer kit and how many knives he had? Is that also speculation?

              Because that is a deer kit around his waist. That is all it can possibly be. Only a deer kit looks just like that. Deer kits have five knives, so we assume this one does too.

              To say these girls had things shoved in them without proof is horrible for their parents.

              There’s only one parent. The others are guardians. Tough shit. Too fucking bad. This is what happened. Furthermore, we have two different LE sources, both detectives in Indiana, tell us that this is exactly what happened.

              I am friends with one of the parents and to my knowledge, no one has been told if this was sexual or not, only people have speculated.

              There’s only one parent. The rest are guardians. That’s because they haven’t been told shit. Cops have told us more than they told any of those guardians. Who are you friends with. You said parent, so that gives me a clue. If it’s who I think it is, you can tell her I said that. We all go through shit in our lives, but if she wants to stop making enemies, she can stop picking fights. Until then, the enemies will keep attacking.

              Oh, one more thing. Tell her I said HAVE A NICE DAY!

              Ok? Thanks.

            2. Oh, one more thing, Jim. I have one more message for you.

              HAVE A NICE DAY!

            3. Actually, Jack, the families do not know at all. I’m not sure if it’s better that way or not. IMHO there is a main suspect, and I don’t really care if everyone is pointing elsewhere. I’m really worried about people bothering or harming this guy and his family. Guilty until proven innocent!

    2. I’m limited in my sleuthing skills. My background is nowhere near close to any qualifications for this. In fact just based on what I have going on, researching this case is the absolute last thing I should be doing, but its drawing me in, and I cant help it.

      I want to be respectful to someone who is innocent until proven guilty also. I am trying to be vague.

      So yeah, if you type in Mr X’s real govt registered name into the old YT, you get a handful of cryptic videos, slideshows with creepy music typical for this sort of thing. BTW whats up with all the psychic stuff? I realize unsolved would be a magnet for that but wow. Anyhow on YT one of the titles says “former cheerleader.” Not that that’s necessarily relevant to the case, just that one of your pics above makes more sense now lol.

      Another one of the videos had what I’m assuming is a LinkedIn profile of some sort spliced into the slide show for a brief moment. You had mentioned in one of your blogs not being sure what he did for a living. It says at one point apparently Machine Operator as a title, but then the vid definitely makes it a point to focus on “Christian Teen Club.” Not sure what the implication is there, but one can certainly imagine.

        1. Oh they’re not made by him. I didn’t mean to imply that, sorry. They’re Delphi related videos comparing his appearance to BG.

          1. Paul, I know exactly what videos you are talking about on YouTube. The guy that is making those videos about Mr X, and the guy by the name of Derek godsey. He uses all kinds of weird aliases. But it’s definitely him! And Mr X was involved in a Christian teen club! He was like a manager there or something, in Delphi!!!

      1. You don’t have to join. A lot of my friends didn’t join. It’s $20. I can’t demand that my friends give me money!

    3. If one of the girls was pregnant, was the pregnancy a result of intercourse with Mr X? If so, wouldn’t the coroner be able to obtain DNA from the fetus? Was Mr X aware of the pregnancy and the murder was to hide that fact?

        1. Correct. Probably at least 6 weeks pregnant if the rumors are true. I’m not sure if pregnancy can be confirmed via autopsy before 6 weeks.

          Thank you for stopping by the site!

      1. Mr. X did not have PIV sex with either girl. Instead they were penetrated with inanimate objects, which, last time I checked, do not cause pregnancy. Anyway, even if there was PIV sex, the victim would have died soon after the sex and the tiniest speck of a fetus, the size of a pencil dot on a sheet of paper, along with it.

        If so, wouldn’t the coroner be able to obtain DNA from the fetus?

        Good question and we have no answer to it. If the father was an underage boy, I’m not sure anyone cares. If it was an adult male, that changes things considerably.

        Was Mr X aware of the pregnancy and the murder was to hide that fact?

        It is certainly an interesting question, is it not?

        Thank you for stopping by the site!

        1. Robert,

          Great to see you “back on the case”! I’ve followed your articles over the past four years and find your insight quite interesting!

          You mentioned a pic of CSI workers with a “doll” a couple of days ago – did anything come of this?

          Keep up the great work.

          J in Indy

          1. Thank you so much! At least some people like me.

            I still have the pic. You want me to put it up? Thing is, we can’t figure out if it is a crumpled piece of paper, dried leaves, a stuffed toy, or a doll. I tend to think it’s a doll. Want me to put it up anyway? Were you a member of the private group?

        2. If the killer had that weird and I would assume rare fetish with the sticks, branches and stakes, maybe the local sex workers may know exactly who it is? Sex workers talk, rumours saved a lot of workers in Vancouver during Pickton’s reign of terror.

      2. I am thinking that maybe which ever one was pregnant may not have known. Young girl’s menstrual cycles can be so messed up until possibly a few years later. Abby was the one that had the boyfriend. The autopsy of the other would know if she was a virgin and even if the killer violated her with whatever she would have bled a little so that could have been detected also. I think this whole crime scene was severely compromised but still doable
        to find the killer or team of killers.

        1. At 13 and 14 the cycles are messed up bad. This may extend to age 15. Pregnancies are also risky for 13 and 14 year old girls. Not so much for 15 year old girls. I think cycles finally straighten out at age 15.

          No, the other girl was also having sex with males and she also had a boyfriend. Apparently neither girl was a virgin and both girls were sexually active in terms of PIV sex.

          We think the girl knew she was pregnant. See the photo “We’ve got a secret?” We think the secret is that one girl is pregnant. Also there are rumors that the girl left a note explain her pregnancy in a tree in her backyard.

    4. It has been said there were dolls and stuffed animals around the girls. Wouldn’t 13-14 year old girls be past dolls and stuffed animals? What would be Mr X reason for leaving them there? Besides being psycho.

      1. Haven’t the faintest idea except this:

        Besides being psycho.

        That’s probably your answer. Thank you for stopping by the site.

    5. The case for Mr. X is as solid as ever. The dots connecting back to Iowa with the Tyson plant etc is great investigative work.

      I saw the local Delphi News footage from the week of the murders where they interview Ron Logan while they are actually searching his property. He states when he got home that night (13th) one of his neighbors had came over to ask if he could search his property, looking for the girls. So Mr. X did not ask him to search for his keys, he was officially asking to search for the girls according to ol’ Ronny boy.

      As you’ve pointed out Mr. X did this before the search party had even assembled, right at the EXACT parcel of land that the girls bodies would be found the next day. This just doesn’t bode well for him, I mean ESPECIALLY if you consider that he asked to search the Logan property and came up empty-handed.

      I almost have to wonder if that’s why he later concocted the story about the keys, perhaps as an afterthought when he realized it would be hard to explain why he asked to search for the girls but then didn’t find them somehow, “Uhh I was more focused on finding my keys, I must have overlooked the two dead girls I was looking for in the first place.”

      I am running into one issue with Mr. X. I was wondering if there might be a different thought on this. Some people are very insistent that Ron Logan is the killer. There is no doubt in my mind or anyone who is in possession of an IQ higher than double digit range that Ron Logan is not the killer. Drunkard perhaps. Killer? No, at least not in this case.

      I saw this being explained in some YT comments to a bunch of brainlets. It finally started to sink in to these geniuses when the case was made “look one of the eye witnesses who contributed to the 1st BG sketch is a lady who lives right behind Ron Logan, don’t you think if the Killer was Ron that she would say, simply yeah the guy I saw that day lives right behind me?” Not that anyone who has half a brain needs to be convinced Ron Logan is not the killer lol.

      However, shouldn’t that same exact principle/logic apply to Mr. X? Didn’t he at the time live down the street from Logan? Even if somehow she didn’t know about some surrounding neighbors, couldn’t LE just show her (or FSG or the bickering couple in the park etc,) a pic of Mr. X and get verification that way?

      1. He wasn’t searching for his keys early on. He was searching for the girls. It was dark. To be fair, two other men were also searching Ron’s land that night and they didn’t find anything either, so it looks like those girls were pretty hard to miss.

        No, he came up with the “lost my keys” gambit to explain why his car sat at the cemetery from 6:30 PM the day of the crime to 12:30 PM the next day when the girls’ bodies were found, a period of 18 full hours.

        Of course Ron Logan didn’t do it. Was he set up to take the fall? Maybe.

        BG was very well disguised that day with a white scarf covering the lower half of his face. It’s certainly possible that she may well have not recognized Mr. X, even though he was apparently a neighbor. FSG didn’t recognize him either, and I’m sure that FSG and Mr. X knew each other. FSG knew everyone in town.

      2. it would have been nice to track the boot prints around the cemetery to the crime scene to the river but I would assume all that evidence is gone. I really don’t see a motive for RL. I don’t see a motive for Mr. X either, and he did live right there. There would have to be some sort of connection to Mr. X for me to suspect him, and I don’t see any as of yet other than odd behavior in searching for the girls.

        I guess I also wonder how everyone put such and effort to look only a few hours after being missing. When I was young I would take off till late evening, and it was ok. It would have to be a day or two before people would think to look.

        1. Mr. X is a very close friend of Mr. M. Mr. M was a 20 year old man who impregnated one of the girls. This girl was refusing to get an abortion that he wanted her to get. This seems to be one of the motives for the homicide.

    6. How do they know he sent audio/video to one of the girls’ phones? They recovered Libby’s phone, so they wouldn’t still be “looking” for the audio/video. If it was Abby’s phone this would imply she had a phone, he somehow got her number, he connected to a cell tower to send media, and then he took the phone.

      1. We don’t know. It’s a rumor.

        But answer me this. I have an official case document here in my hand. It says they are looking for photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, film, etc.

        That can only mean one thing. That’s a GoPro on BG’s waist and he filmed his crime.

        Also there’s only one way for LE to know that BG filmed his crime – if the rumors about sending video of the crime to the girls’ phones afterwards is true. It’s true by process of elimination.

        Can you explain to me how LE would know that BG filmed his crime if he didn’t send that crime footage to the girls’ phones?

        Also how about this? They are looking for exactly 43 seconds of audio that BG recorded. Ok how on Earth do they know that BG shot 43 seconds of audio unless that rumor about sending the crime film to the phones is true?

        Several LE officials have said that Abby had a phone, whether with her or not is not known. Maybe he sent it to Libby’s phone. The catfish had been catfishing those girls for four months. Plenty of time to get numbers, etc.

        Yes, they would be looking for it, because if you know computers etc. when you send someone a file, you retain a copy for yourself. So he obviously kept a copy of that for himself.

        What’s your theory? You got one?

        1. Wait so the part about him recording the crime is some search warrant given to someone where the cops wanted to check media files? Why would they NOT want to look for those types of things in a child murder with likely sa involved? Of course they would look for that. 43 sec is probably the time they have of the man on the girls phone recording.

          1. Wait so the part about him recording the crime is some search warrant given to someone where the cops wanted to check media files

            I do not feel comfortable answering that question right now.

            Why would they NOT want to look for those types of things in a child murder with likely sa involved?

            Are you serious? How often to killers, of children or otherwise, take fucking photos and videos of their goddamned crimes? How about never? So every time a kid gets killed in a sexual murder, LE goes looking for photos and videos of the murder because obviously everyone who kills a kid takes pics of it and videotapes it. It’s very rare for killers to take photos or videos of their crimes. The only case I am familiar with is the Bittaker-Norris Murders in Southern California. Yes, they did record audio of themselves torturing those girls.

            43 sec is probably the time they have of the man on the girls phone recording.

            This makes absolutely no sense at all. Libby’s phone did not record him for 43 seconds. She recorded them for a good six minutes and definitely longer. And if it was 43 seconds, it would be on Libby’s phone! Why on Earth would the killer have a copy of an audio file from Libby’s phone! Makes no sense at all.

            Your critiques are not even making sense. Try harder.

          2. Yes I thought the suspect had been recorded walking on the raailroad tracks on one of the girls phones

      2. You made a mistake my friend. You came over here after sitting over of that hate Reddit, LibbyandAbby where you’ve been hating on me. You think I’m stupid? I’m not stupid. I read most of those posts over there and of course I read any post about me.

        By the way, what’s a “legitimate journalist?” What’s a “illegitimate journalist?” There’s no such thing as either. There’s just journalists. Good ones and bad ones, perhaps, but there’s no such thing as legitimate versus illegitimate. You don’t need a degree, credential, and a license to do this job, you know. Literally anyone can be a journalist. And I happen to be trained as a Journalist. BA, Journalism, Cal State University Long Beach, 1981. How many journalists do you know who actually went to J-school and have J-degrees? They’re not that common.

        Oh and one more thing.

        HAVE A NICE DAY!

    7. I guess one thought about the cops searching for videos, and I don’t know the specific wording but could it be they are looking for businesses or residences that have security cameras?

      Robert, have you heard that Mr X had a deer blind on the Mears property?

      I’ve seen some FB exchanges from BP where like you say, she appears to be defending Mr X or at least in denial that he could be a suspect. She mentions how the search parties on the 13th had a hard time finding the girls because they didn’t think the were looking for bodies but alive girls and she says additionally, “also they were partially covered.” What does that mean? I’m not sure I understand what “covered” means. Only thing I can come up with if we go with the rumors is that he draped them with the sheet that had the smiley face on it perhaps?

      Also, I don’t know what to make of this. That mod who runs the Libby/Abby Subreddit where LK hosted his Q&A and whom he specifically references (and per himself has given her proof of his real identity) seems to be indicating that LK is not who he claims to be. She feels he is a current POI who is working OT to divert attention away from himself and mislead the public. I don’t get that vibe at all with everything I know, but then again I know very little lol. Just thought I would draw your attention to it.

      1. Oh one more thing. Mr X’s alibi… is it true that the person who is now deceased is a police officer who committed suicide?

        1. The rumor is that his alibi is a Delphi police officer, Nate Allen, who committed suicide in December. Apparently claimed that he saw Mr. X in another town around the time of the murders. I get the impression that LE thought that this officer was lying and were trying to offer him some protection.

      2. No, they are obviously looking for photos and videos that the killer took as part of this crime.

        He may well have had a deer blind on the Mears property. He hunted deer on RL’s land all the time.

        Partially covered with leaves probably.

        No, LK is the real deal. I hope he doesn’t read here but I knew a Facebook group mod who was in contact with him and she felt he was either gay, an effeminate man, or a Beta, as she put it. He was very fearful and it really hit him hard how he got treated on that Reddit sub. He was also scared to join her group because I was in there and he was afraid of me. He’s a straight man with a wife, but maybe he’s wimpy like a lot of straight men are.

        Anyway, pastor in a Pentecostal church would be a perfect place for a man like that because those religious people don’t care much about Alpha, Beta, and all that stuff. They just accept everyone as long as you say you’re straight. They even try to cure effeminate gay men and let them back in the churches as long as they say they’re cured of homosexuality. They also acknowledge that SSA, or same sex attraction is a logical process for a lot of men. They just think it’s a sin that needs to be overcome. They also think you get that way from your upbringing, especially with your father.

        Also his personality is nothing like “Scott Alexander,” some sock who is claiming to be LK on Facebook groups. And I seriously doubt that any of those POI’s have access to all of those sensitive case documents or that any of them have a personality like that.

      3. Mr. X is married to BP sister which makes him Libby’s uncle not blood related…heard it somewhere on the Net it would be easy for you RL to check that out .

    8. Been following your blog from the start, and this is so close to what I have been feeling for a while now.

      I tend to think that it goes deeper than only Mr. X being involved though. He’s been on my radar for a long time now. FSG has been someone that I cannot let go of either. Did he see BG? Did he not see BG? People really seem to take him at face value and think that because he is older, he’s not capable of committing such a crime. I’m not saying he is or he isn’t, but I would hope that every one of his statements has been gone over with a fine-toothed comb, verified, and re-verified for good measure.

      I don’t care what anybody’s age is. You just don’t know what a person is capable of. At the very least he could have made misleading statements. Again, not saying that he did it. I have no idea either way, but it’s just something that has bothered me because I don’t see him being brought up nearly as much as some others who have had little to no connection to this case.

      The few times I’ve brought him up myself (this is really on Reddit) I have been ripped apart for my apparent stupidity. This is simply because I’ve dared to question if it’s possible that he was involved in any capacity or if it’s possible that he made misleading statements.

      Now, I’m not a member of LE, and I have never claimed to have investigation experience, but I believe I’m a fairly intelligent person with at least average reasoning skills. Both my gut instinct and logic are screaming, “Verify the statements of FSG!! He is one of the first and only witnesses in this case!!”

      The fact that the mere mention of FSG as anything more than a helpful old man out for a daily stroll is met with such hostility – well, that raises all sorts of red flags with me even if the vitriol is coming from true crime enthusiasts on Reddit. The fact that I believe LE has been busy trying to cover up the mistakes they made early on leads me to believe that they inadvertently helped BG get away with this horrendous crime and continue to do so by withholding almost every piece of information possible from the public, while at the same time begging for that one tip they need to make an arrest.

      The behavior of LE throughout the entirety of this case is, to put it as nicely as possible, questionable, and to state the truth, just plain stupid. I’m not buying the fact that they just weren’t equipped to handle an investigation of this magnitude. Calling off the search the night the girls went missing was a really, really bad choice.

      Two young girls disappear off of an extraordinarily dangerous bridge in the middle of the day when they had plans to be picked up at a specific time? They had no history of behavior indicative of disregarding or disrespecting their parents/guardians by running off to a friend’s house just to show up later. The family knew something was wrong.

      LE blew off their concerns and called off the search, citing safety concerns for the searchers but seemingly had little of the same concerns for the missing teens who could have been severely hurt and unable to help themselves, just waiting for someone in LE to find them that night.

      Of course, we know now that they were killed but as far as LE was concerned, that very night, those girls were alive and may have been in desperate need of assistance. The fact that we were given little to no information about what really happened to Abby and Libby other than they were murdered by BG) from LE says a lot more to me than LE lets on.

      They say they want to preserve the integrity of the investigation. They say they want to prevent false confessions. They have most recently stated that they want to avoid double jeopardy. What? Double jeopardy? You say that you don’t even have a suspect, and you’re waiting on that one tip to come in, but you’re worried about double jeopardy? I’m confused.

      What makes even less sense to me are some of the things that they have said or at least have not challenged as not being factual. Particularly this statement. “It was all over by 3:30 PM.” I believe that came from the leaked DE texts, and I would really like to know if that has ever been “confirmed” by anyone in LE. That piece of information being leaked and generally accepted by the public doesn’t do a damn thing to “preserve the integrity of the investigation.”

      What it does do, however, is make LE appear to be slightly less incompetent for calling off that search if Abby and Libby were confirmed to have been deceased before the search even started.

      One thing I always have to remind myself of is that LE is allowed to lie to the public. I’m sure there are instances where it’s been used as an effective tactic in helping to solve crimes. I’m also sure that it’s used as a tactic to convince the public that they were completely justified in making whatever decisions they felt required justification. “It was all over by 3:30” sure takes a lot of the heat off of LE for calling off that search, amirite?

      After all, there was nothing they could have done anyway. “It was all over by 3:30.” Then again, what if it wasn’t? This whole case just reeks of something stinky every which way you turn.

      Last, I want to bring up RL and the dirty hand LE dealt him throughout all of this. So, the girls were found on RL’s property. Instant person of interest.

      However, there was one little problem. RL couldn’t have done it because he was violating the terms of his probation and was caught on camera drinking in a pizza parlor. So the stellar members of LE have RL arrested and sent to jail – all the while knowing he couldn’t have committed this crime – but doing NOTHING to stop the entire community from believing, first, that RL was a main suspect in the case,, and second, believing that he was in jail because he was a suspect!

      This was just the most underhanded, disgusting display of “we need a fall guy,” and LE should be ashamed of themselves. Then they have the nerve to beg for witnesses to come forward with information. Well, guess what? If I happened to be out that day – let’s say partying or doing some stuff that maybe I shouldn’t have been doing, and I witnessed something and had information – I’m telling you right now, I would think twice, then I would think two more times before I would even consider coming forward because I would be scared shitless that LE would throw my ass in jail for something completely unrelated just like they did to RL.

      Stupid, stupid, stupid. I almost feel as though LE doesn’t want to solve this crime, and that scares me. So, to end my novel, I agree with you.

      I believe Mr. X is the guy. Have for a long time. I also believe there are other factors at play here – possibly being protected – and I don’t think LE wants the truth of what happened to Abby and Libby to come out for whatever reason. Could be to cover their own asses. Could be something more nefarious. I could be completely off base and change my mind tomorrow. I’ve been angry at LE today regarding this case.

      1. Amazing work! I’ve never heard about all these details this is crazy. Thanks for all the info much appreciated.

        1. Thanks, Mike! Let us know if you want to join the private sleuthing site where we can talk about this stuff in much greater detail than we do out here. It’s not free though.

          1. How do you join and can you join as a European? Considering I often cannot view website news articles because of data protection laws? I am a retired Detective Chief previously responsible for the Criminal Investigation Department and all of the 80 plus detectives within as well as a senior investigative officer with experience of leading murder enquiries.

            1. Hello Jacqui. If you wish to join, please go here.

              Pay minimum of $20 for lifetime membership to our group. Then come email me and I will send you a link to the private group and a password to get you in.

      2. Jennifer,

        Let me jump in here. You are an obviously intelligent person and have made many good points. I’m a retired homicide detective I know what I’m talking about.

        You mentioned that the police are allowed to lie to the public. That’s technically true but in all my years of playing the part of a PIO and putting out press releases, I’ve never intentionally told a lie. Now, I have denied knowing something that I actually knew, but that was to protect the integrity of an investigation.

        I think what you meant to say is that the Supreme Court ruled that if the police lie to a suspect during an interrogation, his eventual admission of guilt can be considered by the jury.


        Cop: “Come on, man, we know you did it. We have your fingerprints on the counter.”

        Suspect: “Ok, you got me. I’m the one who did it”.

        I’ve used that a thousand times, especially when there are two or more suspects in adjacent interrogation rooms.

        I also have to disagree with you about your criticism of the police for calling off the search at 3 AM. Hindsight is 20-20 and this case might have been the one case out out of a million that might have borne fruit had they continued searching.

        I can’t tell you how many searches I participated in when I was in uniform for kids this age. They always came home. Always. And I’m sure that the Delphi police could say the same thing. The police can’t prevent private citizens from searching on their own, and it’s my understanding that many did. Better to let your officers go home for a few hours so they’d be ready for work the next morning.

      3. You Go Girl! I am 100% behind you. I have joined the group on face book #Delphi Murders. There is so much junk, lies, theory, you name it, it is there. This has helped me a lot.

        I am sure the person you and Mr. Lindsay are speculating who BG is, is spot on. But after reading all of this my personal opinion I think 3 people are involved. 2 people did the actual murders and a woman behind the initial plan. LE has no clue what is going on. That’s why all the smoke and mirrors. It is high time this comes to fruition. Enough is enough. I am going to bet dollars to donuts there will be a person arrested February 13th, 2022.

        1. Four people are involved at least peripherally, BG and three others. However, the other three have only peripheral involvement and may have committed no crime! There’s no woman among them. BG is a 50 year old man and the three other men are younger, age 17-26.

      4. What time was RL on video eating pizza? I sorta did wonder where he was from 12 to 430ish. before that he was at dump and after that he went to fish store.

        1. Our best police source just told us that Ron Logan has been absolutely cleared as a suspect. She was emphatic about that. So I’d just as soon stop looking at him as a suspect.

    9. Hi folks! Some new info here. A post from the horrible r/LibbyandAbby slime hole on Reddit.

      There are 244 comments there. I read through it early on, saw interesting stuff and then later came back and tried to find the interesting stuff but got lost. There are some absolutely fascinating “old rumors” on there that I have never heard before, mostly having to do with Young BG and his possible presence or involvement at the crime scene. If any of you want to sift through there and find some interesting stuff and post it here, please feel free to go for it.

      Sorry, I’ve been a bit down lately. I just got banned from Twitter again for no real good reason, so I’m not feeling that great. Also it’s very hot here and all I feel like doing is sleeping all the time. Shout out to anyone else who feels the same.

    10. Hi folks. We don’t just look at the Delphi case here. We can look into any case we want! Feel free to post about any unsolved case you think is interesting, high profile preferred. I’d rather not look into the NHI* (no humans involved) cases in the ghetto where one group of scumbags shoots up some other group of scumbags. Innocent people are hurt and killed in these cases, but they’re not really high profile and we don’t have time to mess with this epidemic. I’d prefer stuff that’s in the papers.

      Here’s a fascinating example:

      If you have heard about this case and wish to discuss it, feel free.

      *The cops refer to cases of scumbag on scumbag shootings as “No humans involved” or “public service killings.” Not say that innocent people are killed and hurt in these cases and in some cases the target themselves is completely innocent.

    11. Hi Robert, can you tell me if FSG and/or his brother were part of the search parties on either day? Do you know why FSG was there at the trails; how long he’d been there; how he got there; if he drove, what sort of car he drove and where he parked it. Is Mr X part of any of the local groups working on promoting the trail system? Thanks Dee

      1. I don’t know if they were part of the search parties. FSG is at the trails every day. He had been there that morning too. I’m not sure how he got there, if he drove a car, or if so, where he parked it.

        I don’t know if Mr. X is part of the groups promoting the trail system, but for some reason, I doubt it.

    12. Hello, i live in cedar rapids , ia. I hav followed both cases very closely. I found who mr. X is. Thank u. But who was his roomate in evansdale in the hotel they stayed in? Thanks again for the interesting and jaw dropping article!!!

      1. Thank you! Welcome to the site! I see you may have particular interest in the Evansdale case due to proximity.

        We don’t know who his roommate was in Delphi and then again in Evansdale, and we also don’t know what sort of work they had both been moved over there for. We think they were working in a packing plant in the Delphi area and then were transferred to a sister plant in the Evansdale area. This had been done on other occasions, at least one other we know of in the 2000’s. Do have any knowledge the workers from Indiana who were transferred over there in 2011-2012, which plant they came from Indiana and which plant they came to work on in Evansdale?

        We also don’t know the name of the hotel or motel that they stayed in. Any info you can get us on this will be much appreciated!

      2. So who is Mr. X? I have not been able to determine that from all of these postings. You are apparently a better sleuth than I am.

          1. Can you believe that I said that on Facebook, and some retarded ass computer flagged it and banned me for a while for insulting another user? Isn’t that REALLY FUCKING STUPID? And my ban appeal didn’t work either. Pretty soon these fucking machines that are dumber than rocks are going to be making all sorts of unappealable decisions about our lives because the capitalists are too greedy to hire a real human to do the job, so they buy a machine instead.

    13. Thank you Mr. Lindsay for significant information on this terrible case. Forgive me if I’ve missed this, but what’s keeping police from arresting this guy? What are they doing to move this forward? They’ve had video and audio of the guy from the beginning and it’s been too long without an arrest.

      1. They simply don’t have enough on him to get a conviction is all. They think he did it, but as far as real, good, hard evidence that will stand up in court, there’s not a lot there.

        There may never be an arrest in this case. Just thought I would steel you for that thought.

        1. Do you feel that the KAK (Anthony_shots) announcement is a red herring or that it’s linked to the Delphi murders?
          I’m curious if Mr X knew KAK or his father?

          1. I do not feel that this has anything to do with anything. This KAK guy simply got messed up in sending sexual videos to underage teenage girls and collecting the same from them. This goes on all the time, however. But he also got wrapped up in collecting and apparently trading real deal child porn with little girls. I think he may have had over 1,000 photos/videos on his drives or possibly more. Just another character who got caught with CP. Dime a dozen. There are men going down on this all the time all over the US.

    14. I cannot remember which girl had taken the photo of the man on the bridge with her cell phone, but I had read somewhere that on that cell phone there was audio of her saying something about a weird man approaching them and that is why she took the photo.

      1. There is a lot of controversy about that but it does appear that you can hear on the audio, “Is that creepy guy still following us?”

        1. Mr. Lindsay,
          Yes, that is what I referred to; i.e. “is that creepy guy still following us?”. Thanks.

          I also believe 1) that all of the dolls found there were not put there after the crime but that this was an area that the perpetrator visited often to perform some kind of sadistic acts using the dolls, 2) that he was at that site when he perhaps saw and/or used binoculars to spot the girls on the bridge, 3)went to the bridge and then took the girls to his sadistic-acts place to perform those acts on live persons. I don’t know if the bridge was within eyeshot of the spot where the girls were found.

          My ideas, of course, are just speculative like those put forth by others. I live in Pennsylvania and have been interested in this case since the time it happened.

          I hope someday this horrendous crime will be solved.

          1. The dolls may have been placed there before the crime. The problem with this is that a searcher claims he searched the area where the girls were found the night of 2-13 and not only were the girls not there but none of the props were there either. This implies that the girls were returned to the scene later. Also, the props were put at the scene later too, perhaps after the girls were killed.

            Interesting. We know he had binoculars with him and he told the girls that he was a railroad policeman who had spotted them with binoculars. I don’t know if he actually used the binoculars to spot them. I think he already knew that they would be there. But we know that binoculars were used in this crime because we have search warrants and binoculars are one of the things that are listed on the search warrants.

            There were definitely some perverse acts done to these girls, but I believe they were done to them after they were already dead.

            1. I find it interesting that you stated “he told the girls that he was a railroad policeman” so that audio must have been on one of the girls’ cell phones? and that you think “he already knew that they would be there.”

              Thanks for your insight.

            2. Yes, that is part of Leigh Kerr’s testimony. It is on the girls’ cellphones, but if you listen to it, you will just hear a bunch of unintelligible garble. But they used experts to clean it up with fancy software and groups of experts got together to try to figure out what was being said. A transcript of what they thought was being said was agreed on by this group. This is part of what they thought was being said, yes.

            3. I would think a crime like this would occur and the perpetrator would be gone. There is no way he would come back later to stage anything because he wouldn’t know how safe it was or how many law enforcement would be around. Isn’t that logical.

            4. The problem is that there is a main suspect in the case, and it is known that he was near the crime scene from 6:30 PM on the 13th until 9:30 PM on the 14th.

            5. There is no way he would come back later to stage anything because he wouldn’t know how safe it was or how many law enforcement would be around. Isn’t that logical.

              Maybe so, but this guy’s ballsy as Hell.

    15. I wish I could delete this comment because it made no sense. What I should have asked is just “what if anything has Ron Logan said about the photo” and left out “if the guy on the bridge (BG) was a friend of Ron Logan’s” because obviously if he was a friend we would now know who BG is.

    16. It was stated that “Libby was nude. Abby may have been naked below the waist.” Were their clothes found with the bodies at the crime scene?

      It was also asked “How did BG get across that knee-high stream in the middle of winter without nearly getting hypothermia?” The girls would have also been subject to hypothermia??

        1. The boots appear to be Indiana Packers boots. They go up to the knee and are designed to be waterproof.

      1. Apparently. Underwear, possible two pairs, was found in the river. Rumor is that Abby’s was pink.

        The girls would have also been subject to hypothermia??

        Yes, I know. If they were killed right away, it’s no problem, but if they were not killed until 12 hours later, it’s one more thing that makes no sense.

      2. Did the girls have wet clothes where they were found? Or wet sneaker. Anything that shows they crossed the creek that evening. I ask this because another theory says they could have gone up the creek to a barn and then they should have dry clothes.

    17. Two people appear to be conflated here in your article as Mr. X. One seems to be PNB and the other is RRB. They are most likely related to one another, but your description of Mr. X confuses the two. Which of them is LE’s chief suspect? I tend to suspect the latter of the two rather than the former.

      1. The main suspect according to police is a man whose name rhymes with Fat Clown. I do not know why RRB is? Can you spell out the name? I doubt if it’s important.

          1. Well, the police have told us that they have a main suspect in this case, so at least I am just going to go with the cops on this one.

            1. If I were LE, I would take a long, hard look at Rick Brown in Delphi, Indiana. There are many people who confuse him with PB in comments and videos. Some of this confusion is probably natural, since the the whole B family has gone underground. Some of it, I feel, is the result of intentional obfuscation.

    18. You said in your blog that Mr. X was friends with Ron Logan. What did Ron Logan have to say about the BG photo? I am sure he was asked.

      1. He thinks it is Garrett Kirts. We just sent a couple of our investigators out to Delphi and surrounding towns. They talked to Ron and he allowed them to park on her land. Both investigators were women. One said he’s a real nice guy and he’s obviously a ladies’ man lol. But they didn’t get to ask him about PB. That’s what we want to talk to him about when our investigators go out there again.

        1. Would be interesting to know if Garett Kirts was on Ron Logan’s property that day.

          Also, if I look at a map showing where the girls were dropped off, seems there is a pretty long trail from that spot onto the railroad bridge. I think the girls met up with BG somewhere on that trail before they got onto the bridge. That could be why they referred to BG as a “creepy guy” and “still following us.” Otherwise, and putting myself in their situation, if I saw someone at a distance on the bridge, I would have thought it was just another hiker and would not have been concerned that he was “still following” me.

        2. Hello,

          I read your recent blogs about the Delphi murders, and you have a ton of info. I see on Reddit that they mention you in a negative way, but don’t listen to those people! Have you wrote about what the investigators talked to RL about? And I can’t wait to see what they get from RL about Mr. X. One question: I haven’t seen this anywhere but have the police questioned Mr. X about the murders?

          1. Don’t listen to those idiots on Reddit! See, I’m not like how they say at all, am I? I’m a real nice guy, I treat my commenters well, and I’m basically this mild-mannered, unassuming, intellectual, “professor” type.

            They act like I’m sort of deranged psychopathic maniac who’s a danger to women and children.

            If you met me, you would laugh at them for saying that. I seem like the nicest guy you’ve met. And I appear quite harmless, too. I’m nothing at all like how they describe me. I’m actually a rather shy, introverted, cautious, and extremely polite person who is terrified of making people mad, getting called creepy, offending people, etc.

            Indeed, he has been questioned and he is cooperating fully with the investigation.

            He even brought his phone in and took it apart to reveal the GPS device in it so they could look at it. This GPS device showed that his phone had been at the CPS building from 12-5 on the day of the murders. This is at a time when he and his alibi place him out of town in a nearby city. That looks suspicious as Hell.

            I don’t know about you, but when I go to a nearby town, I don’t generally take my cellphone and throw it in a bunch of weeds for the five hours that I was gone, coming back to my home hours later to retrieve it from the weeds. That’s going to be very hard for him to explain.

            LE thinks he stashed his phone at the CPS building during the murders.

            No one knows if they talked to Ron about Mr. X. I doubt it because Ron keeps saying the killer is this Garrett Kirts, and it’s not him. Forget it.

            Also we don’t know what they interrogated Ron about either.

          2. You might consider joining us in our private group. We’re the best Delphi sleuthing group on the Net for years now. Unfortunately, it’s not free. $20/lifetime membership.

            1. Hey Robert, absolutely love reading your blogs. You do a great job! I 100% agree about Mr X, and I recently seen a pic of his stepson which I think looks similar to the YBG sketch. I find it ironic that he lived close to the Flora fires, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was linked to Evansdale as well. I’m sure his wife Mrs. X knows or suspects what he has done but she won’t roll over…Keep up the great work and hopefully they get this SOB!

            2. Yes, the police have told us that they now think that Bridge Guy or Mr. X did Evansdale too. He was living in the Evansdale area at the time.

    19. Hey I wanted to see what you think on Kirts now with the time that’s passed, and lot more evidence published out there (mainly the Open Secrets YouTube channel interviews with Kirts & CM)..& Ed Bounds’ YouTube channel Crime Pursuit…Both have incredible detail with Kirts himself seriously all but admitting to being the Delphi suspect.

      Logan identifying him also speaks volumes considering how close they were all Kirts life…

      But Ed Bounds makes a really terrific point about why Logan was allowed to get out of jail & do his time at home…Basically saying that’s incredibly rare but for the reason even more rare (“horses need a better attendee??” that’s tough luck usually)…I agree with him that it was probably Logan that gave the cops’ details on Kirts to get out of the clink… The cops say the killer “made a mistake”…I bet it was probably something left behind in one of Logan’s barns or shacks…

      Kirts knew those backwoods just as good & probably better than Logan did…I dunno man, the motive is dead on too (his beast of a girlfriend Garth getting locked up & losing custody of her son because of Liberty’s dad snitching for jail time easing…I first thought this was a serial crime…Now, after looking at a lot more of the detail (& coming in to this in December 21, with most of the pertinent activity already have taken place), I’d say chances of it being serial are probably less than 1%….

      Same with Evansdale probably too. That person is probably some local creep getting revenge since those girls’ parents were into the same bullchit. I thought nobody looked like the BG in the actual video than PB (especially compared to that FB image with a deer)…But now, not a chance…Kirts fits that mofo better than all…It’s in the cheeks, the spit, etc…The cops have known for a while it’s him too I think…

      The Hanish & Bowen case have revealed this for them (thus “the new direction & young BG sketch & ditching of old BG sketch” in 2019 a month after Hanish)…I bet Hanish was catfished using that Anthony_Shots account too…he must’ve been told or overheard info about the Delphi murders & therefore removed…Bowen removed for either the same thing or fact she knew the truth behind Hanish’ murder (b/c I definitely am not buying that Kirts is bisexual & choked him out during a weird sexcapade, gimme a break).

      Anyway, where you at with this case now? I appreciate your style about not being afraid to put out things others wouldn’t dare & or might even get accosted over doing so…Those idiots are WEAK…& most of them are hypocrites…Some of the new YouTubers even, they first bitch about the same thing, then they start a channel, and the next thing you know, their moderators are hacking/choking& putting that ass in the corner for hours before allowing u to crawl back in, all bruised, & compliant…Not for me.

    20. Hi there, have just come across your work and am interested in joining the private group. How do I do this?

      Thank you

    21. Hi Robert!

      I love you and the information you’re releasing! Thank you 😊 I came here after being directed to you. Interestingly, I had NO idea who you were (…sorry). But we have said many of the same things, which may be confirmation of my visions in a way. Please check out my YouTube channel, MsPsychic Sleuth.

      Also, I was interested in whether you may be able to cover Harmony Montgomery’s case? Missing for 2 years at the age of 5 and reported 2 years later out of Manchester, NH. Dad’s not talking. Highly suspicious and the states that are responsible are more interested in getting into pissing contests as opposed to finding her.

      Keep sleuthing, you’re on point to what I see.

      1. Why don’t you do a show on our theories. All I ask is that you say that our suspect is named Mr. X, and we absolutely refuse to identify this man. If others want to dig around and find out who he is, that’s their business. But we are not naming person. Actually there are four suspects in this case and we are not naming any of them.

    22. Hi Robert!

      I noticed your nice comment on my YouTube page, thank you so much for your reply! I want you to know that your comment is no longer there. I didn’t remove it. I’m so sorry. A lot of my comments have been deleted, not at my discretion. Not sure why that is.

      As far as my theories, I made a video (see here: that outlines the visions held a couple of days upon learning of this crime. I actually had written a letter to law enforcement that I failed to send, of which I was reading from. The reason why I didn’t send the letter was because I was moving across country and strongly felt as though law enforcement would not take my views seriously. So I held off. But after continuing to receive these pings and after it being 5 years, I went back and decided to post as these images have since plagued me.

      Of course, there are trolls saying that the information I’ve given is info that’s already known. That’s actually how I was pointed to you because apparently, I copied from you 😂 (YouTube actually deleted these comments too 😰). But no, that was not the case. Good job though, because you confirm much of what I’ve seen.

      Here are the main things that ALLEGEDLY (no proof guys, just what I received) stood out to me:

      1) I got three names, of which, per your instruction, I will not provide here. They are within the video. I don’t know what these names mean. I’m not familiar with Indiana; I’ve never been there.

      2) There was a shot that was deliberately fired into the creek in an attempt to scare Libby, whom was attempting to evade “Mr. X.” The casing from the .40 caliber gun still remains within the creek. There’s something different about this casing, it stood out to me. It’s buried under settlement and underbrush.

      3) This man is a *heavy* smoker and a functioning alcoholic. He prefers whiskey, it’s his drink of choice and he’s off without it. Highly functioning drunk; it’s the only way he can appear normal.

      4) He was married many years prior. Wife left him. No longer in state. She cited instances of abuse and alcoholism. One daughter, estranged.

      5) He parked near the cemetery, but not at the cemetery. He took an undocumented deer trail and evaded the encountering of any individual upon his departure.

      6) He has a family member that’s buried in the cemetery near the Monon Bridge. This family member may maintain a different surname, by generation, but they are in fact, related!

      7) He’s local. Still in Delphi, or on the border of Delphi. I’m seeing “in between.” He’s a mechanic by trade, but used to drive trucks and works for a local trucking company with a high profile. He’s connected to a local sex offender in the area (a friend, or family member…cousin?). There’s a connection that has been missed!

      8) He drives an older model Ford Ranger type of truck. It’s burgundy. It has those wooden, beaded seat covers. It was dusty and disheveled.

      9) He has killed before. I see “T.” Neighboring state. Not sure if it’s Tennessee, or Texas? I see hot, humid conditions. Summer months. Victim was an 8-12 year old female. She was found in an ivory/white dress. Within a ditch along a country road on her way home from school shortly after her murder. Similar murder conditions. Chemicals used in an attempt to hide fingerprints. Fondled similarly to Libby. I’ll leave it at that. This happened b/w the mid-80’s to early-90’s.

      10) Regarding crime scene: Red herrings to throw off law enforcement. It’s a farce! He’s laughing b/c they’ve been “focused” upon a completely wrong direction. The catfishing situation is not what we think. I’m not saying anymore in an attempt to protect LE’s directive. But know, this is deliberate. I’m leaving it at that.

      11) I see his home. He lives in an ivory colored mobile looking home within the country. There are fields behind his home! Corn fields? I don’t know, FIELDS! There are neighbors separated by acreage. He had those white see through covers that cover the bottom of the home to the ground, they’re placed to separate the spacing in between the home and the ground. I don’t know why that stood out to me.

      But I see the home is raised. Not sure of the significance here. There’s a knife that he used to kill the girl’s. He took it with him in some sort of hunting pack? Reminiscent of a small hatchet, not a typical knife. It’s at his home on a shelf! I don’t know if it’s in a garage, or the shed, perhaps? I’m getting, “at the home!”

      12) Buried clothing of his stained with the girls’ blood on his property! See video. He took a piece of jewelry from Libby as a trophy that’s also buried. Find these clothes, they will be what solves this!

      13) Search Shell station footage in between 25 miles from crime scene throughout. He stopped for gas and cigarettes. Gas station attendant noticed something off with him, but hasn’t made the connection! 4-lane highway. Busy location with a diner nearby. Train tracks and you guessed it, more fields, parallel to the gas station. I can’t see where this is!

      14) For more, see video, though this is the gist of it. I am featuring a world renowned psychic detective through an interview I’ll be conducting tomorrow. She has been featured in Psychic Investigators, Paranormal Witness, and interviewed by Nancy Grace! She’s also written a book and is aware of my coverage. Though she cannot comment on this investigation since it’s ongoing, she MAY be able to offer clues. Stay tuned. Will be posted by Saturday, March 11th.

      Much love ❤️

    23. I find your blog very interesting. I am having trouble reconciling something.. if Mr X is who I think he is, you state that he graduated in 1984 but I am finding by looking at the Delphi yearbooks online, that he graduated in 1986? I must have the wrong name for your POI? Please help me out here.

      1. Robert, I am wondering why no reply to my question? I see that you have replied to someone after mine, I am genuinely curious about this difference in graduation dates and would like to chat. Please email if you do not want to reply here. Thanks.

        1. I guess I’m not sure when he graduated. He was 18 in 1984, so we figured he graduated that year, but maybe he graduated in 1986 when he was 20.

    24. Hello Robert,

      I found your article very interesting and thought provoking. I believe you could be spot on with your main POI. However, I do not believe it was sexually motivated, but believe there’s potential for multiple motives.

      Recently, multiple local sources with knowledge have opened up to share that this was a hit ordered by a very powerful businessman who runs a criminal operation that some say is akin to a mafia-style family outfit. I’m thinking there’s around 10 more people, in addition to the four you’ve mentioned, that are involved with a retaliation/revenge motive.

      Back to the POI, in February 2017, he lived next door to the cemetery which makes his actions and ruse around his truck & keys even more suspicious, if that is possible. He was married to Becky Patty’s sister at the time, and I believe it was about a week afterwards that she posted on social media her husband was a “monster” then deleted it.

      Whatever it was that caused her to react in such a way, I just hope she shared with law enforcement. I would like to know if he has any motorcycle club affiliation, especially regarding a certain outfit with a reputation to be feared around that area? The other person involved that is kin to this POI. He posted a photo on Facebook around three weeks to a month after the murders. Only his hands, particularly focused on his bloody, sausage-like knuckles, could be seen with a caption that read “after the brawl.”

      These two men, driving in the younger man’s black truck with pink stripe, we’re witnessed in the vicinity on or near the cemetery road at approximately 5:30 AM February 14, 2017. Not long afterwards, the pink stripe was removed from the truck, witnesses say.

      About eight days after the murders, this man shoots and kills his 16 year old live-in girlfriend while allegedly cleaning his firearm. Admitting his culpability only after lying to law enforcement, whom he first told that the girl shot herself while cleaning her weapon. Days later the State of Indiana issues him a lifetime concealed carry permit signed by Superintendent Doug Carter.

      He currently resides in prison for videotaping himself having sex with a 15 year old. If this main POI isn’t the bridge guy, he is definitely, without a doubt in my mind, involved in the murders of Abby and Libby in some form or fashion.

      Thanks for reading.✌️

    25. You cannot keep your own story straight. You claim he works at Indiana Packers then say his profession is woodworking. You don’t have LE sources. They don’t risk their careers to talk to bloggers. Shameful.

      1. Clown. We have 250 members in our group. Do you think an LE source might be talking to one of them or perhaps someone who knows one of them?

        We’ve been proven correct on eight different things that only the police could have known. We reported them one year before it came out in the media that they were all true.

        Mr. X was employed by Indiana Packers around 2011 or 2012. That’s why he has those Packers boots on. We don’t know if or when he worked for them before or after. He does not work there at the moment.

        We are not sure of Mr. X’s current job, but we think he might be selling wooden signs that he makes by himself and sells.

    26. KAK and his Dad. Dad is BG and KAK is waiting under the bridge. If anyone else is involved they know who it is. Big KAK getting hungry and Dad is no longer speaking to him. He will crack soon. Too much points to them to be coincidence.

      1. None of this is true.

        Neither one can possibly be BG. Tony Kline is 6’5, 310 pounds! He has a prosthetic foot due to diabetes, and no way could he high-tail it across that bridge. Kegan Kline cannot be involved either. He can’t even drive a car! And he never meets anyone for any reason. He met few if any of those girls he was talking to. He just wanted dirty pictures. Neither Kegan nor Tony Kline can be placed at the bridge on that day or on any other day for that matter. There’s no evidence that either man has been to the bridge even one time!

        There is a main suspect who has been the main suspect for a very long time. And he has an accomplice, a much younger man. But the police are having a very hard time gathering enough evidence against this man to take it to court.

        We are very worried that the police may be trying to pin this crime on Kegan and Tony Kline and we know neither one is involved. There’s no evidence that Tony Kline has ever been a suspect or has ever been interviewed by the police.

        Also we have excellent sources inside the police with officers who are very close to the investigation. They told us that Kegan Kline was not involved. They said, “He’s just a decoy.” But we don’t know what that means. What do they mean he’s just a decoy? Also if Kegan’s not involved, then neither is the father.

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