Alt Left: Truly Confused Here: How on Earth Is This Article of Mine Racist?


Can someone please tell me what exactly is so racist, as in anti-Black racist, about the above post of mine. I have a couple of websites with numerous people on them screaming at me that this article is a horrible example of “rightwing racism (against Blacks).”

In the first place, I’m not rightwing. I’m practically a Communist. But is the article rightwing? Well, if it is, perhaps I am a rightwinger when it comes to this sort of thing.

I’m truly mystified at how this article is racist. Can someone please point it out? I don’t see the tiniest bit of racism in it.

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12 thoughts on “Alt Left: Truly Confused Here: How on Earth Is This Article of Mine Racist?”

  1. The video you presented in that article was posted by a rightwing, pro-Trump guy, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe because you used the video, people are assuming you’re rightwing, too.

    1. Ok, how is it racist? Can you see anything racist about it? I edited a lot of my language to try to be fair. Is “ratchet” an ethnic slur? If so, how bad is it? Is it on the level with nig or nigger? I’m doubting it. I’ve heard you use that word.

        1. Also, just to be clear, I’m not The Lady With the Rubber Stamp, whose job is to go around labeling articles “racist” or “not racist.” I’m not falling into that trap.

          Let your accusers explain why it’s racist.

          1. But you flagged a couple of my articles about Blacks as racist and were so upset about it that you quit. You did that two times. I removed those posts and learned some lessons about what Blacks consider racist and what they don’t. So you definitely flagged those two articles as racist.

          2. “But you flagged a couple of my articles about Blacks as racist and were so upset about it that you quit.”

            You’re saying I “flagged” some articles. I remember complaining to you in private about some articles, if that’s what you call flagging them. In any event, I am not going to step into some dispute you have with somebody else and declare that something you said is “racist” or “not racist.” Let them explain it.

          3. Yes, I would like you to communicate with me privately if you think some article is over the line in that respect. I don’t expect you to wade in publicly. That’s rather embarrassing for you. Yes, you can complain to me in private about any article of mine that steps over the line racially. Obviously we ride the tightrope here in terms of racism as currently defined, but racism in a real sense definitely exists. Let’s say hardcore ugly, nasty racism. I’d like to keep my prose free of anything that smells like that.

            You are sort of second in charge here in a way, so if you wish to help me that way privately, I’d be very happy about that. Just don’t go overboard or go SJW, but you don’t really do that anyway.

            Actually you can do that about any piece of mine, but don’t overdo it. “Whoa Bob, do you really want to say that? That’s going to seem pretty over the line, don’t you think?” Then I’ll go look it over and see if I agree. You’ve already done that on a number of occasions. “Bob, that language is pretty extreme. It might get you in trouble with WordPress. Are you sure you really want to say that,” etc.

            You can also complain to me about any racist commenters who are going over the line. For instance you can say that we should ban calling Blacks as an entire race niggers, etc. in the comments. I’m perfectly willing to do that. I don’t wish the comments section to become a cesspool of nasty racists throwing around a lot of ugly and hurtful epithets. I won’t censor commenters just for being racists. But I think I do want to look into banning certain words. We already have some “You can say that in here” rules on this site, and it might be ok to expand it a bit in that direction.

            I don’t want to hurt the feelings of my Black readers, and I’m not always certain whether I’m doing that or not, so if any of the Blacks involved in this blog wish to point out where I stepped over the line, I’d appreciate it.

            We are race realists, here, not racists. There’s a difference.

            By the way idiot haters, no real racist would ever write a comment like this. Dumbasses.

    1. It is linked at the top where it says here. You complained about it at first as racist, so I changed a number of things about it to address your complaints. Which no serious racist would ever do, by the way. If you’d like to look it over now and tell me if it’s still racist and how, I’d appreciate it, brother.

  2. The issue of race has been completely ideologized, that is, dominated by Political Correctness. If your opinions abut race are not in accordance with the latest Politically Correct fashions, then you are a racist. It is that simple.

    There are anti-Black racists out there, and some are quite nasty, but most people accused of racism nowadays simply refuse to embrace the Politically Correct dogmas that races are totally equal and that White racism is pervasive. If White racism isn’t overt, then it is systemic.

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