Alt Left: Surprise! Black Identity Politics Liars Fake Another BLM Video


Yet another BLM fake “police brutality against Blacks” video making the rounds, skillfully edited to make the cops seem like the bad guys and the inevitable ghetto Blacks  – not regular decent Black folks per se but actual ghetto Blacks – which are almost all of the Black problem – seem like innocent, dipped-in-goodness-and-mercy Children of God.

Problem is the video was fake. The man was going 101 mph in a 55 zone, so he got pulled over for speeding. Then he refused to give the cop his driver’s license. When the officer was trying to cuff him, he resisted arrest just like these fake BLM brutality cases always do. The cop showed remarkable restraint when the man started fighting with the cop and threw the officer off of him. The officer pulled his taser on the man but didn’t even use it, instead waiting for backup.

The man kept arguing with the cop in an exercise in utter futility. His ghetto Black girlfriend tried to talk some sense into him, but to no avail. Finally backup showed up, they tried to cuff the man, and all Hell broke  loose. The girlfriend, previous sensible, went into full ratchet mode, screaming at the two cops as they tried to wrestle the man to the ground. This is the only part of the video that the BLM liars released. As you can see, the man resisted both officers when they tried to cuff him, so they obviously had to wrestle him to the ground.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Surprise! Black Identity Politics Liars Fake Another BLM Video”

  1. Unfortunately in much (really MOST) of urban America, “ghetto nigs” make up the overwhelming majority of the Black population. Therefore, in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore etc., it makes perfect sense to be wary of them and to anticipate the worst.

    1. I love Black people, regular Black people. There’s Black people and then there’s ghetto nigs. Ghetto nigs are Black people too, human beings in their own right. I just happen to think they are pretty crappy human beings. Chicongo, Detroit, Killadelphia, and Baltimore all have some very large and problematic populations of ghetto Blacks. Absolutely avoid ghetto nigs if you can. And avoid any Black person who acts or talks like this. Once they start acting or talking like this, it’s usually a bad sign, and trust me, nothing good is going to come of your relationship with them.

      Avoidance definitely seems to be the best policy for these sort of Black people. There are plenty of great Black people in the US, millions upon millions, who don’t act like this at all. You want to hang out with Black people, go hang out with them. Ghetto Blacks are nothing but trouble.

  2. C’mon Rob. You’re not being compassionate. You’re damaging self esteem. You’re not being tolerant. You’re not promoting diversity. What’s wrong with you?

    I love all these assholes that call you a racist. If these jerk-offs had half a brain, they would never post on this site.

    1. Thanks Rambo. I took out all the references to ghetto nigs. That’s exactly what they are, but I won’t use the word anymore since it’s hurtful. The word nigger probably needs to go too while we are at it. I cut out all the pejorative language calling him dumb and an idiot. He’s exactly that but I’m trying to be fair to my readers here. However, I left in the part where I called his girlfriend a ratchet. That’s exactly what she is. I have no idea how pejorative ratchet is. It is on the level of nig and God forbid nigger or is it ok to leave it in?

      Is Chicongo too offensive or should I chuck it? Killadelphia’s staying in. That’s not a racist term, sorry. Chicongo, well, yeah, could be…

      BTW, a racist never would have removed all that offensive language for you. I’m trying to make this site a pleasant place for my Black readers and commenters. They’re all great people and I don’t want to make them uncomfortable or hurt their feelings. That’s why I’m running this possibly offensive stuff by you all so I can learn what language is ok and not ok here.

      Go ahead and let me know in the future if I go over the line and use racist or offensive language, but don’t be a woketard or SJW about it.

    2. Shit Rambo, now I feel terrible. Oh well, I deserve to feel this way. Thanks for calling me on my shit here.

    3. I love all these assholes that call you a racist. If these jerk-offs had half a brain, they would never post on this site.

      Finally figuring out your sarcastic comment here. Yeah, what are they doing here. SJW’s, PC’ers, woketards, Cultural Left buttholes, none of them are welcome here. I hate them more than I hate the Republican Party. And I really hate the Republican Party.

  3. I would say they’re spoiled “Ghetto niglets.” Young Ghetto Blacks don’t know how good they have it.

    I see White-acting Blacks at work. Many are with homely White bitches who pursued them like hungry pink hogs.

    Then I walk a short distance to the bus stop and see the other Blacks – the Ghetto Black. I see two bucks locking horns, a young Black bitch talking about sucking dick like nothing has changed since Trash was last in Detroit, and an old Black freezing mess of a man running into busy traffic to pester with retarded ramblings another bus driver in a shiny bus that just pulled in.

    Other ghetto Blacks around are being loud “cheer-niggers,” dancing around like monkeys while encouraging beatdowns and fights so they can film them with their cellphones while they dance and cheer the combatants on. Then a pack of Blacks miss the bus. One tries to fight the moving bus, gets in front of, and lastly spits on the door. If they manage to get on the bus, they will argue and talk shit to the bus driver the whole way.

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