Alt Left: The Teen Sex Moral Panic

Have you seen all these mental midgets accusing everyone and their uncle of being “pedophiles?” This is getting downright stupid. Everyone and their uncle has been accused of a being a “pedophile.” How many of these morons have ever met even one pedophile? How many have talked to one? Talked to one at length? Talked to one at length about their sexual orientation? Well, I have. I worked with a couple of these guys in my practice. One was a very difficult person but I worked with him for months. And I made him a whole lot better too, by the way.

How many of these people getting called “predators” and “pedophiles” are the real thing? 1

Really this moral panic is, as so many of these Retard Infections are, about sex. Sex, you know, that all-American eternal hangup. What this really is is a mass hysteria around the sexuality of teenage girls. It’s Teenage Girl Sexuality Mass Hysteria. Notice how little of the time they talk about actual molesters and pedophiles and how it’s always some guy committing stat rape with some horny as Hell jailbait teenybopper who probably seduced him in the first place?

We Americans just can’t bear the notion that these girls have an actual, very strong sex drive, have very real sexual lives, needs, and desires, that they like, pursue, and seduce grown men, and that all normal men are strongly aroused by them. True to our puritanical roots, we just can’t bear any of this. Hence the pearl-clutching epidemics.

I’d also like to point out that idiot moral panics are often about “kids.” Remember the moral panic about “drugs,” especially marijuana? You know what that was really all about? I was around in that era back in the day, an advocate for legalization when it was hazardous to be one, and I lived through that particularly insipid moral panic, an actual moral panic about marijuana. It was all about the kids. Kids were smoking pot. Kids were taking “drugs.”

Remember the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s? All about the kiddies, no? Save the little children from the satanic child molesters who could literally fly, had sex with animals, flushed them down toilets, beheaded babies in front of them and forced them to drink the blood, and abused them in airports and bowling alleys.

At the end of the day, as always, it’s all down to “think of the children!

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Teen Sex Moral Panic”

  1. Finally, an entertaining read. Thanks.

    Hey Robert, this is your old friend. Sorry I couldn’t visit your blog in a long time, things are rough here. Hope you survived COVID season and getting your jabs soon. I pray your health and safety.

    I am here to inform you that I fulfilled a promise I made to you. If you remember you wanted me to add the term “fagbucks” to UD. Hope you like the provided definition – give it likes and love.

    Moreover I haven’t stepped inside a Fagbucks since they treated you so badly. It’s an OPEN, DECLARED WAR.

    Later again…stay alive, man.

    1. Welcome back! It’s so great to see you! I was afraid you were gone for good. I was so sad to see you go. No homo! Yes I never caught COVID and I also got my first jab. I’m going to a new Fagbucks right now where they act a lot better. A bunch of young, macho Mexican-American men behind the counter and they don’t give a fuck about any of this gay bullshit. They all know me and greet me by my first name. I’m dating women my age now. 63, 64 years old. Some still look great. Young women are hopeless. They all want to take all my money anyway.

      1. Oh…I thought we had an accord of not visiting Fagbucks again. Anyway, nice that you found a good exceptional outlet. I’m not taking my chances with the Fagbuckers…ever. This is a declared war…..

        I was afraid you were gone for good. I was so sad to see you go. No homo

        That’s the sad part, indeed.

        Regarding my long absence, actually I’m in pretty bad shape right now. Not financially (yet) but if things continue to head south, I’ll be fucked pretty badly one day.

        This COVID situation has made life a living hell for me…I’m stuck in a shitty home in Calcutta and it’s not helping either. I hope I get the jabs soon so I can fly away to Mauritius, Seychelles or somewhere pleasant….“need a better place for suicide than my present available options.” Will need one last wild party with hookers before I pull the trigger or cut open my own throat.

        Yes, I’m having suicidal thoughts on a regular basis now. I know I’m stronger…but for how long, till my online job (I do some regular gigs) keep paying. My clients are anyway frustrated by this attitude which isn’t going to get better anytime soon. The list of my debtors is long and endless…I practically owe every bank and have been defaulting on my loans for over 2 years now. I won’t let those motherfuckers get me….I’m an outlaw already.

        I’ve got absolutely nothing else worth living for except the tiny money I’m making. No friends…I’m sure I still have a Facebook and Twitter but all people seem superficial at this point. I have lost all faith in humanity…humans can do so much better but we intentionally choose to hurt each other. Our species sucks on the whole.

        I no longer get along with whatever remains of my family, and don’t talk to them. My mother’s death dealt me a significant blow as I was closely attached to her. She was my lifeline.

        I have lost faith in all religions…screw those idiots.

        But you wouldn’t believe it…that PARTY-FACE I had is still on. 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Whenever I have $$$$ to blow, I happily spend every last penny. Still living for TODAY.

        My life is getting better in simpler ways. I quit smoking cigarettes…it’s been over a year now, and I feel so happy about this anniversary. I maintain a proper diet. At least I don’t want to be an ill person during my last moments.

        It might not happen though…I might continue braving this drudgery as long as the money keeps flowing somehow. But if even that comes to a stop, I don’t know what I’ll do next.

        I might still die a happy man though….the extensive travels I did and the beautiful women I’ve been with will continue to serve as happy memories.

        See you in the end of 2029 if we both make it till then. I was told this decade would be a “Roaring 20’s. again.

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