The Movie “Tim” – 1979 by Jason

This film is about this older American woman falling in love with an mentally challenged Australian man half her age (Mel Gibson). While this might be a touching and interesting story on IQ and age differences being overcome, we just can’t ignore the fact that Mel Gibson is attractive to women, or at least he was at that age. In that case, it’s easy to make fun of this movie.

They could have just gotten a less attractive person – or even worse – and gotten him to fall in love with the woman. That might have seemed less fake and cheesy.

What middle class/rich women doesn’t want to fall in love with the hired help – lol? Which of them wouldn’t want to teach him to read, especially after going on beach outings where he’s strutting around in what looks like underwear?

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4 thoughts on “The Movie “Tim” – 1979 by Jason”

  1. Well as we have since seen Mel Gibson is nothing if not “mentally challenged,” his father even more so.

  2. Mel Gibson is a perfect example of a Chad. He is good-looking even today. Those kind of films can not be taken seriously. In real life beauty often goes hand in hand with intelligence. Studies have shown that beautiful people are also smarter than ugly people. Nowadays, being blackpilled, I cannot stomach those kind of films anymore.

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