Women Put Into Their Place Fantasy by Jason

I’m thinking some Black men have the notion they can put women in their place so they’re better husbands than White men, or maybe they think they’re better husbands for Black women.

Whatever the case, Black women are just as resentful of men wanting slaves as are women of other races. In fact, a relationship with a Black man where he’s wanting a slave will lead either to a divorce/break-up or literally a slave relationship with a partner that hates them.

Black men might bring this up – even knowing deep down it’s false – because they want an excuse to blame when bad things going down, and they don’t want to blame the woman. They will say the husband isn’t Black so he cannot be a good enough husband.

This notion is easily shot down because as some have said, some relationships where the Black man is with a White woman don’t work, maybe because of over-possessiveness on the part of the Black man.

As a 2nd Thought

The Black men could be just talking about being masculine, such as getting a job and manning up in general. But that has nothing to with race. There’s nothing making Black men more masculine than other men.

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One thought on “Women Put Into Their Place Fantasy by Jason”

  1. “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?”
    – Wayne Brady.

    This was the Blackest thing he could say to counter Negrodamus (Paul Mooney) who said, “Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.”

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