Women Making You Jealous, by Jason

On one hand, men don’t like being cucked. On the other hand, a lot of women will talk about other men to see if you get jealous.  If you get even a little bit jealous, you seem like a wuss, and the woman could lose attraction for you! In fact, they could even dump you!

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Seems like a trap. But men go on and on about being cucked, how cucked men are despicable, and how they aren’t the type and won’t be pushed into that situation.

The advice from me, but maybe not @Robert Lindsay, is just to ignore “jealous provoking” with silence or humor. That is, if you really want the girl. If you don’t, you could move on. I think in a lot of these situations that the woman is trying to provoke you with a guy she has no actual interest in. It’s just a test from the woman.

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4 thoughts on “Women Making You Jealous, by Jason”

  1. This is why many, not all, coal burners pay the toll or get burned. They poke the Black coals by flirting or cheating. It does not take long for the coals to become red with anger and burst sparks or even flames in the direction of the fat, oily wigger bitch with slicked-back greasy hair. Today’s White man is more like a beignet. A woman can bite right into the pillowy pastry puff and nothing but a soft White cloud of sugar fluff will come out.

    1. Over-possessive dorks, whatever the race, only draw resentment from their women. But are you trying to say only Black men can’t take being cucked? This dynamic works across people in general, any race.

      1. In my experience, the women Blacks are with are more flirty and cheat-y. Blacks take less shit than Whites and are more beat-y. On this forum some Blacks seem Whiter than I am, so there are exceptions.

        1. Whatever the amount of unfaithfulness, the man has to ignore or laugh it off or he’s going to seem like a controlling dork or a wuss.

          In the case of beatings, in this day and age, the woman is going to get protective order against the Black man or literally fight back against him. She’s not going to put up with it.

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