Women Idolizing You, Then Devaluing You, Then Dumping You, by Jason

Well, this breakup recovery site – forgot the name – was saying this was evil and that sociopathic women were doing it. I disagree. It could be that women are just naturally prone to do this. They don’t have an obligation to be loyal to you like a dog once married or dating. You have to keep up your Game to  attract them. You have to man up, not be jealous from her silly “bringing up better men,” etc..

My Dad kept my mom. He never got devalued to the point of point of being dumped, though there were probably a few fights over his drinking. Anyway, the key to his success is he simply kept “manning up” up. He never cried. He never got lazy.

A lot of guys want comfort from the hurt of being dumped. They want to believe that they didn’t do anything wrong; instead the woman is a crazy loon. But what really happened? I wouldn’t know. Again, I strongly suspect the man was screwing up.  Maybe he have wrecked the finances. Maybe he didn’t work much or at all. Maybe acted emotionally weak in front of her, and women hate this, as much as they often try to deny it.

The cold, hard fact is that often keeping a woman attracted to you in a marriage – especially after times are tough – can be very hard. At times the woman loses her attraction for the man. Supposedly, marriage is something where people take vows, but we don’t live in a patriarchal society where men can expect the woman will take crap from them without a reaction. Even if we did, who would want to be with someone who really doesn’t want to be with them?

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