Prisons/Jails Charging Too Much to Contact Inmates, by Jason

Honestly, unless you had a home phone near the jail or prison, you’re looking at $300 or more a month just to have contact  your loved one on an everyday basis (maybe 3 – fifteen minute calls a day).

Anyway, jails etc. are supposed to be punishment, but we sometimes have loved ones, and we want to ease their suffering as much as possible because we love them.

Anyhow, should it be different? I don’t know. The prison system says it cares, but considering the fact that prison is punishment, it gives them a green light to be tyrannical. In fact, they even monitor your massively overcharged calls and cut off contact with you and your loved one permanently, but I don’t think this happens very often.

Anyway, for other stuff you can now send electronic emails, also charged – but not too much – and also photos, which are a little expensive.

Well, emails are O.K., but I you can’t keep a real relationship without hearing their voice.

In-Person Visitation?

It’s not allowed in a lot of the country because of COVID, so the alternative is video visits, and of course, they’re charging an arm and a leg!

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