Game/PUA: Women Are Like Children, Part 2: They Want You to Set Limits on Them

I also think women are somewhat like children in another sense.

You know how children want to test your boundaries and see how far they can get with you? Well, a lot of women want to do the exact same thing. It is for this reason that a lot men think women are “evil,” but they’re not being evil, they’re just acting like devious and mischievous children.

They literally want you to built a fence around them and say, “This far and no more!” I will let you have a lot of freedom by there is some stuff that is just out of bounds that I will not tolerate. By the same token, a lot of these rebellious children actually want you to build a rodeo fence around them too and set some sort of limits on them. You’re saving them from themselves. Women want to be saved from themselves too.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: Women Are Like Children, Part 2: They Want You to Set Limits on Them”

  1. If men just weren’t so horny and feeling compassion for them, we wouldn’t have nothing to do with them! Well, even the worst women, we might feel sorry for, no matter how many buttons they’re pushing, even if they are dumping us.

    Anyway, we can’t really say they’re problems aren’t caused by us in some situations. That’s another reason to not jump ship on them.

    What’s funny is that friends and family will tell you to dump a bad girl. But they don’t get it. Love is not logical. Just like a good girl falling for a bad boy is not logical. If we see her with a bad boy, maybe even a taboo interracial bad boy thing, we can see that love is going against logic.

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