Family Discouraging and Imposing Sanctions on Our Partners, by Justin

How arrogant is this? I mean, no matter how much they might dislike a person, the nerve to resort to this! They don’t get it!  The bad person isn’t really all that bad. But they haven’t given her/him a chance.  Also, the love felt is not logical. We could even resort to Biblical scripture to say something about this. Why should God love the rebels and downtrodden, but not us? Aren’t we supposed to follow in his footsteps?

Yeah, it’s logical to find “safe partners”. Assuming they’re not snobs who you can’t get anyway – LOL. Even if you could get them, think of how boring they would be! How uninteresting is a relationship with no drama and maybe even with someone looking down on you because you aren’t normie enough!

Anyway, our families are not the only people to try to interfere with our lives. The entity could be the government trying to make a separation – for your own good of course! It might be for the good of a third party, but despite the good intention, it’s an inhumane choice between one and the other.

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