Alt Left: “Child Molester” and “Pedophile” Are Not Synonyms


There is nothing wrong with these non-pedophilic molesters sexually and probably even psychologically – their sexual interests are quite ordinary. They are “normal” in the way that most criminals are “normal” – that is, they are not the slightest bit crazy. The fact that criminals in general are not crazy and in fact are often remarkably sane is in part what makes them so dangerous. If they were crazy we could protect ourselves from them better. The fact that they are so sane is what enables them to get away with their crimes and also makes them hard to catch.

Rather these are simply bad men who are opportunistic and will have sex with females in general – women, children, no matter. A female relative or child is also a very easy target for these very manipulative men. In some cases it is an alternative if the wife has cut off the sex. The best description of these men is that they are simply criminals. They are users and their behavior is part of a pattern of control and abuse, often combined with verbal and physical abuse.

It is hard to say how girls how girls are effected, for it is mostly girls who are effected by intrafamilial child molesting in part because most gay men do not have children nor do they have access to them. Most molesting of boys does not occur in the family, and in fact such molesting is not very common.

Instead most boys are molested by homosexual pedophiles. And of course there are homosexual pedophiles  – the woke crowd claims that homosexuals and pedophiles cannot be one and the same and yet they can.

They tell this lie because sadly gay men do have a pretty high rate of child molesting, mostly probably of the pedophilic variety.

A logical explanation for this is that both homosexuality and pedophilia are probably developmental disorders, as is biological transsexualism. Something goes wrong developmentally with the fetus in the womb, hormonally in the case of male homosexuality and biological transsexualism but due to unknown factors in the case of pedophilia. It would stand to reason that developmental disorders might tend to overlap due to a common cause.

Pedophilia may be caused by subtle brain damage. Neurological soft signs – typically evidence of subtle brain damage – are very common in pedophiles. Furthermore, pedophiles tend to have lower IQ’s than non-pedophiles, once again suggestive of mild brain damage. 

In some ways it is worse if your own father is doing it to you. Nevertheless, most seem to get over it with time. The behavior of non-pedophilic molesters is outside the purview of mental health because we just talk about whether behavior or persons are crazy or not. And these men are not crazy. They’re just bad. We are talking about matters of morality and law, not matters of psychology and psychiatry.

There is often significant Cluster B Axis 2 Personality Disorder pathology as is the case with most men who use and abuse others. These men are fairly easy to rehabilitate absent significant psychopathy because significant guilt is not uncommon, and they are not pedophilic, so they can easily fulfill their sexual needs without resorting to children. Probably in India, Morocco and most of the Third World, most molesting is by non-pedophilic molesters because pedophilia proper is not well known in these places, and most men, even gay men, tend to marry and have children due to societal pressure.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: “Child Molester” and “Pedophile” Are Not Synonyms”

  1. holy crap, this is ridiculous. didn’t keep reading, but I hope this is satire.

    This sentence “There is nothing wrong with these non-pedophilic molesters sexually and probably even psychologically” is BOGUS.

    by “probably even psychologically”, it seems you mean “doesn’t deviate much from the norm of most men”… as you point out, they’re criminals. Criminal behavior is OBVIOUSLY abnormal and it is an issue with a person. the norm is that a person is not a criminal. these people are criminals. obviously that is a psychological issue.

    1. All right, jerk. You’re banned.

      There are two separate axes.

      Normal-abnormal, sane-crazy, disturbed-nondisturbed.

      Good-bad, right-wrong, good-evil.

      The vast majority of criminals do not have a mental disorder other than psychopathy and I doubt if that is a mental disorder. Instead it is a MORAL disorder. Most criminals are not the slightest bit nuts. This applies in particular to uncaught serial killers, etc. because if they were the slightest bit nuts, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it for long. The best criminals, the hardest to catch, are frighteningly sane! Why do you think they are so hard to catch? Because they’re as sane as the sanest man!

      Instead, most criminals are simply bad, evil, wrong, etc. They’re just bad people. It’s not psychologically normal to be a bad, wrong, or evil person. Psychology is concerned with questions and sanity versus insanity. It cares nothing of morality. Questions of right and wrong are outside of the purview of psychiatry, sorry.

      Non-pedophilic molesters and quite normal psychologically and of course they are very normal sexually as they are not preferentially attracted to kids. They’re no more attracted to kids than any man. The problem with these men is that they are criminals! They’re bad people doing things that society says are bad and can indeed cause long term harm in fair number of cases. Anyway, society considers it really wrong and messed up behavior and hence they have criminalized it. We need to keep it illegal for adults to fuck kids. By kids, I mean children under 13.

      For teenagers age 13-17, it is a whole other ball of wax, a completely different question and matter that I will not go into at this time. In general, pedophiles are not attracted to 13-17 year olds very much and often prefer to have sex with children under 13 than with a teenager.

      Also sex between adults and teenagers is simply not inherently harmful or even abnormal. It’s been the norm for almost all of our history. It’s illegal now because we think we are beyond that civilization-wise and a lot of people think it is wrong, bad, evil, etc. and that men who do this are scums, lowlifes, bastards, etc. who belong in prison.


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