Computer Went Down

Sorry folks. Hard drive failed. And then when I got it back, my keyboard and mouse were not working right. I went and bought a new mouse and it still wasn’t working. Then my brother monkeyed with it and now it works. I’ve lost a lot of my passwords though and all my old settings are gone. Also I lost all my add-ons to my browsers. Lucky I saved a lot of my passwords in another file or I would have been surely screwed. Fixing the hard drive cost me $200. Could have been worse I guess. I had ~200 bad sectors on there. On the bright side, I have a new wireless mouse. Anyway, I’m back, folks!

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5 thoughts on “Computer Went Down”

    1. Porn? Porn causes bad sectors on your hard drive? No way. Anyway I don’t really have a hard drive anymore, even with this new replacement. I’m afraid that at my age, it’s more like a floppy drive LOL.

    2. I like your site. Are you Alt Left or Alternative Left? LOL I’m not sure if you are Alt Left. I can’t figure out your politics at all! You have three progressive sites (well two are Alt Left), four reactionaries, and one humor. I give up. What in tarnation are you anyway?

      1. I’m not sure. I’ve given up trying to decide. Whaddya think??

        I think I’m just “alt-” for now. It’s like all these gender types they pull out of their asses.

        I’m alt-neutral.

        I just hate elites and I want to see them disappear from the planet. So we can revert to some primitive society and in about 2,000 years we’ll have a whole new crop of them, but that’s a long way off.

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