Alt Left: TThe SJW Left Is the Fake Left

As long as few Americans die, Americans don’t care what sort of terrible things we do overseas. It doesn’t matter how many people we kill. It doesn’t matter how many countries we destroy. It doesn’t matter how much money and oil we steal. It doesn’t matter how much land or countries we illegally occupy. The American people strike me as a rather depraved bunch.

The thing is that if you discuss all the terrible things our military does overseas, most people throw a block up. Most people believe US foreign policy and the behavior of the US military is 10

And some of these people are fanatical SJW’s. So you see most SJW fanatics support full-blown US imperialism, bombing, destroying, killing, stealing, conquering, occupying, bullying, menacing, the whole nine yards.

One more reason that the SJW movement is fake. It’s not even the Left. It’s the fake Left. You think

So the SJW Left isn’t even doing any good. And it’s probably dividing the workers because all people labeled as oppressors – Whites, men, straights, cis people, nationalists – tend to go rightwing because they Left is demonizing them and calling them oppressors.So the SJW’s are like a gigantic rightwinger manufacturing facility. They’re a factory that churns out conservatives by the boatload. Congratulations!

I will show you how the SJW Left is the Fake Left.

No Communist country ever called a certain race or ethnic group of the country oppressors and singled them out.  There has never been one anti-White or anti-European Communist country anywhere on Earth, though South Africa comes close. Still, the South African Communist Party doesn’t run the country and the ANC is just another rightwing party by now. But South Africa is the only place on Earth that a White-hating Left has come into power.

No Communist country ever demonized men or masculinity, nor did they attack men for the crime of trying to get laid. Sex was seen as a healthy drive between male and female workers. There has never been one anti-male Communist country on Earth.

No Communist country ever demonized straight people. In fact, most were very conservative, and in most places, homosexuality was made illegal as a bourgeois vice.

Needless to say, no Communist country ever demonized cis people and exalted trans people as the best thing since sliced bread.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: TThe SJW Left Is the Fake Left”

  1. Suppose that we have an army of 5,000 officers and 95,000 soldiers and NCO’s. The officers are all White. They have high salaries and treat the rank and file appallingly. The rank and file have very low wages. Of the 95,000 soldiers and NCO’s, 60,000 are White and 35,000 non-White.

    Is there White Privilege in that army? No, because even though all the officers are White, 12 out of 13 whites in that army are downtrodden members of the rank and file. The more talk there is about White Privilege, the harder it becomes for all the soldiers and NCO’s to make common cause against the officers. The notion of White Privilege is objectively reactionary.

    Who was better off in Alabama in the fifties, a Black professor at a Black College or some White cracker doing back-breaking work for a very low wage? In pre-revolutionary France, who was better off, a duchess or a male peasant? In Russia in the 1850’s, who was better off, a Jewish tavern owner or an Orthodox serf?

    Of course, class isn’t everything, but the more we emphasize gender, race, and sexual orientation, the more we will neglect class and thereby protect the upper classes.

    Diversity can be a godsend to an oligarchy. Suppose that in a country the main classes are aristocrats and peasants. In that country there is also a Jewish minority. If the aristocrats can convince the peasants that their worst enemies are not the aristocrats but the Jews, then they’ll have scored a tremendous victory. If the US were an all-White country, the Republicans could not pursue the Southern strategy of exploiting White resentment for the benefit of the economic elite.

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