Alt Left: Fascism and National Socialism: An Attempt at Some Definitions

Fascism:  An Attempt at a Definition

You can define a fascist country as an ultranationalist ethnic nationalist nation founded on a blood and soil mindset with an ideology based on Lazarus, the bird that rises from the flames. In fascism, there is a nationbuilding effort whereby the nation is seen to have fallen apart, typically by too much liberalism, pacifism, degeneracy, chaos, or economic problems.

The fascist comes in saying that they are going to bring back the glorious days of the founders of the land. So from the ruins of the present, the past will be mined to create a national myth and this mythos will be used to rise the country up from the ashes of ruin to the greatness it deserves.

Typically the unfortunate present moment is blamed on others, minorities or other countries that are singled out for hostility and blame.

Military missions of conquest are not unusual as the nationalist myth often if not always says that the borders of the land used to extend further than they do. Hence the project is Greater Ruritanian and reuniting all of the former Ruritanian lands which were stolen by the Other, the non-Ruritanians. In addition, if there are any Ruritanians residing in nearby lands, the project will be to reunite those areas with the homeland.

Fascism is typically conservative as the present moment is seen as tainted with modernism and democracy, both of which are associated with cultural degeneracy. Traditional sex roles are reinstated and the woman’s role is resigned to the kitchen, church, and home.

There is an exaltation of heroism, aggression, raw power, and even brutality, often in defense of the homeland. There is a self-sacrificing tendency where to die for one’s land is the greatest honor. And there is an exaltation of violence, usually for repression or invasions but sometimes in a Sorelian sense, violence simply for the sake of violence because violence is seen to have a mythic cleansing power especially over the permissive, excessively free, and degenerate present.

The military is exalted, battles of the past are discussed and exalted,  and often defeats are spun as victories as in the Battle of Kosovo with the Serbs in 1389. Men are exalted to be masculine, heroic, and sacrificing. Effeminate men, sexual outliers, crossdressers, and homosexuals are typically persecuted as grotesque and degenerate aberrations from tradition sex roles, which are seen as nearly divine.

School curricula are rewritten and often you end up with textbooks full of lies from front to end as in the nationbuilding in Poland after WW2. Statues are built to the greats of the land. Often there is Garden of Eden effect such that humanity is seen to have arisen exactly in the country.

At other times, the land is seen as the center of the Earth around which all other lands revolve. Examples in the Land of the Rising Sun in Japan and the land of the Four Winds in China.

The Land of the Rising Sun implies that when the sun rises in the morn, it first shines on Japan, hence Japan is the first nation to be brightened and in a sense becomes a satellite around which other lands revolve.

The Land of the Four Winds in China refers to the belief that the north, south, west, and east winds all arise directly in China itself and flow outward to the rest of the world from there. So China is the source or ground zero for all of the wind and moving air in the land. It’s literally the center of the world if not of the universe.

Trumpism is indeed fascism. Make America Great Again. See how that is talking about the ruins of the present and going back to an earlier time when the nation was great.+

A lot of out and out nationalist lying about history, minorities, languages – Hell, you name it, nationalists lie about it – usually goes into the construction of this mythological great past.

It’s called blood and soil because the ethnicity is seen as the “sons of the soil” or land itself, land that has been fertilized with the blood of the ancestors especially in n nationalist impulses where they fought invaders or minorities.

The blood also refers to the fact that there is only one ethnicity in fascism.

In Ruritania, all of the minorities have to become Ruritanians. Stop wearing minority clothing, practicing minority festivals and and lifestyles, give up the minority religion and especially stop  speaking the minority language.

Hence all minorities will become Ruritanians simply by assimilating to Ruritanian culture. Standard fascism gives minorities a break in that they are merged with the ethnic group even though they are a different ethnicity.

Racist Fascism or National Socialism

Racist fascism or Nazism is much worse because the minorities don’t stand a chance as their very blood itself itself is tainted, hence there is no way to escape minority status and become a Ruritanian. They are dealt with by segregation, expulsion, or murder, which can be genocidal.

They will be repressed, arrested, beaten, impoverished, uneducated, and often the state will move Ruritanians into their neighborhoods to drown them out. They will be tortured, their homes will be demolished and their neighborhoods will be bulldozed. Often their churches and monuments are targeted for destruction.

The intelligentsia  and the leadership of the land may be attacked and even killed, sometimes in  large numbers. This is done so the minority will be leaderless and even without thinkers.

They will also be killed, often in small numbers, but sometimes in much larger numbers, into the tens and hundreds of thousands or even a million as in National Socialist Rwanda. There were millions, 15 million, exterminated by the Nazis in World War 2. You keep hearing about the 6 million Jews, but did you realize that another 9 million people were also murdered? Well, they don’t count because they’re not Jews so they’re not special, as only Jews are special or “chosen.”

They are also often expelled from the land as their presence is seen as a literal toxin upon the body politic. Hence words like cockroaches, vermin, rats, infection, disease, virus, plague are used to describe the minority group. Nazis referred to Jews as rats and vermin and disease metaphors were also often used.

It is often stated that the nation has an “infection” – that is, it is literally infected with the minority group, which is a plague upon the land itself. Look around you and see how people act during plagues. Also, what do you do with a tumor? You cut it out. So you cut the minority out of the land, slicing them away with a scalpel. How do you treat an infection. You pour drugs at it to kill the infectious agents. Hence mass killing  of minorities is can be seen as germicidal and even a measure of positive public health.

The dehumanization makes it easier to mistreat them or even kill them.  After all, in Rwanda they were not killing humans. They were literally killing cockroaches. Six foot tall cockroaches with two arms and two legs, but cockroaches nonetheless. What do you do if you see a cockroach? You stomp on it and grind it into the floor. Hence “grinding the minority into the floor” is transferred to the minority group and mass murder is nothing more than squashing bugs on floors. Human bugs but bugs nonetheless.

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20 thoughts on “Alt Left: Fascism and National Socialism: An Attempt at Some Definitions”

  1. There is nothing wrong with nationalism as long as it is moderate and egalitarian. Moderate and egalitarian Ruritanians will say: We are Ruritanians, they are Slobodians. We stay in our territory, and they will stay in theirs. We practice solidarity with fellow Ruritanians, and they practice solidarity with fellow Slobodians. We prefer our own language and culture and will seek to preserve it, and they prefer their own language and culture and will seek to preserve it.

    The word nation has become quite ambiguous. In English, it is nowadays used as a synonym of country, which is unfortunate because within a country there can be several nations. There are essentially 4 types of nation: the creedal nation, the civic nation, the ethno-nation, and the cultural-linguistic nation. In my opinion, the word nation should be reserved for the last category.

    The creedal nation is not a nation at all, but an ideology. If an American is someone who believes in liberal democracy, then 80% of Europeans and Latin Americans are also Americans. It is a nonsensical concept.

    Civic nationalism sees the nation as a group of people who share the same territory and are citizens of the same state. It is a legal, territorial category. It is better to call civic nationalism patriotism. In the former Soviet Union, they talked about Soviet patriotism, and that made a lot sense. Inside the Soviet Union, there were many nations. If they wanted to remain united, then this could only be done through Soviet patriotism. Patriotism is territorial; nationalism is tribal.

    In homogeneous nation-states, there is really no difference between patriotism and nationalism, but there is a big difference in binational or multinational states. In multinational countries, patriotism emphasizes the whole, and nationalism the part. Belgian patriotism applies to to all of Belgium; Flemish nationalism applies only to the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Soviet patriotism applied to all the Soviet Union; Latvian, Russian, Armenian, etc. nationalism applied only to parts of the Soviet Union.

    Nationalism is much stronger than patriotism. It is easier to identify with people who are like you than with people who only inhabit the same territory as you do. If you are Japanese, it is easier to feel affinity and solidarity with a Japanese person who lives in another city than with a Pole or Arab who lives in the same apartment building as you.

    Ethno-nationalism sees the nation as a group of people with common ancestry. The best example of an ethno-nation are the Jews, who live in dozens of countries, speak dozens of languages, belong to dozens of cultures, but who see themselves as a nation because they all (supposedly) descend from some Middle Eastern tribe.

    In my opinion, ethno-nationalism is often ridiculous and sometimes dangerous. It is ridiculous when a person who doesn’t speak a word of Polish and has no familiarity at all with Polish culture proudly says: “I am Polish”, because his ancestors are Polish. Ethno-nationalism is dangerous when it is used to exclude people simply because they have different ancestors. “You are not Japanese, even though you speak only Japanese, only know Japanese culture, and lived all your life in Japan, because your grandparents were Koreans.”

    That leaves us with culture and linguistic nationhood. It would be best if nationalism referred only to a group of people who share the same language and culture. An American is someone who speaks American English and is part of American culture. Such nationalism is based on real differences and can accept people of different ancestry and of different races. It is nationalism that makes sense and isn’t dangerous as long as is doesn’t become imperialistic.

          1. Yes, I finished it. It was absolutely excellent. I had known such things but they had never been put before me in such an exact manner. I almost feel like it should be read multiple times in order for it to sink in. Those are some pretty complex ideas he is talking about here.

          2. I think the article was very spot on. Blacks in Cuba are still second class citizens under Communism. This doesn’t negate Castro overthrowing the evil right wing Cubans; I still believe a regulated free market economy is a better solution than communism.


            What do you think of this article:


          3. Blacks in Cuba are still second class citizens under Communism.

            I haven’t even read that article yet, but I don’t think it’s true. Blacks have more rights in Cuba than in any other non-Black country in Latin America.

            I’m already not liking it. False liberator? Washington Post? LOL nope.

            Here is a newsgroup I have joined for Cuban news. You might want to join it if you wish to get some objective news about Cuba:


            The Havana Times is also good, though more critical. Run by Circles Johnson, moved to Nicaragua and apparently gone insane. They are pretty good on Cuba; terrible on Nicaragua.


            Don’t read the US MSM on Cuba.

            It’s possible to be a liberal who opposes Cuba. I’m not sure what that would look like. Maybe from a social democrat POV. Most of the opposition in Cuba have traditionally claimed to be social democrats.

  2. I accept Jews as more intelligent than the average goy. In the movie Mobsters a kid pegs the Sicilian “Lucky” Luciano as the boss over the Jew Meyer Lansky. In the real world, it’s generally the opposite. The true struggle is freedom from Jews.

    Blacks are that homeless guy on the bus, scaring the tender pink watermelon-skins and pestering the prettiest girl. Simply step over the turd on your way out. Annoying but not a threat.

    Jews are a threat. World Chess Champions, not street hustlers. Should Gentiles be gentle with Jews, they’ll typically lose. NS were bullies to non-Germans but by God they were free. Deep down, free’s how we all want to be.

  3. Fascism is pure evil.

    I don’t think Trumpism is fascist though it contains many elements. Trumpism is mild proto-fascism but I’m not sure if he fully intendeds it to ever become outright fascism, much less ethnofascism. If he does, he would lose all my support instantly. However, there are some fascist or fascist-like Trump supporters who may not even realize that’s what they are.

    I’ve searched my heart and have begun to purge any hateful elements within it that could turn me into a fascist of which I could have easily become. Thankfully, I’ve rejoined the Church and I am seeking balance between my right-wing (masculine) and left-wing (feminine) political views.

    The Third Reich and the USSR were both godless states because they purged the feminine and masculine element, respectively, from their societies much like Men’s Rights and Feminist activists are doing right now.

    1. MRA’s are purging the feminine? We are not supposed to be doing that. We are just supposed to fighting against misandry. There’s a lot of misogyny in the MRA world though.

      Is this for real?

      1. I meant the militant MRA’s and MGTOW boys. I don’t know enough about MRA so maybe I shouldn’t have made a gross generalization. I forgot you were MRA.

        What’s for real?

        1. Oh they are absolutely demonizing women and they totally hate women, most of them. Is this what you refer to as the war on the feminine?

          1. With regards to MRA’s, that’s exactly what I meant.

            With regard to the wings of politics no. I meant that Right-wing politics embodies the masculine spirit of humanity — strength, militarism, law and order, courage, national and racial pride, suspicion of the foreign and the different, willingness to make risks, and take loses for the sake of money via capitalism– as a sort of distributed gender amount its followers, whether male or female.

            The Left-wing embodies feminine attributes — charity, collectivism, sharing, talking, compassion for victims and the poor, wealth redistribution, limitations and regulations on industry to increase safety via socialism.

            But an overbearing father can seriously damage his child through severe physical abuse and discipline. And a mother can do so by over-sheltering to the point of house-arrest. Nazi Germany and the USSR were a demented and abusive father and mother respectively.

          2. Too much Masculine Character in the Nazis and too much Feminine Character in the USSR then, correct?

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