Alt Left: Jewish Pro-Israel Political Power in the US: Some Recent Trends

Most Presidents come into office shekeled to the hilt in one way or another. Hence most US Presidents owe the Jews bigtime for their election. The Jews bribed them. So they don’t want to offend this group and the only way to do that is to support Israel to the hilt.

Lately support has been plunging among Democrats and young people, even young Jews. The Jewish Establishment in the US (some of the worst humans on Earth) is visibly worried about this trend. There are all sorts of projects to reverse this trend. The disgusting ADL headed by Abe Foxman is in the forefront of most of these efforts. They usually involve some sort of lying, cheating, stealing, sleazy hardball amoral tactics, fakery, conspiracy, saying one thing and doing another, etc. They can usually count on the US media and the US government to mirror whatever the Hell it is that the US  Jewish establishment wants to do.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Jewish Pro-Israel Political Power in the US: Some Recent Trends”

  1. Essentially, the right is the party of the topdogs and the left is the party of the underdogs. Since 1948, Jews have been very much the topdogs in Palestine. It isn’t therefore surprising that so so many genuine leftists like Jeremy Corbyn are pro-Palestinian. What deters some Gentile leftists from supporting the Palestinians is that they fear to be on the same side as the anti-Semites.

    Opposition to anti-Semitism has of course been an inseparable part of leftist ideology, and that was the right policy as long as Jews were mainly on the receiving end of anti-Semitic injustice. In Palestine, however, the Jews were usually on the giving end of injustice. If Palestine had been conquered by Gentiles, all leftists would have recognized this conquest as a form of colonialism. Since the Zionists, all of them Europeans, were Jewish, many leftists turned, and are taking, a blind eye to this colonialist enterprise.

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