Alt Left: 911 Was Good for the Jews

911 was good for Israel. It was good for the Jews. Sure, 3,000 Americans did, but it was for the good because otherwise all the Jews on Earth would have been exterminated. This is how these people think. Everything’s apocalyptic. Their enemies are not trying to kill one or two of them, or even a dozen or two. Their enemies are trying to exterminate every single one of them. Reportedly they have been accusing their enemies of this forever.

They have some proverb that says, “Every generation the enemies of the Jews rise up and try to kill us all.  And every time we stop them.” A lot of Israelis and Israel-firsters still quote this phrase. I’ve literally seen them do it. In the case of Israel, “killing us all” means killing the 5.2 million Jews in Israel. It doesn’t mean killing every single of one of them. But whatever. And even in the horror of the Holocaust, the Nazis only managed to kill 1/3 of the world’s Jews. So the Jews have never really gotten very close to the complete extermination that they are so bizarrely obsessed with.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: 911 Was Good for the Jews”

  1. The vast majority of Israel’s enemies are Muslims, and therefore anything that damages the reputation of Muslims is beneficial to Israel. 09/11 was a huge blow to the reputation of Muslims.

    Zionists really don’t have anything against the Islamic religion as such. Islam just happens to be the religion of most Arabs. If Arabs were Hindus, the Zionists would do their best to depict Hindus as fanatical, blood-thirsty savages.

    The Zionists have been lucky because their enemies have been Arabs. Let’s be frank and admit that there is a lot wrong in the Arab world. Not one Arabic country can be called a stable, prosperous liberal democracy. There is also a lot wrong with sub-Saharan countries, but nobody is asking us to hate blacks. They are not the enemies of Israel.

    Suppose that I’m a bad, derelict landlord. My tenant is a wife-beater. Whenever he complains about my failings as a landlord, I dismiss him as a contemptible wife-beater. That’s similar to what the Zionists do. Whenever the quite unangelic Arabs complain about Zionist misbehavior in Palestine, the Zionists try to dismiss their complaints by drawing attention to the many imperfections in the Arab world. If you don’t have a good case, attack your opponent.

  2. 1/3 massacred is a bit too close to comfort don’t you think? I am not defending unprovoked Israeli aggression but Jewish paranoia is justified. How they act out on it, usually isn’t though.

    1. It is a bit too close for comfort, yes. Look at how they act though. I look at how they act and I think, “No wonder people hate or hated them! How else could you feel about them?” They’re some of the most horrendous people on Earth.

  3. Jews and Gentiles are conditioned to side with Jews. A dead horse beaten to bone dust, used as justification for present day evils. No one in the West is taught the other side by their school, media, etc. Seth Rogan only recently discovered the dark side of Israel and stated he was only taught it was positive.

    Even I enjoyed killing Nazis in videogames at a very young age. I felt I was killing “evil.” Some have stated WWII era German women and children deserved to be cruelly raped and butchered. Neither side is “purely evil”. Some Jews are honest; some National Socialists were merciful. Having a bloodlust towards an entire group with no exception is “purely evil.”

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