The Professionals, “Join the Professionals”

The Professionals, “Join the Professionals,” 1980, from the debut album The Professionals, which was never released due to infighting about royalties with the bassist they hired, Andy Allen. Allen also played on “Silly Thing,” posted earlier. The album was scrapped, but it was re-recorded as I Didn’t See It Coming, 1981.

It was later released on a bootleg in 1990 and then later released as an album in 1977.

This song was recorded at the time of the album but due to legal problems it was not released until over a year later, when it appeared as single in June 1981, which was right around when I heard it on the radio.

I heard it in June 1981 on the radio and I was taken aback because I had never heard the song or the band before. But I was immediately drawn to it because it had this “certain sound” about it. Of course that certain sound was nothing less than the Sex Pistols’ great rhythm section of Paul Cook on drums and Steve Jones on guitar. The production was done by none other than Cook and Jones themselves! They did a good job!

The Professionals is the band formed by that rhythm section ion 1979 after the breakup of the Sex Pistols in 1978.

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