Alt Left: Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier

Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier

I’ve known Blacks who chucked Black Identity Politics and said, “I love White people!” There’s a whole sex kink out there like that for Black women. There are Black men who think Whites are the bomb. I’ve met a lot of these folks. They admire Whites. They try to act like Whites. They see them as models of behavior.

And if you’re Black and you love White people, most Whites will let down their guard. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I compared them to Blacks locked into Black Identity Politics, and the Black Identity Politics people seemed much less happy. They were locked into a war. Racism was everywhere, fogging up their glasses, giving them scratchy throats, and causing rashes on their arms. They were living in enemy territory every day.

Gays who dropped gay politics were a lot more relaxed. Gays locked into gay Identity Politics always had their dukes up, surrounded by homophobes, getting in fistfights every day. Gay Identity Politics is a scary place. There’s a gay-basher hiding in every bush. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: Minorities Who Let Go of Their Identity Politics Seem Happier”

  1. What you seem to be overlooking is that the identity politics of racial minorities in this country was a reaction to the entrenched identity politics of Whites.

    1. Wherever there is racial, religious, or linguistic diversity, Identity Politics is likely to emerge. Canada has two identitarian parties, the Bloc Québecois at the federal level and the Parti Québecois at the provincial level. Both parties are identitarian parties because they defend the interests of French-speaking Québecois only. They are not parties that seek to appeal to all Canadians.

      In the US, race has always been the deepest division, so it is not surprising that racial Identity Politics is as old as the US itself. The US was already triracial in the beginning because there were already Whites, Reds and Blacks in colonial times. The dominant whites practiced White racial Identity Politics. For most Blacks, there was slavery and then segregation, and for the Reds, first there was deportation to the West and then confinement in reserves.

      Alpha is quite right in her contention that Black Identity Politics in the US was a reaction to white Identity Politics. However, if you achieve victory, you must stop fighting the war. Since the Sixties, the US has been an anti-racist country, at least at the official level. Black Identity Politics has become obsolete because the time when White racism was the biggest problem of Blacks already belongs to the past.

      The same can be side about feminism. Women now have the same political, educational, and economic rights as men. There is no longer a need for feminist activism.

    2. Maybe so, but most Whites have nothing to do with White IP because nowadays, White IP means White nationalism.

      And anyway, my opinion is IP is not helpful for Blacks. Blacks into Black IP seem angry in general, angry at Whites, and obsessed with racism against Blacks. They’re pissed off all the time, and they see enemies everywhere. They’re much more likely to see you as an enemy than a Black not into IP. They can’t take a joke. They take offense at every little thing. They have their antennas out all the time looking for things to get offended about. Oh, and nothing is ever Black people’s fault. Everything is the fault of Whites.

      Seems like a dumb way to live your life.

  2. The problem is not only Black Identity Politics but political correctness. Political correctness is essentially the mirror image of White racism. It was invented by Whites and it it is obsessed about White racism. Since overt White racism has become extremely rare, the Political Correcties now are concerned with systemic or structural racism, which essentially is the doctrine that there can be racism without racists.

    The more multiracial a society is, the less people should concern themselves with race, if only because there will be more and more hybrids like Kamala Harris, who is 1/4 black, 1/4 white, and 1/2 South Asian. Racial Identity politics is only possible when there are clearly defined racial categories. That requires that the races remain separate breeding communities, which is only possible if the state forbids or severely restricts interracial marriages.

    Suppose that in a country 20% of the population is Black and 80% is White, and they do not practice exogamy. Now exogamy becomes the rage, and as a result, only 20% of the population is still White and the other 80% are more or less quadroons. Should we now say that 80% of the population is Black and entitled to affirmative action? We cannot at the same time permit or encourage interracial marriages and have race-based policies.

    1. People forget Richard Nixon signed affirmative action into law as President, after Lyndon Johnson first coined the phrase. Has it been beneficial to those it was intended to help? It’s a matter of debate. Left and right will stake out their ground on both sides of the aisle.

  3. As Robert touched on recently, it’s Satanic not to forgive. All these minority groups need to move on and forgive the White man. The bitter Black, the fuming faggot, bitchy butch, ect. hell-hounds are rabidly chasing the fluffy White Easter bunny back over the rainbow for lovingly leaving them an overflowing goodie basket.

  4. The stuff seems to be the case of groups being too isolated from those they hate. It would be the case of majority groups in certain areas who have had no real contact with those they hate – in any real sense.

    1. A conservative gay. I’ve known some of them. They are vastly less unsufferable than the regular kind. They’re also very relaxed and calm and maybe happy. They are slow to scream homophobe and they criticize their own kind all the time. I was in a Reddit group full of them and I liked them a lot! Then one started calling me homophobe so I left.

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