Alt Left: Identity Politics Causes Paranoia

Identity Politics Causes Paranoia

Identity Politics people are paranoid.

– Boo! There’s a man under your bed! I bet he’s going to rape you! Run! Spook!

– There’s a White devil in your closet? I bet he’s got a rope! Save your neck and head for the hills! Scary!

– There’s a homophobe lurking behind every corner as you turn it. I bet he’s going to gay bash you! Creepy!

– Don’t answer the door! It’s probably a transphobe who’s going to misgender and snicker at you! Oh noes!

Get it? The enemies of Identity Politics people are the damned Boogeyman! He’s under every bed, crouching in every dark room, waiting with fangs out around every corner. And when you get up the nerve to see if he’s there, he vanishes! But he’s still there! He just changed positions! Now he’s in the closet hiding in your clothes!

Obviously, if there are enemy ghosts stalking you everywhere you go, you can’t stop looking over your shoulder. And the world’s a scary place. It’s full of invisible enemy spies! They’re like structural racism. You can’t see ’em but you know they’re there.

That’s why all Identity Politics people ending up thinking they have way more enemies than they do. Jews think there are five times more antisemites than exist. You look at a Jew wrong, and he’s on the phone to the ADL.

“I bet he looked at me wrong because he figured out I’m Jewish!”

We all know that anti-racist nutballs and Blacks in general argue that there are 10X more racists against them than there are. When the number of enemies seems to be decreasing, they see this as a catastrophe because they subside on victimhood. So they constantly lowering the bar for being an enemy to make sure their world is full of enemies the way they want it to be.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: Identity Politics Causes Paranoia”

  1. That last sentence sums up the chocolate and SJW nut movement nicely. This is why it SJWs and urban Zulus keep getting worse and worse. These feral frenzied freaks will never be satiated, like recently turned vampires with an unquenchable thirst. Jewish groups like ADL need to create hate-mongers like golem or they have no purpose. If all Whites ceased to be racist, this machine would still steamroll over all of them.

    1. Exactly. You’re figuring it out! This is just my theory and I can’t prove it, but I really do think that I am onto something here. I’ve been studying these people for years as objectively as possible, and this is something I see as a thread that seems to be running through all of these different but oh so similar movements.

    2. On the whole most Whites aren’t racist. If they were it logically follows that such philosophy would be crushed because many Whites have many self-hating miscreants amongst them. I also concur that most of the shitshow is driven by Jewish or Jew-run hate groups.

  2. Don’t forget the armies of imbeciles educated above their IQ. Without Grievance Culture and its associated, ahem, lifestyles, these dysgenic cretins would be forced into productive endeavors.

    Much easier to blame others than to look in the mirror.

      1. How would you know, Robert?

        By the way, excellent musings, stimulating stuff…and watch yourself out there.

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