Alt Left: The Concept of Replacement Theology

In a previous post, we discussed how the element of Mercy or Forgiveness is the essential element of Christianity This concept is why I support Replacement Theology and the Palestinians.

Replacement Theology

When Christianity came, according to Christian theory, Judaism was overthrown as the basic religion of the people, and Christianity took its place.

That’s why the Old Testament – the overthrown religion – is Judaism, or Jews acting like Jews, and the New Testament, the new initially Reform Jewish religion that overthrew Judaism, is Christianity or Christians acting like Christians.

Look how different people act between the Old and New Testaments. Look how polar opposite the ideology is. That’s the difference between Christianity and Judaism.

With the overthrow, the Jews no longer got Israel. Instead, the Church became the new Israel and Israel was granted to the Christians.

Furthermore, the concept of Mercy was born, a concept completely absent in the Old Testament, which can be summed up as “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

I think even Islam allows forgiveness. People who don’t believe in forgiveness are almost evil. Or women spurned ha ha.

Jews, of course, say everything is anti-Semitic, so it follows that of course they say Replacement Theology is anti-Semitic. The thing is, Replacement Theory is Christianity in a nutshell. In that case, Christianity at its core is anti-Semitic according to its basic nature. I agree and have no problems with that notion. But I don’t think we Christians should use that to hate Jews. It’s a dumb reason to hate them.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Concept of Replacement Theology”

  1. Religious tolerance is a precious achievement of liberalism. However, it shouldn’t induce us to abandon logic. When religions make incompatible claims or prescribe different rules, then they can’t be both true. Christianity sees Jesus as the son of God, and Jews see him as an impostor. Muslims regard Mohammed as the final messenger of God, but Jews and Christians consider him to be a false prophet. Jews and Muslims believe that pork is unclean, while Christians eat it without any compunction.

    I could go on, but it should be clear that Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are incompatible and can’t all be true. In that sense, they are rivals, just as different political ideologies are. In light of this, religious tolerance can be achieved by the Voltairian principle: What you believe is false, but you have a right to believe it.

    1. or how about simply seperate religion and state? If you can’t fuck in public, you can’t pray in public. Inside the confinement of your house you can do anything- pray to Vishnu, Jesus, heck a starfish for all I care, but…thou shall not bring your faith in public. Simple and succint.
      Mankind’s evolution will happen through technology. Not spirituality(which is a vague concept) nor philosophy, only technology.

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