Alt Left: Non-Whites: Please Culturally Appropriate Us Whites

Non-Whites and Especially Black People: Please Best Us, Show Us Up, Beat Us, Cause Us to Lose While You Win, and Culturally Appropriate Our White Asses All You Want

I don’t care how many Black people in this country want to start acting like White people. Y’all are free to act like us all you want. I won’t scream cultural appropriation. And it won’t worry me if you are spending more time with us.

Hence I would like to officially encourage as many Blacks in America as possible to talk, act, walk, and drive like Whites as much as we do or even moreso for that matter.

Try to best us. And do it all to get back at us.

Get back at our cracker asses by getting an advanced degree and besting your White peers. Please keep using and stealing our achievements. Even better, take our achievements and products and make them better. All just to show us up and get back at us.  Beat us. Outcompete us. Buy a bigger home than ours. Get a better job than we have. Make more money than our lazy asses do. Raise your kids better than we do to our rugrats.

And do it all to get us back for all the shitty racist stuff we peckerheads subjected you to.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Non-Whites: Please Culturally Appropriate Us Whites”

  1. Nobody needs to get back at you. Some of the statistics coming out of White America these days reveal that there’s a lot of worry, a lot of insecurity, and a lot of pain – followed, sadly, by a lot of death. (And this is pre-pandemic.)

    1. There is a liberal guy on a White nationalist forum who I like. He doesn’t actually hate Blacks because he knows some are cool. But he’s been mugged by urban Blacks several times and after the last time, he has permanent hearing damage. I has some animosity towards the race as a whole, but I don’t blame him and I’m amazed he doesn’t despise the whole race. But he’s a typical Jesus-like softhearted liberal.

      He had a Black professor at university. He befriended this prof and he said this Black guy was one of the smartest people he’d ever known. He was also real nice and cool. And he was extremely accomplished in his field. He read Ancient Greek for instance, among other things. My friend asked him why anyone would want to do that. He said, “I wanted to show up all those White boys who said I could never accomplish anything. I wanted to accomplish so much that I beat their honky asses.”

      I support this mindset.

      Also a lot of Blacks are very angry with Whites. This is obvious to anyone. I encourage them to channel their anger and hatred at us into defeating us. Beat us. Best us. Accomplish more than we do so you win and we lose. Go for it. We probably don’t even care if you beat us. We’d probably like y’all a lot more actually.

  2. I consider the willing martyr a form of insanity. Women and deeply Christian men often fall into this mindset. I know a small town White family man beaten randomly by Blacks in the big city and he seemingly loves Blacks all the more. Unconditional love for Blacks taken to such extremes seems like a mental illness. Whites really do go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

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