Alt Left: Black Identity Politics Seems to Actually Be Bad for Black People

Onebelowall: On a side note Robert, do you think many American blacks carry a victim mentality that is irritating to you?

Unfortunately, most of them do just that. It’s very unappealing but it’s understandable why they feel that way. It’s hard to admit that your race is fucking up on purpose or can’t get its shit together for some reason.

I wish Blacks would stop identifying with their race. Are you a respectable, accomplished, polite Black woman? Good! We’re not talking about you when we bitch about Blacks. It ain’t about you, honey! We’re talking about all those others of your race that aren’t like that. But see? That real nice, polite, respectable, decent Black woman over there? She’s identifying with those ghetto animals. The good Blacks identify with ghetto Blacks. “They’re my people!”

No they’re not. I wish the Blacks who have their shit together and are decent people would just stop seeing themselves as primarily Black. You’re a Black woman? No, you’re not! You’re a woman, dammit. Just an ordinary woman like all the rest of them. Yeah, you happen to be Black, but so what? Why is that so important? What difference does it make? You’re a woman who just so happens to be Black, and the fact that you are Black doesn’t have a damn thing to do with anything. So quit identifying with it!

See? It’s hard for decent Blacks to say, “I am Black.” It feels shameful because they’re identifying with a group that fucks up so much when the good Blacks don’t have anything to do with that behavior! Yet they feel compelled to defend it.

Stop! Try something different. Instead of saying, “I am Black,” say, “I am a woman!” There. Now doesn’t that feel a lot better? Women aren’t a screw-up problem race that fucks up all the terrible, acts awful, causes a ton of crime, is rude, impolite, crude and mean, and who act and often are stupid. Women aren’t even a race at all. They’re a gender.

Women aren’t any of those things! You can’t think of a lot of terrible things to say about women because women are pretty much ok. So identify with the group that’s got it’s shit together and is pretty much an ok group of folks. That takes the weight off your shoulder of having to identify with a bunch of bad actors when you don’t even act that way yourself!

You’re a Black man? Like Hell you are! You’re a man, just like me, him, and all the rest of us. You are part of the society of men, and that is where your primary allegiance lies. You’re one of the boys! You’re part of our gang, provided you like Whites that is.

When you say, “I am Black,” you are identifying with a fuck-up race, in particular with the men of that race who act much worse than the women, as is the case with most ethnic groups.

Men act bad. White men act bad. But not real bad. Not too bad.

Compared to that, Black men act horrendous, and frankly they are one of the most problematic groups of humans on Earth.

So you’re a Black guy who acts good, is nice, polite, and decent, stays out of jail, and doesn’t fuck up in life. You’re like a typical White guy except you’ve got some dark skin. If you act good, why do you want to identify with all these fuckups who act awful? You don’t even act awful yourself! Your behavior is just fine.

So quit seeing those fuckups as part of “my group.” If it’s hard for a Black woman to say she’s Black, it’s nine times harder for a Black man to say he’s Black. You have to take responsible for a whole shitload of pure awfulness. You are identifying with the worst behaved group of people on Earth. Except possibly Gypsies. Don’t forget the Gypsies! Gypsies are so horrible they make Blacks seem like Norwegians and Japanese. I see Gypsies and I think, “Thank God we just got Blacks! They cause issues but we can deal. It could have been worse. Instead of Blacks, we could have gotten Gypsies!

So quit identifying with them! Instead of saying, “I’m a Black man,” say, “I’m a man! Just like that White guy over there. We’re all the same. We’re just a bunch of guys.”

Doesn’t it feel so much better to say, “I’m a man” than to say “I’m Black?” Who cares if you’re Black anyway? Why is that even important?

When you say, “I’m a man,” you look out there at the entire world of men, and most of us pretty damn good. And even when we fuck up and act bad, most of us don’t act that bad, and even when we do, we usually don’t act that bad (we’re mostly just being rebels or trying to act hard)and as a man, you can identify with some of that IDGAF and bad boy behavior.

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23 thoughts on “Alt Left: Black Identity Politics Seems to Actually Be Bad for Black People”

    1. You don’t actually have to choose between being a woman and being Black. I’m a woman before I’m anything else. But I’m also Black. Both are among the first things ever given to me. I don’t disparage either.

      1. Whatever happened to Maxine Waters? She’s been quiet for many months. Did Pelosi and company “shut her down”? She was at least fun to follow.

        1. You know what? I really like Maxine Waters. And she lives in the hood! She’s pretty damn smart too and plus she looks hot. I grew up with her a longtime local politician. She liked to raise Hell, but back then, Black people were sane and only raised Hell about reasonable things and genuine bad behavior. Now they hallucinate bad behavior everywhere, are totally unreasonable, are way too pissed off, and are getting incredibly bratty and demanding.

          I for one am not pleased. I liked Black people better when they were more relaxed and only got upset about real stuff. In which case, they often had my sympathy.

          By the way, the Black Congressional Caucus has always been my favorite group in Congress. I know! I’m such a terrible racist! I obviously hate Blacks so much! I’m almost KKK, huh?

          I’m not sure if I’m going to still like them because their community is evolving in a bad and stupid way, and they reflect their community. I am worried they are going to start demanding a lot of stupid stuff that I’m not inclined to give them. But I will still support them on a lot of other stuff. I might hate them on cultural bullshit, but I will probably really support them on Economics.

          You know, as in Alt Left.

    2. Does it make you feel good or bad to say that?

      You seem to be a lot harder on your fellow women than on your fellow Blacks. You get a lot more defensive about Blacks and pretty much don’t want to hear anything negative about the. That’s fine. That’s how most folks feel about something as sensitive about their race.

      1. I defend Black people a lot on this blog because I think there’s a hyperfocus on Black people here, and especially on the worst-behaving Black people. I’m not inclined to help you or the other commenters here go after Black people. You don’t need my help!

        I’m happy to say that I’m Black. That’s what I am. There’s a lot to like about it.

        1. I’m not inclined to help you or the other commenters here go after Black people. You don’t need my help!

          A few things:

          I’m not inclined to help you or the other commenters here go after Black people.

          1. I don’t blame you.
          2. We’re not talking about you.
          3. I try to go after Black people in a nice way because I’m basically a guilty White liberal who is, as commenters have noted, pro-Black with a soft spot for Blacks.

          You don’t need my help!

          4. LOL. Well, you’re not wrong.

        2. Robert’s hyper-focus on Blacks may come from his love for them.

          There’s long been a hyper-focus on Blacks in the media and in the real world. They are trying to manufacture White racism against Asians now…the idea of a Yellow Peril is not catching on again, it’s BS.

          Blacks have the biggest library of manufactured White racism against them and likely face the most real racism as well. Whites have no mainstream manufactured racism against them, but few people think, “There’s too many Whites in this neighborhood.”

          The villain can’t be the victim in MSM but in the real world, Whites have been mocked, beaten, murdered, and eaten for their race. Most the time though, it’s good to be White.

          Asians generally have it better than a lot of Whites. The Yellow halos (all the same circular shape like perfectly minted coins) above the White angels.

          Blacks see more of our race’s dark side, both real and fake, the Black horns (one twisted and one straight) on the sun-burnt redneck whipping the mammy that loved and raised him to death.

  1. So you’re a Black guy who acts good, is a nice, polite, decent, stays out of jail, and doesn’t fuck up his life. To me, you’re just some typical White guy with some dark skin.

    Yeah, this was the sort of colorblind ethos I spent much of my adult life adhering to. Well…up until the SJW Pandemic reared its ugly head and fucked everything up in the realm of race relations.

    I look back now upon the brief ‘Golden Age’ that was the mid 00’s, when I’d often see multi-racial groups of teenagers hanging out in the local park and skateboarding together without any hint of them giving a shit about their racial differences. I remember back then Left-Progressivism was somewhat chill, and there was still very much a “Can’t we all just get along?” ethos alive and well.

    Now if I were to utter such a sentiment I’d surely be accused by some obese White female Femcunt nut of microaggressing my White Privilege onto their pet Idpol Planation Niggers.

  2. Everybody has several identities: sexual, religious, racial, territorial, linguistic, genealogical, and political. The relative importance of these identities varies from person to person. To White Nationalists, the most important of their identities is race. To a very pious Catholic, the most important of his identity may be his religion.

    A person’s identity is not determined by his behavior. Both a saint and a psychopath can be Spanish-speakers and therefore have the same linguistic identity. Likewise, a rap-loving White is still a White, and a Black enamored of classical music is still a Black.

    We should not confuse defining characteristics with statistical frequencies. Tallness is found more often among men than among women, but tallness is not a defining characteristic of men. A short man is still a man, and a tall woman is still a woman. Certain behaviors are more common among Blacks than among Whites, but such behaviors do not define Black people. What makes a person Black are some physical qualities.

    Race is a visually identifiable subspecies, not a certain mentality or a set of behaviors. Even if all Blacks liked rap and all Whites hated it, a person’s taste in music would not be a defining racial characteristic. There are no White behaviors or Black behaviors, only behaviors that are distributed unequally among races.

    It is never a good idea to foment the sense of victimhood of an individual or a group. This is backward-looking and unproductive. Suppose that a person had a terrible childhood and adolescence. He is now 30 years old, barely literate, addicted to drugs, and without work experience. If we want to help him to move forward, we should not encourage him to dwell on his bad experiences, but to stimulate him to improve his literacy, find a job, and free himself from his addiction.

    Similarly, it is not in the best interest of Blacks or Whites if we constantly hammer on the injustices which Blacks suffered during slavery and segregation. The past cannot be undone. Let bygones be bygones and concentrate on the future. People should feel confident about the future, not aggrieved about the past. Resentment, however justified, should not be encouraged.

    1. Excellent comment, James. However, may I please ask you and everyone else to capitalize White and Black when talking about the White and Black races. Why? Because we are both great races. Our White race is great of course. And the Black race can be seen as “one of the great human races,” especially if you use great in terms of “oh so very important.” It’s a great, ancient race, the grandaddy race to all of us, and it’s great in that sense alone if nothing else.

      At least as I see it, but I’m somehow able to love my race and my people without turning into a racist piece of shit White Nationalist. Loving your race and your people is about love. Loving Whites and being White is about love. Love for Whites. Where’s the hate in that equation? Nowhere.

      Why on Earth must I, a man who loves being White and loves my people, hate all the other races? First of all, though I love my people, I don’t necessarily think we’re superior to any other races. The whole idea of superior and inferior races makes my stomach churn. I don’t care if it’s true and you can prove it! I don’t want to believe it and I don’t wish to think of my fellow humans that way.

      I’m not stupid. The “Blacks are fine” folks are morons. Black people are dangerous. It’s a dangerous race. On the other hand, ten millions of them are pretty much ok, or at least they’re not really dangerous. But they still might steal from you. The other twenty million need to stay the Hell away from me at all times.

      I have no idea if there are 20 millions or only 10 million perfectly ok and cool Black people out there. Even with them, I often don’t want to deal with them because they are trapped in fake Black IP and are very sensitive to any negative observations about their race.

      Most of these people are like, “Black people are fine! They’re just like Whites! If you disagree you’re a racist!” Well, that’s a lie and a dangerous one.

  3. You are right, of course. Love for one’s own does not imply hatred for others. Parents who love their children normally don’t hate other people’s children.

    We should always distinguish between the description of an entire group and the individuals within that group. Groups can only be described statistically, except for defining characteristics. Americans as a group are rich, and Bolivians as a group are poor, but an individual American can be poor and an individual Bolivian can be rich.

    It is perfectly legitimate to describe groups, but we should always judge individuals by their own merits and demerits. To say that Black Americans are a high-crime group is one thing, but to treat every Black as a criminal is quite another.

    1. Oh. Oneaboveall was a guy, right? So you’re a gay dude, then? I ask because if you are, I need to watch my words about biological gay males. If you’re not, I guess I can continue being a crude, offensive asshole on the subject.

  4. No, Rob. I just don’t remember writing that quote. My old username was a reference to a comic book character. They recently debuted his opposite, the One Below All, and I switched it to that since it seemed more in line with the way things are going. I’m also not gay, not sure how that came up.

  5. “So you’re a Black guy who acts good, is nice, polite, and decent, stays out of jail, and doesn’t fuck up in life. You’re like a typical White guy except you’ve got some dark skin. If you act good, why do you want to identify with all these fuckups who act awful? You don’t even act awful yourself! Your behavior is just fine.”

    Because not all Black people view themselves the way you view Black people. Just as you view White people more positively than the way Black people view White people. To you, Blacks are generally problematic.

    Most Blacks don’t see Blacks collectively as problematic. That isn’t to say that Black people don’t recognize that there are problems that exist within the Black community, it’s that their experience is far more than just crime statistics. These are friends, family members, people they work with, neighbors, lovers, spouses, people you went to school with, laugh with, confide in, that have your back when nobody else does, etc., etc.

    Secondly we identify as Black because that’s how people are going to see us regardless. Race is the first thing you notice about someone. Not identifying as Black doesn’t free me from being seen as Black by anyone with two eyes. Nor is being Black something I feel any need to run from. I look in the mirror every day and see a Black man, and I like what I see.

    1. Good comment! I especially like this part:

      Nor is being Black something I feel any need to run from. I look in the mirror every day and see a Black man, and I like what I see.

      I’ve always said that that’s the way everyone should be. I wake up every morning, look up at the ceiling, and I say, “Thank God for making me White!” I figure all races should do the same thing. Thank God for making you whatever race you are. Love yourself, love your people, love your race. And you should look in the mirror and see a Great Black Man because that’s what you are.

      Also could you please capitalize Black and White when referring to races. After all, these are two of what I would call The Great Races of Mankind, great as in “very important.”

      1. I believe Robert’s a civilizationist. He’d prefer to be a Roman slave than a barbarian. He genuinely believes Blacks can be civilized. African-Americans are sort of his Honorary Aryans. He loves Blacks as much as a straight White civilized man can.

        1. I do love Blacks. And this statement is probably true:

          He loves Blacks as much as a straight White civilized man can.

          How come you guys only get that?

          1. “He loves Blacks as much as a straight White civilized man can.”

            Well, I declare. LOL

    2. ID’ing as Black is no problem. But Black IP? The Blacks I met who were into these “We love White people!” thing all identified as Black absolutely. But they also sort of thought Blacks were fucked up and wanted to imitate Whites and act like Whites because they thought that was more civilized behavior.

      Do you think Black Identity Politics is healthy? Just pointing out that Blacks who reject Black IP seem happier than Blacks who are all wrapped up in it.

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