Amyl and the Sniffers, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)”

Amyl and the Sniffers, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)”. I like this raw sound. I’m wondering if this chick is on speed. How the Hell does she have so damned much energy?

Besides punk rock and the Damned, so much in evidence here, how about another influence? Heavy metal? Australian heavy metal? How about AC/DC? Anyone here AC/DC in this band. I can hear it in the guitar. Maybe it’s those Australian genes.

And then what do I hear again? The Stooges. Of course. But you know, the Stooges sort of started everything in a way. So many bands were influenced by them. The rhythm section in the back and even those crazy guitars, yep. Iggy and the Stooges. It’s like Iggy turned into a girl and put a bra and shorts on.

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6 thoughts on “Amyl and the Sniffers, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)””

  1. Is it possible that Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd could be considered the godfather of punk? Johnny Rotten [Lydon] of the Sex Pistols was a huge fan of his dating back to 1965. What he (Barrett) did was certainly unique.

    1. I’m not sure. He was doing some really interesting things all right back then. Was it proto-punk? I have no idea!

      1. Same address for donations ? 601 S-Ave #A2? –638? M.order as usual. (Won’t mess up the street name this time). 🙂

        1. Yes! Thank you so much, Rambo! This is so perfect. I need it so much, obviously. Now you’ve got me wanting to post more!

          1. Post away! Good to see Jason is back too. By the way, have you heard anything else about Delphi? That’s when everybody was here. It’s been what, 4 years?

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