Mental Illness As an Excuse for “Just Being Mean”

A lot of people have certain mental illnesses that need therapy and treatment. Nonetheless, the root of cause of their behaviors is just them being selfish or mean. Come on, people!

Where does this attitude come from? I think it comes from the culture but especially, more than anything, the family. If you’ve got rolemodel(s) in the family who are massively selfish, then the kids follow suit.

In other words, people might even go to church and say lots of nice things, but it doesn’t change the selfish, entitled attitude they have. They don’t think so much of Bible verses about forgiveness and love, preferring stuff where they can condemn other people.

What Can Cure This Problem?

Like the Pharisees in the Bible, such people have to truly examine what they believe to see if their beliefs are truly moral.  However, as the Bible teaches in Pharisee-related passages, they only believe what they want to believe.

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