Are Lower IQ People Meaner?

No, not really. Despite the arguments of racists, I simply see lower IQ people acting meaner because they chose to act mean, and it has nothing to do with IQ. There are plenty of sweet people with a low IQ and plenty of monsters with a higher IQ.

Fundamentalist Christianity has always argued that position. If morality is tied to IQ, then salvation loses a lot of meaning, right?

The bottom line is that certain people are simply selfish, probably due to a bad upbringing. According to Christian theology, selfishness is inborn due to original sin.

Where Did I Get the Idea for This Article?

Someone was arguing that low-down, trash-talking people were less educated. However, the truth is instead that people like that are usually just mean. They’re just plain and simple mean, apart from whatever education they have. A lower IQ might manifest as less scholarliness in their cussing, but rest assured, a high IQ jerk will cuss as much just the same.

They’re just mean like that Verruca Salt character in Willy Wonka – just mean, just a bad egg.

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3 thoughts on “Are Lower IQ People Meaner?”

  1. That nice guy that took a railroad spike through the brain became by many accounts an “asshole”. Best manager I had was a former waitress with people skills. Even she could get fits where she turned into a nutty bitch but was the best overall. Most people in power don’t really deserve it. Sociopathic bullies seem to rise. Common people with common sense and people skills are the easiest to be around.

    I’ve seen women benefit from survival racism and be destroyed by being purely anti-racist woman. My rapper cousin’s daughter has more baggage than a girl her age should from dating a Black that beat her often for a long damn time. The girls that absorb a bit of their father’s or uncle’s racism always seem to end with good men.

    Men themselves gain little from racism. Blacks engage me walking down the street. A Black passenger kept waving at me, and the car drove by a couple times. I caught him stuck at a light, and he asked how many blocks I walked. I’ve had many stupid conversations with Blacks, but it’s better than nothing.

  2. Northern Slavs, likely Russians, are coldest to me as a complete stranger. You likely have to be in their circle.

    Most European girls were bubbly. Most other Whites casually greet me passing by with a “Good day” or “Howdy neighbor.”

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