It Reads Like Stereo Instructions

This is why I hate reading textbooks on education. It might be something that has to be done, but it’s about as enjoyable as – name something?

Now, I’m not sure if a higher IQ than my 92 can enjoy reading this. I doubt it. They may get more comprehension out of it, but do they enjoy it?

Is there another way to write textbooks? What are these people thinking when they write them?

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3 thoughts on “It Reads Like Stereo Instructions”

  1. Every textbook is written for a very high IQ population that’s interested in the subject matter.

    Why? Because it’s easier to write for that tiny crowd. In all my years of learning, I’ve came to despise educators because of this. Mind you, I have a high IQ and am interested in the subject matter. But I can’t stand the laziness of these authors.

    1. Even smart people like me hate having to figure out what the fuck the authors are trying to say. I prefer more dumbed-down explanations with lots of pictures and analogies. It increases the learning rate of everyone manyfold.

      I don’t think people who aren’t geniuses actually learn much in high school or college. They probably just engage in some short-term memory retention and then brain-dump everything soon after graduation. I suspect this because when I talk to college grads about things they should have learned from the general education curriculum they took, they literally know nothing.

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