A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera, “Say Something”


A Great Big World, “Say Something”, 2012. Won a Grammy award for Best Pop Song that year. I’ve never even heard of this band, a duo. On this version, they invited Christina Aguilera to sing with them. The male singer with the glasses sure has a killer falsetto voice!

I heard this the other day for the first time and I thought it was awesome! Not exactly my typical music, but so what! It’s great, beautiful, sad as Hell pop music. You know, the best kind? I never thought Christina Aguilera was any good. I thought she was some Madonna knockoff, except she’s not a slut like Madonna. Not that that’s a bad thing. There’s a place in this world for sluts, you know. This is the live version.

Same song, here with the lyrics for you to cry along to. And after that last year, the shittiest year of most of our lifetimes, most of y’all could surely use a good cry.

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