The Heckman Equation

If early experiences in childhood all the way from almost conception might make us who we are now, then how does race play into this? Cultural liberals are big on “the environment,”  but to opponents  that’s ignoring biology (racists etc.), or choice. However, in the latter case, what choice do young children or babies make?

Anyway, it’s of my opinion race would matter but would be dwarfed by environmental factors in early childhood. What about environmental stuff later in life? That could be too late in the game, hence why cultural liberals, etc. are so cynical of efforts to help the poor.

The Cop-Out of Eugenics

Why focus so much time on getting rid of so-called bad genes when no attempt is made to help the children of the disadvantaged? Is that moral or ethical? What if it boils down to sterilization and abortion directed at certain groups or worse?  We know what we’re talking about here!

It’s unbelievable whole masses of people or even nations have subscribed to just saying “fuck em” and not even bothering to help what is seen as the weak.

Support for the Heckman Equation

There’s quite a bit of support for it at least in the US, as many governments other than our own don’t mind spending billions to keep from having to spend trillions for future problems.

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