The Brain – Use it or Lose It

My experience with a close relative having dementia has made me think a lot about this subject. I am now have problems forgetting things already in my 40s. One interesting notion is that the brain is like a muscle in that you have to exercise it to keep it working well. In that case, seemingly foolish things like studying advanced math or piano at middle age isn’t such a bad idea!

What stimulation does my relative get? Watching TV or talking on the phone? I’m not being mocking or disrespectful, but could that have contributed to their dementia?

The Heckman Equation

With young kids, the effect of stimulation is the most important thing affecting brain growth and nothing else does much in that regard apparently. Synapses have to be built, and this isn’t something that stops at very young ages.

Higher IQ

Well, it would seem plausible that a high IQ could come from stimulation, especially at a very young age.

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