“Wrong Side of the River,” Mott the Hoople

“Wrong Side of the River” by Mott the Hoople off Wildlife, 1971.

Great song! Isn’t that song just absolutely gorgeous? Mick Ralphs wrote the song and that’s him on vocals too. He sure had a beautiful voice. Too bad he didn’t sing more often. Later on, he played in Bad Company after Mott broke up. This is the 3rd album of Mott the Hoople. They were a very minor band at this point, and pretty much no one had ever heard of them, however it still made it to #44 on the UK charts, so at least a few people were dialed in that early. This has subsequently become a cult album by folks enamored of their glam phase.

I don’t even know how to characterize a song like that. Reminds me of Neil Young, and he’s definitely country music-infected. Love those soaring vocals! They started out as a very bluesy or even rhythm and blues band before going glam and glitter the very next year.

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