Repost: The Purest Whites of Them All

Indicates that, contrary to White nationalists, the purest Whites of all are not Nordics but the Whites of the Caucasus and, of all folks, those nasty Jews! Holy Semites, Batman! What now?

The Purest Whites of Them All

This very term White itself is a little bit absurd, but as long as White nationalists talk about pure Whites versus non-pure Whites, let’s evaluate the matter.

On a board I used to frequent called Human Biodiversity (mostly non-racists interested in race, genetics, anthropology, etc.), someone said that the purest Whites are from the Caucasus and noted that White Power types don’t even consider them to be White! Recall that hundreds of Armenian White Power types were tossed off Stormfront recently for being “non-Whites.” So I decided to look into the matter. From my research:

Iraqi Jews     
Iranian Jews   
Sephardic Jews 
Georgian Jews  
Kurdish Jews   
Ashkenazi Jews 

*Note that these are just averages. Some studies have claimed to show that individual Ashkenazim have some Black in them.

Figures from my post A Little Black in All Of Us.

So the only Whites that don’t have any Black blood are Mizrachi (Eastern) and Mountain Jews and Whites from the Caucasus above. All other White groups have some Black in them. Horrors! Sephardic refers to the Jews of the Mediterranean – Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Turkish Jews.

On the board where I posted this, I got some hostile responses. One asked me why Jews should have avoided this presumably terrible situation (having a few drops of Black).

I suggested that in part it was due to the purity of the bloodline in the Jews and their long-term hostility to mixing with non-Jews. Ashkenazim came to Europe in ~300 or so and moved into the Continent over the next 700 years, taking in some non-Jewish genes. Typically, Jewish men would move to a new area, marry a non-Jewish woman who would convert and then stay pure after that.

After 1000, Talmudic rules kicked in with very heavy penalties for Jews, especially Jewish women, having sex with non-Jews, and only 1 in 200 matings in Ashkenazim were with non-Jews. I suspect that there were few Blacks in Europe from 500-1000. What few there were lived in far Southern Europe.

After 1000, there seem to have been a few more Blacks moving into Europe as part of colonial armies, freed slaves, and whatnot. The Mizrachi Jews have no Black in them because they were not Muslim. I would suspect that Christian Arabs also have little to no Black in them.

The slavery of Blacks in the Arab World was very much associated with Islam. Jews did not keep slaves. In the Arab World, the Black genes came from Arab men having children with the Black slave women. Black slaves hardly had sex with Arab women at all, although there was some of this in Yemen.

The Yemeni Jews are the only Jews outside Africa to have some Black blood, and they have a fair amount. I’m not sure how this came about, but Blacks have probably been a more important part of Yemen than any other Arab country.

The Caucasus has no Black blood because there were probably few to no Black slaves in the region. Most of the region is Christian, and the Muslims there did not keep slaves. If anything, the region’s Christians were raided by the Turks for White slaves. See Circassian Beauties for more.

Interestingly, the reason that the women of the Caucasus were so prized by the Turks was because they were considered to be the purest Whites of all (see above). The same pure Whites who get tossed out of White Power forums on the net. Go figure.

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8 thoughts on “Repost: The Purest Whites of Them All”

  1. I think Stormfront should redefine what they mean by White once and for all as European high-IQ caucasoid.

    I think most of these groups are caucasoid or partly they are just stupid idiots with low IQs. But they may have a some unrealized genetic potential for maybe an average IQ of 90. Just guessing on this but they clock in at around the low 80s in their third world environment.

    Any IQ studies on people from Arabized nations living in the U.S.? I’ve met many Arab-Americans and they strike me as stupider than Europeans but smarter than Hispanics on average.

    1. No data on Arabs in the West, no.

      Who has an unrealized genetic potential of 90? South Indians like Pakistanis and Indians?

      1. Definitely not the subcontinent (especially India). Not that they can’t biologically but the environment and mindset will ensure it will never happen. The future of Earth is full of 80-100 IQ brown people from the way it looks.

      2. No. The Arabs and Arabized caucasoids of North Africa and the Middle East have such genetic potential perhaps.

    1. I believe very little. Black Swedes exist. I dated one once – a 15 year old girl named Cindy Tegerstrand. I hope she doesn’t come here and read this. She might get mad. Some people who went to school with her posted her name on the web a while back. They said she still looks fantastic! Wouldn’t surprise me. She was a hottie!

      A Black Swede is just a dark-haired Swede, like the Black Irish, etc. Quite a few dark-haired Swedes in Sweden apparently.

  2. Btw, Robert, has anyone ever told you that you look like Jeff Goldblum based on your old blog picture? Lo. You Jew.

    1. I think maybe I do. There was a movie that came out in 1982 starring Goldmun about a bunch of college grads who get together for week or so in the summer to catch up on each other, and my best friend said, “Jeff Goldblum is you!”

      PS lot of women really like that pic. They think it’s cute or handsome or whatever adjective you wish – pretty boy one woman called it. A women do like pretty boys. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They don’t all like them, and a lot don’t like them like they did in high school or college, but pretty boys are always popular with women, provided they have decent Game I guess. Women can’t resist a pretty face. Kind of like men in that sense.

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