Game/PUA: Are Asian Men Cucked? Are They Alphas or Betas?

Vicmund the Han:  Hey Rob, are Asian men cucked? Are they Alphas?

Asian men are pigs! Nah, they’re not cucked at all, and in Asia, they have set up a system where they are seen as Alphas by the women.

However, the mass Beta-ization of young Japanese men in the form of the Hikkimoris and their inevitable rejection by Japanese women seems to be grinding a hole in that model.

Here in the West, I am not sure. The older men are complete pigs and act very Alpha. The younger men still act quite Alpha if they remain deep within their traditional cultures. I went to some Asian markets in Mountain View when I was there a few years ago. These markets were filled with young Chinese men and women. The young men were very masculine, almost stoic, and the women followed suit, being very feminine and falling submissively behind their Alpha boyfriends. As the world is meant to be. But these Chinese young people were still very deep in Chinese culture, still speaking the language, possibly being immigrants, etc.

For the rest of Asian men who are more assimilated, they have an Alpha mindset due to their pig cultures, but to their women, they seem Beta physically compared to White and Black men. Many of their women are marrying out either due to seeing their men as Beta in the West or disgust over the pig nature of so many Asian men: “White men treat us better.”

I don’t think they’re cucked at all, though. Hell no. Their cultures are too piggish to get cucked, and that is something I respect about Asian men very much. For White men, cuckdom was sadly a pretty natural fit after decades of Beta-ization by White feminized and feminist culture. Black and Hispanic men will be very late to cuckdom too, if they ever go over at all.

The Asian, Black, and Hispanic men will be some of last men to be felled by feminist societal lumberjacks sawing down the titans of patriarchy to go crashing down into the woods where the former giants lie in pathetic Betatude on the floor of the world to be walked over by any and all who stroll their way.

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2 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Are Asian Men Cucked? Are They Alphas or Betas?”

  1. Feminists are Satanically against the White male patriarchy of old. The first trees the butch feminist lumberjacks will chop are the White ones, and the last they’ll chop are the Black ones. They are no friend of old White heterosexual men. The Jew sees Blacks as rotten wood to weaken the White forest, and even the butchest she-beast may fill her man-hating hole with a Black log. Jews sell the narrative, and the horde of orcs-with-tits buy it wholeheartedly.

    Latin America is a glimpse into the old colonial past. Western modernization, corruption, etc. is just more speedy north of the border.

    An East Asian strength is their permanence. The most lasting dictatorship is the Kims of Korea because their rule does not die with one leader. It’s handed down eternally from father to son. The bamboo forest of Asia will likely outlast all others.

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