Alt Left: A Look at the IQ’s of Three Famous Black Rappers

Bernarobert Lindsanders:

What do you estimate the IQ of this guy is? His name is Lil Pump, and he makes the most vapid, trashy music there is. Oh, and he’s a Trump supporter.

Lil Pump recently took a Mensa test in college and it showed he has an IQ of 142! Jesus Christ! He’s almost as smart as Robert Lindsay. And that’s pretty smart!

He’s goddamned genius! I told ya.

If I were administering the test though, I would have subtracted at least 10 from his score for supporting Trump. I believe that’s standard best practice when administering these tests nowadays.

Bernarobert Lindsanders:

What about this obvious intellectual giant, Daniel Hernandez, aka “6ix9ine”?

Actually, 6ix9ine has a very low IQ of 63. He’s been diagnosed with mild mental retardation. I have to doubt that figure though. It seems way off. Mostly it just sees too high, don’t you think?

That proves what I’ve always thought – that most rapper and their fans are pretty near-retarded. I’m not sure if the music actually makes you retarded de novo or if it’s self-selection whereby the dumber you are, the more attracted you to this fucktarded music. It’s a chicken of the egg problem, and I’m not sure what the answer is. But I’m inclined towards the de novo because I swear to God, I could literally feel by IQ drop a point or two after watching these videos.

He’s in prison where he belongs now.

Bernarobert Lindsanders:

Finally, these big-brained queens:

This ratchet named Cardi B is smarter than you think. She took AP classes in high school. How many Blacks do that? Not too many. She was also on the honor roll.

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: A Look at the IQ’s of Three Famous Black Rappers”

  1. What in the hell… how can Lil Pump have a genius IQ? This must be made in jest…

    And 6ix9ine isn’t a surprise, all the people I’ve had the displeasure of knowing who are fans of his music are basic, vapid low IQ people themselves.

    Also, I am more interested in the IQ of Megan Thee Stallion than Cardi B. What do you think Megan’s IQ is?

    1. Nope, he apparently provided evidence of the score from his school. I’m actually not surprised. I will check on Megan.

      1. How does someone so smart produce content that is so stupid?

        I’m inclined to rationalize it by thinking maybe it’s part of his genius to capitalize on the unthinking masses by making just the right kind of vapid music that will attract them. Then again, I feel like that approaches conspiracy theory level thinking.

  2. Hustlers Convention by Melle Mel. Rap since the 90’s sucked, but the 80’s were pretty good for what it was. Don’t know about IQ’s.

  3. Another question Robert,

    Why do Mongoloids from Asia (NE Asian) possess superior IQ, yet Mongoloids from the Americas (Amerindians) possess far lower IQs? I guess you could ask the same of SE Asians being less intelligent than NE Asians, but by a lesser amount.

    And lastly, why do Europeans from the Balkans, Caucasus, and Anatolia have lower IQs than the rest of Europe? Those 3 regions have around the same IQ (based on maps of IQ for indigenous peoples of any given world region).

    1. I’m not certain about those questions at except for the far north theory that people who involved far in the north evolved higher IQ’s because it’s so hard to survive up there. This would hold for most of the Europeans and for the Northeast Asians.

      For the SE Asians, a similar process happened. Alternatively, selection pressures were not as great at southern locations due to the greater ease of survival, so lower IQ people were not selected out. However, keep in mind that the Vietnamese are now thought to have an IQ of 99, not 90. Lynn lied.

      Southeastern European IQ = ~90.

      I think one theory about the Amerindians is that the selection for high IQ in NE Asians occurred after they left Siberia, or, more probably, the had the NE Asian high IQ when they came here but the living was pretty easy down here compared to Siberia so selection pressure went off and more lower IQ people survived.

      Amerindian IQ = 87

      I don’t really push these theories for some reason, but I’m willing to lay out their theories anyway.

  4. Wikipedia in 6ix9ine:

    “On March 22, 2020, while serving his time in prison, Hernandez [6ix9ine] requested to serve the remainder of his prison sentence at home stating he was at a higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus due to his pre-existing asthma condition. On April 1, 2020 Rolling Stone obtained a letter to the judge from United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman saying that the government does not object to the release of Hernandez early on home confinement. On Thursday, April 2, Hernandez’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, confirmed with XXL magazine that the court decided to allow the rapper to be released from prison and into home confinement. He was originally set to be released on August 2, 2020. His home confinement ended on August 1, 2020.”

    Lol. The Covid pandemic is just bullshit. Sorry I don’t believe it’s 1/10th as serious as the Left is pretending to be. I don’t believe in Global Climate change either. It’s all environmental SJWism.

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